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HANDOUT: The Art & Science of Presentations


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The How & Why of more effective presentations. (Because everyone else is doing it is EXACTLY why you should NOT!)

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HANDOUT: The Art & Science of Presentations

  1. 1. The Art & Science of PresentingPreparation: 1. Answer the Who? & Why? Questions first! First determine if a presentation is the best choice. Then don’t start until you know why you’re presenting and who you’re presenting to. 2. Plan it before you PowerPoint it Plot the story first – think more like a movie script and less of info dump. Design comes later. 3. Use conversational, “Plain English” Don’t try to dazzle intellectually. Don’t speak in abstractions, acronyms, etc. Explain! Give examples. Tell stories. Be specific. Be exceptionally clear. 4. Parachute in. Connect with people’s emotions up front. Use humor; tell a story; challenge with a question.Design 1. No SLIDEUMENTS: Ruthlessly cut the amount of text on your slides The audience will either read your slides or listen to you. They will not do both. If you’re reading your slides just cancel & email it. Create a separate document or use PowerPoint’s Notes area to move text off your slides. 2. Only ONE point per slide 3. Dump the templates 4. Make it visual but don’t “decorate”; 5. It’s not about the numbers, it about what the numbers MEAN.Delivery: 1. Always have a backup plan (and a backup to that!) 2. NEVER read your slides – EVER! 3. Practice. Practice. Practice. 4. Ask for real, honest feedback…and take it.
  2. 2. Resources:Books Slideology Presentation Zen Beyond Bullet Points Made to Stick Nancy Duarte Garr Reynolds Cliff Atkinson Chip & Dan Heath madetostickInspiration Ted Talks Note & Point Nancy Duarte & Images Stock Xchange Microsoft Images Compfight (Flickr search) http://compfight.comPowerPoint Learning PowerPoint Speaking About Presenting M62 Communications