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(H) i story in the making


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Teaching Principals how to use iPads in a creative and fun project that could be duplicated with your youngest learners.

Published in: Education, Technology
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(H) i story in the making

  1. 1. Lea Anne Daughrity McKinney
  2. 2. My Quote of the Weeki hAve iMmersed mYself sO dEep iNtotHe wOrld oF iOS dEvices tHat i hAvenOw sTarted cApitalizing tHe sEcondlEtter oF eVery wOrd. i tHink iT mAy bEtIme tO sTep aWay fRom tHe iPad!!!
  3. 3. (H) iStory in the Making Region 10 Presentation for PrincipalsHow Principals Can Assist Their Teachers With Technology
  4. 4. As a Principal...
  5. 5. Technology in The Classroom
  6. 6. iPads ReleaseMarch 2010 pril 2011 A
  7. 7. Why Digital Storytelling?
  8. 8. How Does Digital Story Telling Benefit Everyone?Allows the storyteller to share thoughts and feelingsCreates good listening skillsAllows for social understandingBuilds and enhances relationshipsallows the listener to become part of the storyEnhances organizational skillsAllows exploration of cultures
  9. 9. Promotes relaxation and well-beingIncreases communication skillsimproves verbal proficiencyhelps to develop empathy within a personbroadens knowledge and understandinghelps one to develop presentation skillsencourages thinking and processing
  10. 10. What Does Every Story Need to Make It A Good Story? Provide your Input
  11. 11. An Example Story...
  12. 12. Results
  13. 13. Decide on the Storyline FocusHow do you brainstorm ideas? take notes collaborate with a friend research hot/relevant topics online sketch out your thoughts PHONE A FRIEND???
  14. 14. FaceTime for Collaboration
  15. 15. LetsCreate our Own Story
  16. 16. So What’s Your Focus#1Jot down some notes aboutyour thoughts. Share themwith your neighbor anddecide on a true focus foryour story about Lucky thePenguin. 5 minutes
  17. 17. Distance Collaboration while ResearchingDoogle docsedmodoOneNote or MobileNoteriBrainstorm/Meeting BoxWebex/Skype/FaceTimeMangoDocs
  18. 18. #2 Gather Information - Research YouTube, Safari, Twitter (PLN), Facebook (Groups), TweetDeck, Photos, Movies, Google, FaceTime with Experts, Virtual Libraries/ Overdrive, Discovery Education
  19. 19. Create a Title Slide#3The iPad has some unique features that allowyou to bend the rules while using some of theprograms. We are going to bend the rules in thisactivity.
  20. 20. #4 Begin Script WritingNotes (make sure and e-mail your notes)EvernoteGoogle DocsDragon DictationVoice MemosDictionary/Thesaurus
  21. 21. Collaborate on the ScriptDrop BoxE-mailGoogle DocsBumpMeeting Box
  22. 22. #5 StoryboardMindMeisterinfinoteXComics/Strip Designdoodle buddyStoryboards
  23. 23. Background Pictures &#6 Record and Take Pictures camera/video camera download from internet Pics4Learning fotobabble Screen Shots
  24. 24. Assemble the PiecesStoryrobe - Emails, YouTubeiMovie - Exports to CameraPuppet Pals - Exports to CameraToontastic -Storykit - ebook format, email’s link
  25. 25. Create With Puppet Pals#7
  26. 26. Finish Your Product in iMovie#8
  27. 27. Edit & Share#9 Product CollaborativelyShare on YouTubeWebEx/Skype/FacetimeWikiWebsiteEdmodoPosterous
  28. 28. Reflect and Set New Goals It is critical that when you create a project, that you take time upon completion to reflect and discuss how the project could have been better. Every project can be reflected upon forimprovement. In doing this, you are making yourself more aware of your weaknesses for the next time you attempt a project.