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Giving a step by step guide to creating legible and beautiful sketch notes

Published in: Design
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  1. 1. Sketch Notes Kumar Ahir Sep 2018 Twitter: @kernel_kumar
  2. 2. Since 2004 Interaction Design, IDC MahaWar - strategy board game OoBI alpha - first multitouch Microsoft, Symantec, CISCO OoBI - Out of Box Interactions - Exit to NewsCorp AR/VR startup A brief walkthrough @kernel_kumar
  3. 3. Am an entrepreneur now bit selfish Evangelize VR Design inferences Get ideas Increase product reach “2018 - Investing in talking to people”
  4. 4. What do you sketchnotes Presentations Seminars Meetings - clients, team Travel Life Ideas ...
  5. 5. Warm up Fold in Eight parts Draw whatever word I say in those 8 blocks Flower Tree jungle listen Traffic playground play Laugh at perfection. It is boring and keeps you from being done Laugh at perfection. It is boring and keeps you from being done
  6. 6. Time to Meditate 5 mins
  7. 7. Fundamentals Tools - Pen and Paper Elements of drawing How to Draw Listening Processing - what to note Practise
  8. 8. Pen and Paper Felt pin tip pen Highlighter 100 gsm paper book Sprial is better Hardcover Keep them together - Always Brustro Artists' Sketch Book Wiro Bound A5-160 GSM
  9. 9. Ready for practise Next sections have practise points For each point draw a figure in each block of the sheet
  10. 10. Elements of Drawing - Basic shapes alternatives to plain black bullet points mark items of the same category Communicate concepts Group them to make complex ones Practise Diversity Equality Rocket
  11. 11. Elements of Drawing - Text Straight Cursive All caps Practise consistency in writing Make your own font
  12. 12. Elements of Drawing - Emphasis text stand out on the page Headings, titles Important takeaways Use bold, block print for headings Quick exercise to write emphasis text on whiteboard Sad Progressive
  13. 13. Elements of Drawing - containers collect a group of thoughts emphasize one primary point thought cloud Features Group of items Practise Date and Time Achievement
  14. 14. Elements of Drawing - connectors connect one idea to another illustrate chronological items timelines or cycles Sequence Process Flow Step by step Practise Cab booking
  15. 15. Elements of Drawing - human Stick figures Male vs female Adult vs child Side vs front Expressive body postures We are not doing ART - be CRAP ! Use only for showing human interactions Avoid when not necessary Practise Political speech
  16. 16. Elements of Drawing - Faces Draw my face
  17. 17. Elements of Drawing - Faces Basics and proportions
  18. 18. Elements of Drawing - Faces Emotional connect Capture features ● Hair, facial hair ● Shape of face ● Forehead ● eyebrows Expressions Side vs front Proportions Practise Draw face of person sitting next to you. Don’t detail
  19. 19. Elements of Drawing - Icons and symbols visuals to your sketchnotes Present objects visually Practise Chair Building Network database
  20. 20. Elements of Drawing - highlighting Shadow Depth Realism emphasis Sketchnote by Eva Lottchen
  21. 21. Basics of drawing Contrast Compare Judge Difference highlight Repetition Emphasis Sequence flow Alignment Group Easy text proximity Group opposite Be a crap sketcher
  22. 22. Tips and Tricks First section of you finger as reference Write text towards the edges Visuals on top or left of text Visuals same size as text height Max 2 colors - 1 for sketch 1 for highlight It is progressive so, it is incomplete. All the time !
  23. 23. Advice Give yourself Grace Practise - listen podcast - listen FIRST Build your visual library - use sparingly Practise type - write more - use post its - use bold pens Free your hand - scribble - simple shapes Communicate with team visually This is not ART ! Follow Practitioners - Mike Rohde, Eva Lotta Lamm
  24. 24. inspirations
  25. 25. Rasagy Sharma -
  26. 26. Eva Lotta Lamm -
  27. 27. Eva Lotta Lamm -
  28. 28. Practise Overload Indecision Together Party Corruption VR/AR Blockchain Splash Accident Let’s SketchNote ackingid=LZ32T25L&mv=email#md9bf9140a037cf1f66839a912831fcb8 Loyalty Rejection Results Profits Future Deception Spectrum Prompt
  29. 29. Sketchnote on sketchnote
  30. 30. references qid=1536369194&sr=8-1&keywords=sketch+notebook