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evaluation online course

  1. 1. E-Learning evaluation Course<br />Course Name: Microsoft PowerPoint - Introduction to Presentations.<br />Course URL: http://alison.com<br />Course overview (brief description of the course):<br />This online course (M PowerPoint) helps the learners to be apple to use PowerPoint presentation to create new presentation and animating slide transitions. This course contains different tools and material to explain the content to the learner .Such as audio, text, video, and picture. In this course the learner can learn by his own pace and place. It no need for prior knowledge.<br /><ul><li>ProofReviewAspect/QuestionPedagogicalThe course content did not require learners to do offline activities. Also it don’t require and prior knowledge to learn the content.The course syllabus contains the importance and relevance information about the course.The content caver all course goals.The course provides rich information to learner about that subject.YesHow often is dynamic course content updated?Anybody wants to learn about those programs and there is no prior knowledge for that course.This course satiable for all learning levels and style.No necessary to participation in the course.When register to the course ask learner to write his organization where learn (school or university).YesWho are the learners? When we register to the course, asked to identify the E-mail and some information about learners such as (gander, place you learn, your expectation in this course.YesDoes the institution have adequate information about the learners at a distance? The aims were stated clearly.The syllabus clarify the course and it expectation. It was from the easy to complex.Put the outcomes f the course is not clear for the learner.YesDoes the course provide clear expectations of what the student is required to do?The course use video with simulation to enhance interaction and let the learner to understand the content. Also, it offers text with the opportunity of hide or displays it .In addition it use appropriate print screen of that program.YesDoes the course utilize multimedia attributes of the Internet and digital technologies?Contact with the learner and give some comment and feedback to the learner.Chick the test for students.What is the instructor’s role? There is a clear and apparent sequence to the information.The lessons group together and every lesson have own summery and quiz.The material is grouped effectively.YesDoes the course provide a sense of continuity?The course provide suggestion page to dissection and give them freedom to ask question and any clarify of misunderstanding. Also give students some help sites that are related to that topic. YesDoes the course promote Inside Collaboration by providing a supportive environment for asking questions, clarifying directions, suggesting or contributing resources and working on joint projects with class members?TechnologicalThere is no time limit to access to the course.The course give student the syllabus and not given specific guidelines on how much computer expertise they need to have to participate in the course.The course does not provide e-mail account to students but it contact with his own E-mail( that the student add the e-mail in registration to the course. YesDoes the course have personnel who can assist learners to set up for starting the course?No need any hardware requirements in the course only using computer with internet.No applicableAre the hardware requirements for the course clearly stated? No need any software requirements in the course only using internet to open the course site.But this course provide website links that contian additional information. No applicableDoes the course provide links to resources where all necessary software can be downloaded?Interface Design The site of the course look good and the text is clear.The content is organization in the course site.Some parts off the page appear even through the site is fully loaded.The load of the course website pages is fast.The look of the site is attractive and appealing to the eye and ear.But the site not provides printable transcripts of any audio and video the course using in the course.YesDo Web pages look good in a variety of Web browsers and devices--in text-based browsers, all recent versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape, and so on?This course uses different media (video, audio, and text) to present the course and that media is appropriate to the same content that stable for learner styles.The content is arranged in sequence (The course divide in lessons .And every lessons has his own summarize and quizzes).The course uses animations, colors, sound, and symbols that related to the content.The Content of this course is presented with proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax.YesDoes the course follow “one idea per paragraph” rule?The course information site describe how can the student use course tools and The links putting in right side and provide some guide and comment that describe that links. All Video and Audio is clear. All links and hyperlink are working.Every page of the course has links back to the site’s main page.The course provides some aid that help learners navigate to the course.The site have essay vocabulary in navigation that let student to understand and remember the navigate buttons.The course site includes internal and external search engines. YesDoes the course provide structural aids or site map to guide learner’s navigation?The students can access to the course any time, any place and with his when pace.Yes Is the course Website designed to be accessible by a wider user populationThe course does not include a frequently asked question page.But there bag for some technical frequently asked questions. Not applicableHow quickly users find answers to the most frequently asked questions on the course site?EvaluationThe course has different type of quizzes. When the learner enter to answer the quiz the program given the right answer and some details about that question and we think this type of assessment appropriate for the course content type.Not applicableDoes the course have a mechanism in which a learner can be truly measured and not cheat?The course has a system for keeping records of students’ progress onlineAnd providing students’ grades. With clear grading criteria.YesDoes the course have a system to accept students’ online evaluationManagementThere is team support and provide form to connect to them . YesIs there a project support site for Elearning production team?Send e-mails for any new updates.The materials of this course updated automatically.Also write in the site and inform learners who is responsible for update and let students to contact with them by sending E-mail.YesDoes the course notify students about any changes in due dates or other course relevant mattersResource SupportThe syllabus of this course describes the resource support and how to use resource of this course.The course provides links to websites that related to that contact.YesDoes the course providetroubleshooting (or expert technical support from specialized staff) assistance or a help line? Don’t let student to post their works. NoDoes the course provide examples of previous student's work on the Web? EthicalALISON is a for-profit social enterprise.The team that organize this course are technology developer from different countries that provides educational servise for the learners.YesDoes the institution have to get approval from any external entities (who can serve as political barriers) to implement e-learning? Use navigational icons.Explain the idea by different ways such as, sound, text and video to clarify the same idea.Course content is suitable for all learner level and style.Start from lower level to advance level.Yes Does the course make an effort to reduce or avoid the use of jargon, idioms, ambiguous or cute humor, and acronyms? Because there are no discussions form that the students can participate to that. NotapplicableDoes the course present more than one viewpoint on controversial issues?The course is written only in English. Anybody understands English language can register to this course. No Is the course offered to geographically diverse population?The learner could learn according to their peace of learning. They can repeat the lesson until he/she mastered it Stopjump to other lesson.Yes Is the course designed to have patience for learners who adapt to individualized distributed learning environment slower than others? Use different multimedia tools .Such as (Video, text, screenshot, audio) to deliver the content of the course. Using mixing multimedia in the course let’s student to understand easily.YesIs the digital divide issue considered in designing the E- Learning content?This point is not applicable with this course.NotapplicableDoes the course provide any guidance to learners on how to behave and post messages in online discussions so that their postings do not hurt others’ feelings?Only if you have comments you may post it on feedback.The participation is not request. Not applicable Does the course get students’ permission to post any of the following on the Web?InstitutionalThis course provides information about all support services before student’s registration in the course.It is a free course.The institution of this course provides links to other free e-learning web sites.YesIs the institution ready to offer online courses?The course has sheet that compare between the e-learning and face to face education.Also the course orient the students to course expectation and type of experience the student will get after achieve the course goals.The course cover most thing students accept to have it also, it cover all point in Content. Yes Does the course provide academic quality such as one would expect in a traditional course?They encourage student who have top marks and give him additional helps. The staff have they own site, that the link given to students to contact with them. YesAre instructor/tutor and technical staff available during online orientation?