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Ken Colburn's Social media 101 workshop


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The basic tenants of using social media in today's business environment.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Ken Colburn's Social media 101 workshop

  1. 1. The noise keeps getting louder! (and what you can do about it)Presented by Ken ColburnChief Big Mouth at Data Doctors
  2. 2. So What Dowe Do KEN?!
  3. 3. -Listen -Engage -measure
  4. 4. Listen
  5. 5. Engage
  6. 6. Measure
  7. 7. Common mistakes
  8. 8. Beginners Resources• Facebook for Business – getting started• 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business• A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging Basics• LInkedIn for Dummies – Cheat SheetConnect with me!