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Paul Newman by Justin Cohan-Shapiro


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Paul Newman by Justin Cohan-Shapiro

  1. 1. Paul Newman Justin Cohan-Shapiro, WG14 Spring 2014 MGMT 671: Total Leadership
  2. 2. Mr. Blue Eyes has it all • An iconic American actor, known for roles in classic films like “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” • As famous for his non-Hollywood persona and lifestyle as his roles onscreen, he is known for Newman’s Own-branded salad dressings and lemonades • Happily married for 50 years to Joanne Woodward
  3. 3. An intellectual and a prankster with a penchant for tragic heroes • Won an academy award for best actor for “The Color of Money” (1986) • Nominated for eight academy awards, and six golden globes • A prankster and free spirit, he was also a very serious and studio actor terrified of being only a pretty face • Friendly with an intellectual crowd including Gore Vidal WORK
  4. 4. A loving family man who brought his family into his work as he maintained boundaries FAMILY • Newman’s relationship with Joanne Woodward, his wife of 50 years, began in tortured fashion while he was still finalizing a divorce with his first wife • Woodward was a talented actress who saw early success and who Newman continued to work with for several decades; their love is as evident from the pictures above as it is from testaments from those who knew them • Lived in Westport, Connecticut away from Hollywood • When Newman’s son Scott died of a drug overdose, he founded a centre for drug abuse prevention that his oldest daughter still runs “Paul and I were good friends before we were lovers. We really liked each other. We could talk to each other, we could tell each other anything without fear of ridicule or rejection. There was trust.” – Joanne Woodward Or has Newman would have it, their marriage’s success was based on “correct amounts of lust and respect”
  5. 5. A passionate philanthropist and activist COMMUNITY • Founded Newman’s Own with A.E. Hotchner in 1982, and decided to give all after-tax profits to charity • Donated more than $380 million to charity since starting Newman’s Own • One charitable beneficiary is the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, an overnight camp for seriously ill children – key to his idea of play and using the name from an iconic movie
  6. 6. An intellectual and a prankster with a penchant for tragic heroes SELF • Fell in love with racing cars when preparing for a movie, and made it a piece of his professional acting career, including documentaries and films • His last movie was a voice over for the Pixar film “Cars,” where was the voice of Doc Hudson • Raced cars for over twenty years, including being the oldest driver to be part of a team (at 70) in the 1995 24 Hours of Daytona