Inspiring Teachers June 2010


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Inspiring Teachers June 2010

  1. 1. June 2010 Volume 4, Issue 6 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Editor’s Comments – What’s in a name? The newsletter has a the purpose of the quite busy with training, familiar name. Though newsletter. So we review of courses, working on Sphoorti and Prerana were decided to stick with new modules and reaching Pic above: Group close contestants from the Inspiring Teachers. out to more people. Mrs in a role play at Sevalaya, Kasuva, website poll, and my own Wonder, why it didn’t Indira Narayan’s article on Near Chennai favourite was Tea-Time. strike us before! punctuality and some regular (2009) People who know me, know Sometimes, what we are dose of inspiring stories of that I am a tea lover. But searching for is right in real heroes. Some unusual Articles this month: this Tea Time was for front of us. That’s true opportunities for teachers and Professors Beyond Teacher Time. But my team in life too. thought provoking websites, Borders…2 felt that it doesn’t convey This month has been completes this issue. Enjoy SRISTI….2 and get inspired! Police, Police! ..3 Reflecting on May 1. A session for teachers attending A heartening feedback from DKTE’s Quotes fwded by KV Principles of Programming engineering college after using innovative Jayakumar…sides workshop at IIIT-H teaching for one semester with a pilot 2. IIIT-Hyderabad has a summer group of final year students. When they Openings in DRF’s batch of 70 teachers from called me for the workshop in Nov ’09 Pudami Schools…4 engineering colleges in AP. A they were clear that they will implement a weekly pedagogical session is few methods. Congratulations for the included along with their CIT courage to change! EmployAbility 2010 for disabled….6 program. These methods work ! 3. CfBT-ES invited me to give a We have tried out Learning Through Teaching in Team based Interesting links …4 few sessions for Principals of Kasturba Gandhi Balika learning (in Mech, Textile and IT depts) that was explained in Vidyalaya and AP Social Welfare the workshop in Nov 09. This was done for the whole Residential Institutes. semester and according to a survey conducted after the 4. After rigorous training, the exercise, almost all students felt that they learnt better, they faculty at NMREC have embarked upon the mammoth enjoyed it and they recommended that this mode should be task of writing learner oriented extended to other subjects and should be started in first or objectives and performance second year. Based on this we are refining and expanding criteria for all subjects in all this mode of teaching. branches and they are doing a good job of it. First step in active Prof Suresh Mahajan learning initiatives. DKTE's Textile and Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 6 Professors Beyond Borders It began as a special project knowledge creation, expertise into a greater effort of the Fulbright New innovation, and mapping wherever there is a need. They Century Scholars 2009- expertise to community work as volunteers, using 2010 focused on water and needs and ground realities. their knowledge to impact sustainable development. As The paradigm is that of communities by providing an independent, non- Mind to Market or Lab to expertise in program governmental network of Land initiatives. implementation and academics and Dedicated to public health effectiveness, as well as professionals, PBB engage and a secure global village disseminating knowledge of with real world problems for all, they offer academics tools, techniques, technologies that impact quality of life in of our global community the and resources. diverse communities. This ability to organize their entails problem-based individual experiences and The Professors Beyond time in the summer or for See Anil Gupta’s work @ Borders team consists of distinct periods during the academics and professionals year. PBB will raise funds with varied backgrounds for travel funds and from around the world. stipends. Economists, Engineers, Scientists, Sociologists… Anil Gupta, a professor Who can join For more details log on to at the IIM-A has There is no cost and spearheaded the documentation of obligation to join. You can 1,00,000 ideas of creative individuals consider volunteering your scattered all over India. The Honeybee Network reaches out to SRISTI - society for research and initiatives for sustainable technologies and institutions thousands of grassroot The question is not about joining Professors Beyond Borders – but can we do similar innovators. work in India? We have something happening the other way round in India. SRISTI, an NGO was setup to strengthen the creativity of grassroots inventors, innovators and ecopreneurs engaged in conserving biodiversity and developing eco-friendly solutions to local problems. As you see, PBB believes professors can give solutions to societal problems, SRISTI believes that solutions have been found and they need to be strengthened. The core philosophy is to acknowledge the innovator and ensure that good ideas get funding.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Inspiring Teachers Police…Police! Indira Narayan, HM, St Ann’s HS, Sec’bad The traffic signals in our works this way... ‘There counter. There will be country are a source and a isn’t anyone checking or queues no doubt, yet window to look into the watching over me so why many would like to jump mindset of people. Many a should I bother about right the Q if they feel they times traffic signals have and wrong. I won’t get won’t be noticed in doing been violated by various caught so here I go so. The same applies at drivers especially when violating rules!’ This the Cinema theatre or at a Caption describing picture or graphic. they notice that the paradigm is sadly applied temple. We are in a Policeman is NOT around. at most places by us mighty hurry to see the When they spot the humans, which is ‘if there movie; we do not have Khaki/white uniform they no one watching or the patience to wait for slow down and like good checking me let me do our turn for a ‘ darshan’ Visit our website for law abiding citizens wait for things the way I want to.’ Sadly, along with our latest poll and other updates. Give your the green signal. Ironic isn’t In offices such attitudes , devotion God also likes to feedback and contribute it? Should the cop not be which basically come from test our patience which resources. around most people are lack of self discipline , most of us cannot show happy to ignore the signal may eventually lead to outside His temple! Why and make their way some kind of trouble ; but do we all need a through even if meant in the teaching profession policeman or should I ask waving a fist at the other these will only aid in do we educated people driver in the opposite side warping the tender mind need ‘policemen? who is actually obeying of a student who learns When a teacher continues signals! If you happen to from what he sees. It is a to teach after the bell has stop at the red and await student who will bear the rung and the class is over, your turn in these brunt of being taught by a students, at least some of situations don’t be teacher who has no self them, will be looking at surprised if the fist is discipline This is not their watches as though We are born with only waved at you or if teeth meant to deride a teacher reminding the teacher one heart, are gritting… for stopping but to point at a major deep in our ribs that it is time for her to at the Red signal when the wrong which is in turn it reminds us leave the class. Right? policeman is not very influential in giving to appreciate and give But these very students love from deep within.. there!!…understand one wrong ideas . Man by thing -- people do not like a nature loves a path that is will forget that they have worn a wristwatch during person who makes them trouble free, easy and not the break time; aware of their wrong. hard to tread on. Go to the Simple human psychology railway reservation Continued on page 5
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 6 Opportunities at Pudami – a chain of 35 schools by Dr Reddy’s Inviting Talented English/Science/Social Desirable: Leadership Teachers, Teacher Studies/Mathematics qualities, analytical Educators, Educationists, (preferably with B.Ed) ability, an insight into the Professionals Working willing to travel in the functioning of school and Supporters – Navin, Venu, With Schools to provide suburbs in Hyderabad, working with Principals to PV Narasimham and Madhan education to children from with a passion for bring about development all economic and social teaching and creativity, in schools. Experience of backgrounds from the excellent English working with neighbourhood/communi communication skills and economically deprived Apply within ten days. ty. a desire to ensure student children would be an E-mail your resumes to Post Graduates in learning. advantage. Address: Dr. Reddy’s Foundation, 87/A, MLA Interesting Links – Sridhar Chitta, Raman, Learning-Net, Vinish Gupta Colony, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, • Nirmaan - expert academic and career guidance to, specially, the economically Hyderabad - 34 backward students in rural areas through a toll-free helpline • Is Iron Man possible ? 11df-8842-001cc4c002e0.html • An amazing clock with loads of information – world statistics • Hundreds of ideas with bamboo - • The best education system in the world Must See Videos on Education • TED Talks Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity. See both 2006 and 2010 videos We are born with two eyes in front with subtitles. because we must not always look behind, • Who really failed? A teacher is taken off course for setting high standards - but see what lies ahead beyond ourselves. We are born to have • A one minute film that talks about child labor two ears one left, one right so we can hear both • In pursuit of success (four parts) sides, • Active learning method transforming Tamilnadu schools collect both the compliments and criticisms,
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Inspiring Teachers Police.. Police! (Continued from page 3) they cannot hear the bell realize that their judges to attend to you . So much and will come to class late! and policemen are sitting of customer time lost …. A What is the direction of in their classes? I recall bit of the credibility of the my thoughts in writing some students of mine bank is also lost in the this? It is to highlight that saying what they do not bargain. Time is precious, time sense and self like is when a teacher yours and mine. In an discipline, the backbone of comes to the class late and educational institution it any successful venture, then continues beyond the is the precious time of are losing their hold in bell especially the break students that is lost and today’s lifestyle. In a bell thereby cutting into the teacher’s workload school, the day’s schedule their break . suffers , leading to KV Jayakumar, Executive Director, CWRDM & Prof, NITW is worked out and bells are When the other person’s her/him rushing through rung at specific times; time becomes as the syllabus , taking extra each bell announcing the important as mine, a classes both of which beginning or the end of sense of efficiency comes will affect the academics. the teaching period or the into my work. Our Remember Newton’s commencement or end of thinking should go along third law of motion!!! a break. There are no the lines ‘do not unto So let us make ‘respect’: of secrets about this and others what you want self, of others, of time our every one on the campus them to do unto you’. guiding light. Rewards knows to identify each Outside a bank the follow and are very often bell. When the tutor and timings read: 10 AM built in. the taught fall in place in to….This means that the obeying these, that school bank is ready to begin Subscribe to and/or write for We are born with a will be the best both in its serving its customers at Teacher Plus – an excellent brain concealed in a ccademics and its all 10am. In reality if you are magazine for school teachers. skull so that no matter how poor we round credibility. at the bank at 10am sharp Provides new ideas for teaching are, Example is better than you will find that the with ready made handouts, we are still rich, for no one can steal precept... is what I concerned personnel will gives perspectives on topics of what our brain contains, strongly believe in. It is be busy keeping their current interest for teachers and packing in more jewels and rings upsetting to see teachers personal belongings away, has many more features than you can think. enter their class rooms then they will go to their relevant for the contemporary late, especially after the counter , take the required teacher! break with the confidence material, maybe arrange 040 2780 7039 that they are not being the tokens in a serial E-Mail: monitored or watched by number etc. , thereby the Management. Do they taking at least 10 minutes
  6. 6. EmployAbility 2010 – a great opportunity for job seekers Teacher’s Academy The much awaited job basis of your Contact Details: opportunities fair for qualifications and skills, Pavithra Parandhaman persons with disabilities, not disability. Programme Officer-Placement will be held in Chennai in You need to pre register to ABILITY FOUNDATION Hyderabad August 2010. (Organised participate in the fair. No. 28, Second Cross Street, by Ability Foundation and Details and application Gandhi Nagar, Adyar Lions Club of Padi form can be downloaded Chennai 600 020 India PHONE: Tel: 91 44 24452400 Shenoynagar in From http://www.abilityf 97011 41118 association Fax: 91 44 24413013 with ity_2010.html Website: www.abilityfoundati E-MAIL: If you are a graduate from (Please note that even if a recognised institute and you are already registered have good English and with Ability Foundation, computer skills, get you must register connected to unbiased separately for equal-opportunity EmployABLITY2010) employers from across the country. It is a platform Last date for registration: where you will be June 30, 2010 considered strictly on the About Teacher’s Academy… Started three years ago, Please do leave your Arnold’s school and Holy already 1350 teacher feedback on workshops on Cross College at BHEL; members on-line, 40 the site About Us Nizam’s Institute of Engg colleges and many schools Clients say (NIET), Deshmukhi; touched by the training. Sevalaya, Chennai; HPS, See us at: Share articles, useful Hyderabad; Long term projects are links, teaching resources Anyone wants to work being taken up for schools and tips for effective with me can send your and colleges. Continuous teaching with a growing resume. support and multiple community of our teacher initiatives will be included mailing list. --Thanks for holistic and Our forthcoming Uma Garimella sustainable change. workshops are at St A cool picture for summer: DRDO scientists, ITM, Mussouri, Feb ‘10