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Obama’s foreign policy


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Obama’s foreign policy

  2. 2.  Barack Hussein ObamaII Born on August 4, 1961in Honolulu, Hawaii Studied at OccidentalCollege then transferredto Columbia University 1988-Harvard LawSchool 1990- Was first African-American editor of the‘Harvard Law Review’
  3. 3.  After graduation worked as a civil rights lawyer 1992-2004- Teacher at the University of ChicagoLaw School 1996-Illinois State senator 2004-U.S. Senator 2009-44th President of the U.S.
  4. 4.  Obama’s unusual family history embodied theAmerican Dream His mother, Ann Dunham waswhite, his father, Obama Sr. wasfrom Kenya• Had a multiethnic upbringing• Represented a new hope; the endof America’s racial issues
  5. 5.  In his campaign he emphasized hope and change
  6. 6. Foreign policy 5 foreign policy goals:- ending the war in Iraq- finishing the fight against Al-Queda and Taliban- securing nuclear weapons from rogue states- achieving energy security- rebuilding the alliances
  7. 7. Obama Doctrine 2 ideas:- America’s role in the world has beenaggressive and arrogant in promotingdemocracy- Multilateral institutions restrain U.S.Apower• Emphasis on negotiation and collaboration• Re-building broken relationships and building newalliances• Repairing the U.S. image
  8. 8.  Obama told that his election as the first blackpresident could change geopolitical dynamics. He tries to do that by marketing his background. Cooperative realism: realist assessment of the threatposed by non traditional sources and the limits of USpower to tackle those threats single-handedly
  9. 9. Middle East Retreated the American troops from Iraq Continued the war in Afghanistan USA does not want to establish long term militarypresence in either country. Prevent violent extremism Engaged in discussion with Iran on the nuclearweapons
  10. 10.  The Israel-Palestine conflict:-Obama promotes a two-state solution: the two areradically different and cannot be reconciled-opposes the Israeli expansion• This makes look the US has an ‘even-handed policy’• In 2011 Obama intervened in the conflict in Libya
  11. 11. Russia ‘Reset button’-improving relations with Russia The policy has 3 goals:-the heightened urgency of resolving the Iraniannuclear question-the need for additional transport routes intoAfghanistan to support a larger US military presence-a return to a more multilateral approach toensuring nuclear security and strengthening the non-proliferation regime
  12. 12.  Working with Russia to reduce nuclear weapons 2011-New START Treaty Arms control treaty- nuclear missile launchers willbe reduced by half
  13. 13. North Korea After Obama’s inauguration in 2009 North Koreathreatened to test nuclear weapons Obama administration showed restraint and didn’tact US does not allow investment, trade or aid flow toNorth Korea
  14. 14. Climate change Reducing the emissions and developing low carbontechnologies Countries that contribute to atmospheric emissionsmust undertake actions in order to cut greenhousegas emissions Copenhagen Accord-between US and BASICCountries ( China, South Africa, India, Brasil)