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Sarah Ross O'Hagan by Alice Henly Mitchell


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Biography of Sarah Ross O'Hagan as a leader in all parts of life, written by Wharton MBA student for a course on leadership from the point of view of the whole person.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Sarah Ross O'Hagan by Alice Henly Mitchell

  1. 1. SARAH ROBB O’HAGAN CEO, Flywheel Sports Leadership Biography Alice Henly Mitchell
  2. 2. Brief Biographical Sketch FAILURES - Unable to get first dream job in the graduate training program with Air New Zealand - Fired from Virgin Airlines Mega Stores division - Lost citizenship application and work visa - Laid off from video game business called Atari when it closed down ACCOMPLISHMENTS - Named Forbes “Most Powerful Women in Sports” - Named Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” - 40 Under 40 lists by the Sports Business Journal (2009, 2011, and 2012) Sports Goods Business (2010), and Crain’s Chicago Business (2010) - Ad Age magazine’s “Women to Watch” (2010) Sarah Robb O’Hagan is CEO of Flywheel Sports and Founder of EXTREMEYOU. Sarah’s career includes leadership roles at some of the world’s most iconic brands including Virgin, Nike, Gatorade, Equinox and Flywheel. Sarah is from New Zealand and now lives with her husband, Liam, and sons Sam and Joe and daughter Gabby in New York. They have a chocolate Labrador named Edmund “Eddie” Hillary.
  3. 3. “I found myself constantly out there being positioned as this person who had great success, and I would constantly feel awkward about it. So I wondered why aren’t we telling the truth about the things that happened on the way to that success? That’s where the first idea came from. We’re setting this example, particularly for young people, making it look like it’s perfect almost the whole way along. They’re not realizing that where you start is as confused and unsuccessful as everyone.Out there when I’m giving speeches, I’ll say, “I’m in the ‘losers who got fired’ camp, who else is?” When you talk about it, you make people realize that it’s a really positive thing in terms of your growth. Don’t be afraid of it.” - SRO
  4. 4. SARAH’S INTEGRATED LIFE Sarah has achieved many four-way wins–integrating work, community, self and family–using the following strategies: ▫ Seeking opportunities to work with equally passionate, mission-driven people. ▫ Working at companies with very strong, welcoming cultures that feel like a family. ▫ Seeking inspiration and motivation from everyone she interacts with, from all domains of her life. ▫ Openly stating during professional interviews that her kids are unquestionably her greatest achievement. ▫ Being very open about her failures and openly, unapologetically turning to her husband for support
  5. 5. LESSONS FROM SARAH “I think the secret to maximizing your own potential is being really unabashedly true to who you are.” - Sarah Based on talking with Sarah and learning about her life path, I am inspired to: ▫ Seek to work at companies with very strong, family-oriented, welcoming cultures. ▫ Unapologetically pursue opportunities with a mission-driven company that is true to my values and passions. ▫ Seeking inspiration and motivation from everyone I interact with, from all domains of my life. ▫ Follow Sarah’s advice to “worry less about making the right decision and worry more about making your decisions right.” ▫ Taking pride in and learning from failure to grow stronger.