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20 Ways To Be A Compelling Public Speaker - Univision Presentation


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Published in: Business, Education
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20 Ways To Be A Compelling Public Speaker - Univision Presentation

  1. 1. 20 Ways To Become ACompellingPUBLICSPEAKER ByMichelle Villalobos
  2. 2. WHY do you want to be a better public speaker?
  3. 3. Fear Delivery Forgetting stuff What do you struggle with most? Content Lack of honest AnxietyDevelopment feedback
  4. 4. Focus on 1 or 2 main issues. Are they EMOTION-based or SKILLS-based?
  5. 5. Share
  6. 6. 1. GetReady For Anxiety & Fear in Advance
  7. 7. Are you focused on a negative outcome?
  8. 8. Learn The Skills & Practice Them!
  9. 9. 2. Know Your Audience
  10. 10. What’sInItForMe?
  11. 11. What’s their ?
  12. 12. How canyou help?
  13. 13.
  14. 14. 3. Identify TheOutcome You Seek
  15. 15. You can give the best presentation in the world... but if you don’tidentify the outcome you seek, you could miss a huge opportunity! Recently, Rodrigo Arboleda from OLPC gave a moving speech at TEDx Miami, but afterwards there was no audience call to action – no information about how to get involved, how to help, or what the audience could DO to help change the world.
  16. 16. here... to go in HO hasW To end up dow n here ?
  17. 17. 4. Plan Content
  18. 18. Traditional Outline
  19. 19. Mindmapsallow the brain to work non-linearly, which is great for the first stages of planning
  20. 20. getting exposure for corporate brands usinggifts, gimmicks, and giveaways
  21. 21. the choosing printing products processthings to getting exposure designingwatch out for corporate products for brands using gifts, gimmicks, and giveaways the pricing printing products process planning & timing
  22. 22. the choosing printing products bait & process switch internet scams rush fees things to getting exposure designing watch out for corporate products for brands using setup shippingcharges charges gifts, gimmicks, and giveaways the pricing printing products process planning & timing
  23. 23. Now, put it in order.
  24. 24. 5. Establish the WHY behind your talk... make itIMPORTANT
  25. 25. 1. Objectives Setting (10 minutes) opening with WHY A.Why are you here? B.What do you hope to have by the end of the day? is the best way C.Where are you stuck? to go - then get D.What have you tried? into WHAT, and2. Strategy (1 hour) A.Business Model finally HOW B.Sales Funnel i. Chez Badeaux as an example ii. Come up with each of their sales funnels3. Identify Profitable Target (& How To Reach Them) (30 minutes) A.Where to find them? B.Idenitfy organizations C.Where do they congregate? D.How can you get in there? E.Whatʼs their PAIN? What can you teach them? ...and so on.
  26. 26. Easy Breezy Basic Structure1.WHY • Position why itʼs important • What do they stand to LOSE vs. what they can GAIN2.WHAT • What youʼre offering / teaching, the overview - introduce any “mental shifts” here (i.e., “youʼll have to change the way you think about talent”) • Position with respect to VALUE and OUTCOMES not process3.HOW • Teach what youʼre going to teach4.RECAP • Highlights (VERY QUICKLY)
  27. 27. 6. Understand How The Brain Works
  28. 28. Right vs.LeftBrain
  29. 29. “...If you focus on logic, numbers, reasons and rationale when you sell, you’re putting half your client’s brain to sleep... [the half that makes decisions]”StorySelling for Financial Advisors: How Top Producers Sell(Scott West & Mitch Anthony)
  30. 30. “Communication is the transfer of emotion.” – Seth Godin
  31. 31. 7. Add Color: Stories, Metaphors, Humor Analogies & Visuals
  32. 32. example:“Survival Of The Fittest,blah, blah, blah, [longexplanation....]” OR
  33. 33. “A picture is worth a thousand words”
  34. 34. Google Image Search
  35. 35. YouTube Search
  36. 36. Title is everything!
  37. 37. “How to run an Ironman” “How to avoid a $100,000 college planning mistake”“How to hire so you don’t have to fire”“How to overcome your fear of speaking in public”
  38. 38. 8. Interaction
  39. 39. Confucious say... “I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.”
  40. 40. People love to interact...
  41. 41. ...and throughinteraction, we are BORN to learn – and love learning.
  42. 42. Interaction use popular references people connect with (Star Trek is a personal fave)
  43. 43. 9. Use PowerPoint Wisely
  44. 44. Oh no Bill,they got you too?!
  45. 45. One concept per slide!
  46. 46. 10. Make more eye contact
  47. 47. 1Eye contact is the most basic form of human interaction... even newborns do it
  48. 48. 11. Command Attention!
  49. 49. Stand firm
  50. 50. 12. Passiontrumps Perfection
  51. 51. Peoplewill feelwhat youfeel... so watch yourattitude!
  52. 52. “MirrorNeurons”
  53. 53. 13. Microphones are Good,Use Them When Offered!
  54. 54. 14. Use Your Whole Body
  55. 55. Practice Gesturing
  56. 56. 15. Eliminate Verbal Fillerinstead of: try: “um” ...pausing“you know” ...rhetorical question “ahhh” ...dramatic pause “like” ...drop altogether
  57. 57. only just you know really in my opinion sort of kind of apparently I’m not an expert, butI may not be qualified, but but maybe I guess
  58. 58. ec16. Var y Your Infl tion
  59. 59. 15. Interview your audience
  60. 60. 16. Use Questions 1. "Without Socrates, we wouldnt have theSocratic Method, the greatest way ofteaching things known to man (apart from juggling chain saws.)"
  61. 61. 17. Look Like A Million Bucks
  62. 62. Your brand is most readily conveyed by what you wear (& how you wear it). Make sure it’s aligned with your brand when you are inpublic, especially when you’re speaking!
  63. 63. By the way... that doesn’t mean BORING. In fact, having some “flair” will make youmemorable AND approachable.Just make sureit’s aligned with who you are and what your target needs.
  64. 64. Remember, not everyone will love your brand...
  65. 65. 18. Watch How The Experts Do It
  66. 66. 19. Practice. Practice. Practice.
  67. 67. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the bestpresenter of them all?
  68. 68. Practiceover thephone
  69. 69. Become familiar with your stage!
  70. 70. Timing.
  71. 71. 20. Record Yourself!
  72. 72. There’san appfor that!
  73. 73. Or do even better & recordyourself on video(tripods are cheap anduniversal toall cameras)
  74. 74. Need more?
  75. 75. Copyright Michelle Villalobos, Mivista Consulting, Inc. 2009. All Rights Reserved. To Reprint, Distribute or Repurpose, visit and click “Contact Us”.