Crazy4Media football examples (english) 110601


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Crazy4Media football examples (english) 110601

  1. 1. Interactive Global Marketing Services
  2. 2. Mobile MarketingFroggie mobile marketing solutions founded: 2001Froggie provides integral white label mobile entertainment and mobilemarketing services to brands and agencies:  SMS/WAP push  Audio & Video-call services  Mobile lead generation, CRM and database monetisation  Mobile billing solutions  Mobile Marketing consultancy  Mobile site and smartphone application development Strategic shareholding crazy4media CORPORATE
  3. 3. Online Advertising Creafi Online Media founded: 2004Creafi provides high quality online media solutionsto advertisers and publishers globally using worldclass online technologies and expertise.We deliver effective traffic with a phenomenalreach that consistently gives our clients a realpromotional advantage in their chosen targetmarkets. crazy4media CORPORATE
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  5. 5. Audiovisual marketing Marketing Mellow founded: 2009Viyoi specializes in the development of audiovisualmarketing business models to best fit their clients’objectives, including the creation and distribution ofvideo content to any device.Viyoi, and their partners, collectively have thenecessary experience to achieve anything in thefield of digital video. crazy4media CORPORATE
  6. 6. How do we work?We help monetize your content, distributing and advertising them throughdifferent sevices and different advertising methods generating the club a wayof communicating with its fans whilst at the same time opening a veryprofitable line of business. crazy4media CORPORATE
  7. 7. A) Club content distribution BACKEND The club provides us with all its content and we transfer it to mobile format, and develop a content portal for the club. + BILLING We add the premium billing system (IVR Premium, SMS Premium, MT, Wap Premium…) + DIFFUSSION Promotion in different media: from mass sends to our database of mobile numbers and/or to the clubs own database to banner advertising both online and mobile internet , reaching almost anywhere in the world. CRMMonetization of users both with external club services and internal (season ticket sale, merchandising, shop discount vouchers…) as well as the management of general communication with the fans through the mobile channel.B) Prize draws, promotions… The club may provide us merchandising so that we can manage prize draws. We will contact the users through our channels , about the opportunity to participate and wiin the itel in question.
  8. 8. Content Portal We will distribute the content through: Content needed:  3G portals  Screensavers  Wap portals  Photos  Web portals  Music, chants…  Smartphones apps  Videos crazy4media CORPORATE
  9. 9. Advertising tools we use 1. PERMISSION MARKETING (own, clubs or third party databases ) SMS Push Wap Push Audio Push  Video Push 2. ONLINE ADVERTISING 3. MOBILE INTERNET ADVERTISING crazy4media CORPORATE
  10. 10. Success StoriesSEVILLA FCWe have been working with this team for over 2 years. Among the many services weprovide them, the prize draws are extremely successful for the fans and the directcommunication with members. The merchandising prize draws are advertised via: Banners on web pages related to the sportingworld and also on pages with a target that fits theSevilla FC fans. Mass sends to mobiles in the clubs database andto those in our database so they take part in thesepromotions. Competitions and prize draws offeringmerchandise, balls, tickets….we have done prizedraws for this club on the clubs facebook page andachieved XX% results Data on how many people it reached, the responserate, revenue in € etc. crazy4media CORPORATE
  11. 11. Success StoriesREAL MADRID We have been working together with this team for over 3 years, among the services we provide them, the most successful has been the generation of databases for the club.