Social media 101 Workshop


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Find out about who's using social media, why and how you can take your business social.

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  • Note: the follow up to the dance was a sing along in Trafalgar Square – views to date: 4,325,367 | Most recent is Welcome Back song at Heathrow – views to date: 6,866,646Air Canada did a flash mob in Dec 2010 at Vancouver Airport – views to date: 158,646You cannot predict what will go viral. You also cannot make something go viral.If you search Flash Mob on YouTube you’ll see that Chorus Niagara has the most # of views.
  • Taylor Guitars posted a response in support and with helpful info on how to make sure your guitar doesn’t get broken – views 525,313United Breaks Guitars – views to date 9,864,852 – he went on to make 2 more videos - #2 - 1,211,930 views and #3 323,241 viewsCost to United? Estimated 180 million to shareholders Cost of a replacement guitar? $3,500 Taylor six-string
  • el gastrónomovagabundo is a new take on international street food, offering a continuously changing menu of globally inspired gourmet cuisine.  Spurred by the increasing popularity of mobile street food in North America, el gastró is the first mobile food truck of its kind in Canada, featuring gourmet tacos, tapas, southeast Asian dishes, and garden fresh salads.   Blogsite, Facebook & Twitter – non-traditional forms of advertising and PRImpact? Over 18 news stories 446 Twitter Followers 176 Likes on Facebook now at St.Cath market, Lakeland Game Meats, FlatRock, LCBO cooking demo a loyal customer base – we are one of them
  • Keep in mind – there are only 2 people. Post regularly on Facebook and respondTweet out at least a couple of times a dayRegularly update their blogsite.It doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple. Be true to who you are. Don’t try to be someone or something you’re not.
  • You have to give up some control to gain control.
  • You have to listen so you can have a conversation.
  • Cannot ignore what is going on in the social world. It’s happening whether you want it to or not.
  • People like and want to share. Join the party.
  • Social media 101 Workshop

    1. 1.
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    3. 3. Years to Reach 50 millions Users: <br /><ul><li>Radio - 38 Years
    4. 4. TV - 13 Years
    5. 5. Internet - 4 Years </li></ul>Facebook added over 200 million users in less than a year. It’s the third largest country in the world.<br /> Source:<br />Facts to Consider<br />
    6. 6. <ul><li>95 million Tweets per day – Jan 2011
    7. 7. 175 million Twitter users Worldwide – Jan 2011
    8. 8. Over 500 million active Facebook users – Jan 2011
    9. 9. 2 billion videos watched a day on YouTube – Jan 2011
    10. 10. Average age of users in the US – 35
    11. 11. Average income of users in the US $68,700</li></ul>Sources: | | YouTube | Source Marketing Profs Research Spotlight Twitter 2010<br />Who’s Gone Social?<br />
    12. 12. So What Does This Mean?<br />Twitter users not only have influence but they have buying power. <br />If you’re not there, you’re missing out.<br />
    13. 13. <ul><li>79% of consumers who follow brands are more likely to recommend a brand.
    14. 14. 67% of consumers are more likely to buy brands after becoming a follower.</li></ul>Source Marketing Profs Research Spotlight Twitter 2010 & Wikipedia<br />What’s the impact on Business?<br />
    15. 15. Customers are changing the way they buy.<br />Businesses need to change the way they sell.<br />
    16. 16. What’s the impact on Online Ads?<br />Click Through Rates:<br /><ul><li>Twitter - 40.1%
    17. 17. Facebook - 24%
    18. 18. Email - 15.2%
    19. 19. Banner Ads – average 0.3%</li></ul>Source Marketing Profs Research Spotlight Twitter 2010 & Wikipedia<br />
    20. 20. When it comes to social money cannot be the goal. <br />It is the result.<br />
    21. 21. Social has Creating a Level Playing Field<br />t –mobile Dance<br />t-mobile – life’s for sharing<br />Uploaded: January 16, 2009<br />Views to Date: 26,032,152<br />Comments: 21,302<br />Chorus Niagara Flash Mob<br />Alphabet Photography Inc.<br />Uploaded: Nov 17, 2010<br />Views to Date: 30,584,672<br />Comments: 36,421<br />
    22. 22. Is there a downside?<br />
    23. 23. el GastrónomoVagabundo<br />
    24. 24. el GastrónomoVagabundo<br />How are they using social?<br />Let you know where they’ll be<br />What’s on the menu<br />Behind the scenes <br />Conversations <br />Customer Service<br />