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What's it take to do smart social in 2018? Insights and key trends for brands


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So what’s it take to do smart social? These days everyone’s a publisher creating daily random acts of content. The rate of change in the social media world hasn’t slowed at all. The bigger social gets, the bigger the conversations become, and the more there is to consider for all involved. Some of the big social media conversations in 2017 centred around trust, health, political influence, privacy, regulation, and advertising. It was a tough year for marketers to know where they stood in relation to the big platforms, what approach was best, what were the ‘right’ results, and what was required to grow their brands’ social presence

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What's it take to do smart social in 2018? Insights and key trends for brands

  1. 1. Social Media 2018 Zeina Khodr Colloquial Australia/J.Walter Thompson “Those who tell the stories rule the world”. - Hopi American Indian proverb
  4. 4. THE SPEED OF TODAY… Time it took to reach 50 million users: Radio Television Internet Facebook Instagram Pokemon GO Mary Meeker report 2018 Telephone 75 YEARS 38 YEARS 13 YEARS 4 YEARS 3.5 YEARS 6 MONTHS 30 HOURS 31.5 DAYS #MindBlown
  5. 5. Mary Meeker internet trends report summary COMING Released 30 May 2018
  6. 6. INTERNET TRENDS REPORT HIGHLIGHTS Mobile usage Internet user growth is slowing adults are spending more time online thanks to mobile, with 5.9 hours of mobile usage per day in 2017 versus 5.6 the previous year Education Employees seek retraining and education from YouTube and online courses to keep up with new job requirements – rise in Pro- Sumer content (utility and edutainmemt) Freelancing Freelance work grew 23% in 2017 driven by Uber, Airbnb, Etsy, Upwork, and Doordash. Subscription services Netflix is up 25%, The New York Times up 43%, and Spotify up 48%—A free tier accelerates conversion rates. Ecommerce 13% of retail is purchased online, meaning big opportunities for new shopping apps Daily usage Revenue gains for services like Facebook are tightly coupled with daily user growth, showing how profitable it is to become a regular habit China China has a big opportunity as users there are much more willing to trade their personal data for product benefits than U.S. users, and China is claiming more spots on the top 20 internet company list while making big investments in AI Voice Search By 2020, voice- and image-based searches are going to make up at least 50 percent of all searches. Amazon echo has hit 30mill units sold & voice is now at 98% accuracy
  7. 7. 27,000,000 pieces of content shared daily
  8. 8. The Marketer’s Dilemma THE AUDIENCE EXPERIENCE
  11. 11. ALERTS. NOTIFICATIONS. MESSAGES. WE LIVE IN AN AGE OF DIGITAL DISTRACTION. It’s shocking to consider that we use a minimum of four internet-connected devices. On those four devices, we receive, on average, 150 App notifications and 120 emails per day and engage in 200 mobile interactions per day.
  12. 12. WRAP YOUR BRAIN AROUND THESE STATS: People spend an average of on social media daily of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute Facebook comments, photos and statuses photos uploaded to Instagram 2 HOURS 15 MINUTES 300 HOURS 939,000 EVERY MINUTE 47,000 EVERY MINUTE And, 71% OF CONSUMERS who have had a good social media experience with a brand are LIKELY TO RECOMMEND it to others
  13. 13. DIGITAL LANDSCAPE: GLOBAL 4.021 Billion 53% penetration* 3.196 Billion 42% penetration* 2.958 Billion 39% penetration* INTERNET USERS ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA USERS MOBILE USERS HIGHLIGHTS • Global social usage increased 13% over past 12 months. • 93% of social media users access from a mobile. *Of world population.
  14. 14. DIGITAL LANDSCAPE: AUSTRALIA 21.47 Million 88% penetration* 17 Million 69% penetration* 19.16 Million 78% penetration* INTERNET USERS ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA USERS MOBILE USERS HIGHLIGHTS • Aussies spend 80% more time on the internet than watching TV. • 2/3 Aussies use social media each month and spend over 100 minutes on social platforms daily *Of total Australian population.
  15. 15. SOCIAL PLATFORMS: AUSTRALIA OTHER STATS • 60% of Australians are active social media users and 50% log in daily. • Facebook now has 2.01 billion monthly active users, growing by 500 million in the last two years. • Millennials account for 7/10 Snapchat users. 17M 15M 9M 5M 4.2M 4M 3.8M 3M 290K Australian Monthly Active Users by Social Platform (January 2018)
  16. 16. GLOBAL PLATFORMS TO WATCH: ASIA INSIGHTS • WeChat, YouKu and Weibo are on the rise in Australia (~3.5 million monthly active users) Massive opportunity for Australian Marketers to tap into Wechat • Over one million Australian residents identify as being Chinese, and an estimated 185,000 students currently studying at Australian universities are Chinese. • Approximately 1.2 million Chinese tourists visit Australia every year WEIBO WECHAT YOUKU LINE • 411 Million monthly active users, globally • Approx. 30,000 monthly active users, Australia-wide • 1 Billion monthly active users, globally • Approx. 2.75 Million monthly active users, Australia-wide • 4.2 Million monthly active users, globally • Approx. 600,000 monthly active users, Australia-wide • 203 Million monthly active users, globally • Approx. 650,000 users in 2016, Australia-wide
  17. 17. SOCIAL IN 2018: WHAT TO EXPECT02
  18. 18. 2017 INTO 2018
  19. 19. SOCIAL MEDIA & BIG BRANDS: IN, OUT & NEVER IN DOUBT IN Ephemeral content E-commerce integration Channel consolidation Personality in content/tone/social interactions Deeper influencer marketing AI / AR / VR Live video Messaging Experiential Voice OUT ‘Maintenance’ social approach Quantity over quality content Once size fits all Random acts of content Only posting organic content Measuring success based on social metrics alone Being on every channel NEVER IN DOUBT Consideration before execution Defining social’s role in marketing mix Invest in quality Data to deliver and inform Holistic measurement Meaningful storytelling
  21. 21. 2018 CHALLENGES FOR SOCIAL MARKETERS MARKETERS SHOULD • Consider current state of play and evaluate approach with agency partners • Consider budgets, outsource or automate • Invest in data and reporting, join the dots • Know what you need to measure and then craft your content strategy • Plan for live video, pick the right moments, invest in quality execution • Combine PR, brand and agency teams to plan for activations ahead of time • Challenge what you CAN’T DO
  22. 22. CONTENT APPROACHES Marketers should: • Ensure it’s 100% effective for their brand / campaign to be on social • Be focused in all social media activity • Review social / content approach in-line with platform changes and available resource / budgets • Be constantly willing to experiment and to do something out of the ordinary Key considerations will be: • Required investment for content and media • Human vs automation vs outsourcing - implications on resource • The changing platforms and options / placements for each, focusing on the 20% of activity that will deliver 80% of the results • The data sources that are available • More meaningful storytelling leading to action • Content that can created in triplicate (text, audio, video) and atomise for the right channels
  23. 23. 3. Key Platforms
  24. 24. Our aim is a consistant JWT brand across every presentation We ask you to embrace the principal of less is more – by using this simple template and expressing your ideas clearly and to the point. it’s a pay to play social world IT’S A PAY TO PLAY WORLD
  25. 25. FACEBOOK In 2018, Facebook will: • Prioritise the user and get better at connecting friends and family than delivering mass news • Go local - small business tools, community news, marketplace • Ramp up ad prices • Introduce new ad solutions and advanced e-commerce integration (11 objectives, 13 placements + multiple content formats eg slideshows, single video, carousel, single images, polls) • Keep growing as a mass media channel and one-stop-shop (diversification) • Launch Spaces, connect friends in VR MARKETERS SHOULD • Review their Facebook approach in-line with platform changes and available resource / budgets • Crack Messenger / WhatsApp, Facebook Live and Facebook Groups • Invest more in content; higher quality, designed with audience in-mind to drive peer-to-peer interaction • Explore influencer marketing on Facebook • Increase media budgets to compete
  26. 26. Facebook Groups For Brands - HBO HBO created a Facebook Group attached to its Facebook Page for superfans of Big Little Lies so they could talk about and collectively obsess over the show. Engagement within such groups is attributed to the brand Page. Facebook Messenger - Aperol Aperol created a Messenger bot that delivers product inspiration, recipes, competitions and local specials throughout Summer. Their Facebook advertising strategy is designed to drive Messenger engagement. FACEBOOK EXAMPLES
  27. 27. INSTAGRAM In 2018, Instagram will: • Build out Stories, offering new creative and media opportunities for brands • Continue to develop Live video • Launch shoppable Instagram locally • Continue to be the platform-of-choice for influencer marketing • Keep growing in scale solidifying itself as a mass media channel • Second most popular channel for teens (72%) Marketers should: • Review their Instagram approach in-line with platform changes and available resource / budgets • Explore influencer marketing with the aim of building long-lasting relationships with brand ambassadors • Increase media budgets to compete • Aim to be the first to make use of new features
  28. 28. INSTAGRAM EXAMPLES The 5TH A company born on Instagram, The 5TH knows how to market on the platform. Building anticipation around new product launches is a particular strength, with stunning design work, mood boards, visual inspiration and storytelling all driving excitement and sales. Instagram Stories - Bacardi USA Bacardi created an interactive DJ simulator that leveraged the click points within Stories to let users create their own sets. The idea stemmed for Nielsen data that showed Instagrammers spend 30% more time listening to music weekly.
  29. 29. YOUTUBE In 2018, Youtube will become: • Become an even bigger influencer platform with stars more sought-after and localised than before • Will keep growing as a dominant search engine • Be mobile, more so than ever before (accounts for 60% of views already) • Grow paid subscriptions and YouTube series via Red • Number one channel for teens (85% Marketers should: • Build content that users are searching for on YouTube – assists with SEO • Optimise content specifically for YouTube • Consider influencer marketing opportunities on the platform • Invest more in video and media to support it Immense Scale 1.3 billion people use YouTube globally, 15 million in Australia 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute 5 billion videos are watch everyday
  30. 30. Snap Marketers to continue evaluating opportunities. Advertising is becoming more affordable. Brilliant creative / interactive opportunities available. Brands to lean on personalities / ambassadors for ‘natural’ content. Third most popular with teens (69%) Twitter Carefully consider application but phase out for most brands; too often used as a reactive customer service channel with no strategy, resource-heavy. Still a powerful professional networking tool though. Pinterest Still a very small local audience, use selectively. Really effective traffic driver. Great product discovery tool particularly around key seasonal occasions and important life events. Owned Channels / Audiences (websites, apps, email) Invest in owned channels, don’t solely rely on social platforms. Connect the dots; build user journeys into the strategy, link social and owned. OVERVIEW OF THE OTHERS
  31. 31. 4. Trends For 2018
  32. 32. INVOLVEMENT IS THE NEW ENGAGEMENT In 2018, influencers will: • Form closer, stronger relationships with brands • Be increasingly referred to by consumers as a trusted source of information • Work with brands to better measure success • Continue to be cost-effective sources of content • Get involved in affiliate influencer revenue models Casey Neistat and Samsung Long term, equity building relationship forged between both parties. Casey reportedly has Samsung’s CEO on the proverbial speed-dial. Adidas Tango Squad Adidas used Facebook Messenger to create an opt-in community of influencers delivering exclusive, premium content to the audience.
  33. 33. SHOPPABLE SOCIAL & ECOMMERCE Snap Store Ok, it’s only Snapchat merch but it’s an example of shoppable social nonetheless. The store is found in the Discover tab and indicates the platform’s intent on keeping up with Facebook. Shoppable Instagram Various brands tested Instagram’s shopping beta last year which expanded the consideration experience and presented product info and price in-app. In 2018, shoppable social will: • Continue to develop and roll out globally • Offer brands more opportunities to deliver ‘consideration’ and ‘purchase’ content • Facilitate the full path to purchase without leaving the app • Continue to be pioneered by the likes of WeChat • Be strengthened as retailers link up social / digital experiences with that of their physical retail spaces • Be shaken up by Amazon as they build out Spark and offer new advertising solutions
  34. 34. SOCIAL MEDIA PAYMENTS WECHAT PAY HIGHLIGHTS • XXX SNAP CASH TWITTER PAY WHAT’S APP FB MESSENGER Set to launch in Australia this year Australian launch not yet announced Already launched in Australia Australian launch not yet announced Australia launch TBC
  35. 35. AUGMENTED REALITY In 2018, brands will: • Continue to trial how to activate their brands in this space, moving towards branded content and utility and away from more gimmicky activations • Have access to the technology through Facebook / Apple ARKit and potentially Google, and consumer understanding will continue to grow • Look to platforms such as Shazam and Snapchat for campaign-based AR activations Ikea Place App • Ikea Place, allows customers to place digital versions of Ikea furniture in their homes to understand how it fits. TWE - Living Wine Labels Treasury Wines launched a portfolio App of AR experiences based on different wine brands.
  36. 36. INVOLVEMENT IS THE NEW ENGAGEMENT • In 2018, brands will: • Diversify their video content strategy • Fully embrace mobile content • Need to create content in a greater range of formats • Have to have cost-effective and agile content creation processes in place • Continue to build for the platform, but with increased consideration of the delivery and consumption behaviour • Bring personalities / influencers to the fore when creating mobile, ephemeral content Who’s Killing It? • Publishers and entertainment companies. They’re creating many types of video content in various formats for numerous platforms. Mashable, for example, publishes content on different topics tailored to each platform; from a face-to- camera IG Story shot on mobile through to a clean, documentary-style YouTube video. Mashable Instagram Story Mashable Instagram Video Mashable YouTube Video
  37. 37. Social Mediascape Shoppable Instagram Various brands tested Instagram’s shopping beta last year which expanded the consideration experience and presented product info and price in-app.
  38. 38. In 2018: • The topic of ‘trust’ will be huge • Users will be better educated about privacy and will take greater control of it • However, technology will continue to evolve much quicker than the user’s understanding of privacy implications • Brands and digital platforms will provide users with better security and privacy solutions and build greater trust with consumers as a result • Advertisers will demand greater transparency for delivery and measurement • Industry groups and other 3rd parties will help regulate the big players and bring uniformity to digital Facebook’s Measurement Partners Facebook now works with several 3rd party measurement partners offering rich data, independent verification, viewability metrics and more. Privacy & Transparency
  40. 40. VOICE 101 Image:FriezeArtFair2016,AlicjaKwadeHypothethischesGebilde • 2 billion android phones • 375 million Apple Phones • 30 million Amazon Echo
  41. 41. 47% J O I N T H E C O N V E R S A T I O N SONAR/Kantar of global smartphone users use voice technology at least once a month.
  42. 42. V O I C E F U T U R E T R E N D S 1. Easing the Cognitive Load 2. Digital Butler 3. Craving Intimacy
  43. 43. 1 . E A S I N G T H E C O G N I T I V E L O A D humans have transmitted knowledge cultural evolution, For most of our and ideas from one generation to another through oral - the voice.tradition Nick Ryan, composer, sound designer, artist and audio specialist
  44. 44. T O P 3 D R I V E R S F O R R E G U L A R V O I C E T E C H U S E R S ‘ I t ’ s c o n v e n i e n t ” 5 2 % “ I d o n ’ t h a v e t i m e t o t y p e ” 4 8 % ‘ I t ’ s s i m p l e t o u s e ” 4 6 %
  45. 45. V O I C E & T H E H U M A N B R A I N Alexa Text Correct Answer Response High Mental Activity Low Mental Activity
  46. 46. V O I C E & T H E H U M A N B R A I N Alexa Text Correct Answer Response High Mental Activity Low Mental Activity
  47. 47. H E L P I N G T O G E T T H I N G S D O N E
  49. 49. Build / refresh social and content approach Give social a defined role in customer journey Invest in the right technology and resources Explore, innovate and test Capture and integrate data Understand the trends and apply what’s relevant for your business Be brave, stand for something and stand out – do what you can’t 01 HOW TO SUCCEED 02 03 04 05 06 07
  50. 50. Zeina Khodr 0414 375 371 Storytelling has gotten a lot more fun!