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Ruth Porat by Aileen Fernandes


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Biography of Ruth Porat as a leader in all parts of life, written by Wharton MBA student for a course on leadership from the point of view of the whole person.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Ruth Porat by Aileen Fernandes

  1. 1. Ruth Porat AILEEN FERNANDES
  2. 2. Personal Journey - Married to Anthony Paduano, partner in the law firm of Paduano & Weintraub, since 1983 - Three children - Survivor of Breast Cancer - Flips houses as a hobby
  3. 3. Career Success
  4. 4. Work-Life Mix "I hate the term 'work-life balance,'" she said. "I think it's a setup, and it's trap for all of us. I think what you want is a mix in your life that works. It's kind of like a kaleidoscope is really boring if it's two nice even things of glass; you need to get it to mix and change."
  5. 5. Key Takeaways Instead of trying to gain skills in order to plan your life, gain the skill to shift your priorities so you can integrate work and life. Many people leave before they need to because of planning Surround yourself with sponsors who will defend you in the room even when you are not present Practice what you believe – actions speak louder than words for great leaders
  6. 6. Sources lead one-of-her-own-core-beliefs-in-her-recent-commencement-addressstick-to-your-true-north-build- greatness-for-the-long-term-20 day-and-night-in-an-attempt-to-save-aig-returning-home-only-to-shower-7 is-a-trap-that-sets-you-up-for-failure-4