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Eneza Products 2014


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Our current products

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Eneza Products 2014

  1. 1. Products for 2014
  2. 2. Student Products
  3. 3. Multiple Options through SMS WELCOME TO SHUPAVU 291! Coolio1, Reply with: 1. AUTO QUIZ 2. Subjects 3. Search Topic 4. Reports 5. Ask-a-Teacher 6. Wikipedia 7. Advanced 8. Help 9. Terms 10. Points 11. Calculator 12. Dictionary Search Reports Live teacher chat Dictionary Wikipedia Calculator
  4. 4. Quizzes & lessons thru SMS CORRECT! A mammal’s red blood cell had a nucleus in the beginning of its development, but it was lost to make room for hemoglobin. Back < REPLY > Next 1. Why does a mammal’s red blood cell not have a nucleus? A. Never had one B. Lost in its development C. It always has a nucleus D. A nucleus is never needed Back < REPLY > Next Body601 Mini- Lesson The blood is made of red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. The red blood cell of a mammal does not Back < REPLY > Next
  5. 5. Reports, Wikipedia search & Ask a Teacher feature Kenya, officially the Republic of Kenya, is a sovereign state in Africa. Its capital and largest city is Nairobi. Kenya lies on the equator with the Indian Back < REPLY > Next WIKI Kenya Back < REPLY > Next REPORTS Back < REPLY > Next This week Daniel Matiko’s marks are: ENG: 85 MATH: 67 KIS: 52 SCI: 78 SS: 78 CRE: 67 Back < REPLY > Next ASK Why should children get dewormed? Back < REPLY > Next Dear Student, Children should get de-wormed so that they rid the body of any parasites. When the body has less parasites, a person gets sick less often. Student Teacher
  6. 6. Student web account
  7. 7. Interactive Quizzes
  8. 8. Mini Lessons
  9. 9. Student Content Financial Literacy Girls Health Ethos (current events, conflict and religions) Academic English, Swahili, Math, Science, Social Studies, Religious Education
  10. 10. Data for students
  11. 11. WhatsApp Version Eneza Education Student Android Coming Soon
  12. 12. Teacher/Admin Products
  13. 13. Data for teachers/admin
  14. 14. Teacher Android App
  15. 15. Teacher Content Classroom Management Tips Quizzes/Lessons (Through a mini “Teacher Course”) After every holiday break and once pupils graduate to your class, take them through the classroom rules to make sure they understand them. Discuss the rules with them and let Back < REPLY > Next LESSON PLANNING A teacher should be lecturing for how many minutes during a lesson? A. Around 45 B. Around 30 C. Around 15 D. Less than 5 Back < REPLY > Next
  16. 16. Contact Toni Maraviglia, CEO +254 726 961 454 Kago Kagichiri, CTO +254 722 833 440 General Info +254 707 908 308 /EnezaEducation @EnezaEducation