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Joe Biden by Elise Aronson


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Biography of Joe Biden as a leader in all parts of life, written by Wharton MBA student for a course on leadership from the point of view of the whole person.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Joe Biden by Elise Aronson

  1. 1. Joe Biden A national leader in work-life integration Elise Aronson
  2. 2. Joe Biden • Born in 1942 in Scranton, PA • United States Senator from Delaware, 1973-2009 • Sixth youngest Senator in U.S. History • Unsuccessfully ran for President in 1988 & 2008 • 47th President of the United States, 2009-2017
  3. 3. A Career Marked by Personal Tragedy • A few weeks after Joe’s election to the U.S. Senate, his wife and one year old daughter were killed in a car crash while out Christmas shopping. His two sons, Beau and Hunter, survived the crash with injuries. • His son Beau Biden, who had a bright political future, died of brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46, which has motivated Joe’s intent to speed the search for the cure to cancer
  4. 4. A Fully Integrated Life - Work • Record of working across the political aisle • Never question someone’s motive • Transparent with emotions • A leader in the office in work- life integration
  5. 5. A Fully Integrated Life - Family • “Amtrak Joe” • Puts family first • “The rule in the office was if the boys called, he was to be interrupted no matter what he was doing or who he was talking to. He was never out of communication with them."
  6. 6. A Fully Integrated Life - Self • Makes time to read • Pursues work that is personally meaningful to him such as the cancer moonshot initiative
  7. 7. A Fully Integrated Life - Community • “He's a man quick to find a doctor for someone's sick grandmother or hold a fundraiser for a local firefighter battling cancer.” • Received the Best of Congress Award from Working Mother magazine for “improving the American quality of life through family- friendly work policies”
  8. 8. Lessons Learned from Joe • Family comes first, but you can find a way to make it work with your career • “No matter what profession you pursue, it really matters to get to know your competition as well as your friend…. To understand what makes them tick and what their limits are, understand where they come from” • Balance Ambition with Perspective • "It's about being engaged. It's about being there for a friend or a colleague when they're injured or in an accident, remembering the birthdays, congratulating them on their marriage, celebrating the birth of their child. It's about being available to them when they're going through personal loss. It's about loving someone more than yourself."
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