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How To Unleash Your Social Marketing Strategy in 2016


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How To Unleash Your Social Marketing Strategy in 2016

  1. 1. How To Unleash Your Social Marketing Strategy in 2016 #TINTWebinar January 17, 2016
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS Saachi Sharma Customer Success Strategist Brad Singley Customer Success Strategist
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONS Housekeeping • Audio/visual check - please message us if you have trouble seeing and hearing me • Please post your questions in the Q&A section of the GoToWebinar widget • This webinar is being recorded and will be shared with you afterwards along with these slides
  4. 4. INTRODUCTIONS Goals for today’s webinar • Conception and Logistics • Execution • Analytics Review
  5. 5. User Generated Content UGC is content created by consumers an publicly available online to other users - demonstrates value, adds credibility, and sparks online users’ interest in a brand A note on followers…
 You may have a lot of followers (or simply want more), but we’ve found that it doesn’t mean that your followers are actually listening to you. You can’t do anything substantial from a business perspective with an apathetic audience. Follower psychology • Why do people follow an account? • Repeatedly interesting content • Attractive association with brand • Brand is interactive with audience
  6. 6. By investing in TINT, you already see the power of social media marketing and leveraging UGC. With that said, there’s a serious danger of confusing your following with disjointed campaigns with no foreseeable timeline. Ways clients map out their campaigns • Seasonally • Aligned with product releases • Holidays • Trending events (i.e. Super Bowl, election seasons), etc. Social media users participate at higher rates during these times and anticipate brands are paying closer attention. Social Strategy Roadmap THE 6-9 MONTH QUESTION
  7. 7. Ways to Leverage Contests/giveaways • Saves copywriters and marketers’ time on content creation • Adds trust to the brand • Higher user-engagement • More interaction with brand • Better affinity to the brand Leveraging customer reviews • Higher conversion rate on product pages • Lots of unique, transparent, authentic content • Rankings for long-tail queries • More traffic to the site Website social hub • Better user engagement • Longer time on site • Lower bounce rate • Promotion of brands’ social media accounts 7
  8. 8. • Not too vague or common, it will get lost the abyss and will be an easy target for spammers and internet trolls • Less is more, keep the focus singular • In terms of creativity: alliteration, rhyming, and good syntax is attractive • Think through all the implications and associations of the hashtag you choose • Syntax, pronunciation, and visual impression of your hashtag is crucial (e.g. Susan Boyle’s #susanalbumparty hashtag) • If you’ve decided to recycle an existing hashtag, you can be strategic about making the pre-existing associations work in your favor. Use tools like to check out existing associations with your hashtag, including a graph of influential or power users of the hashtag. Pick your hashtag #FYI 8
  9. 9. Execution MID-CAMPAIGN Create awareness • Email lists • In-person engagement Focus on content • Leverage your community • Interactive brands are community driven Assign roles • Assign production and moderation roles • Add these people into TINT via Collaborators feature Ready your TINT • Pre-populate your social hub with content • Set your moderation settings (approval, removal, and auto) • Download a CSV of your submissions to pick a contest winner
  10. 10. Analytics are a great way to see the impact and engagement of your strategy. Here are some helpful tips: • Define your KPIs beforehand • Activate your analytics • Outspoken contributors can be just as important as influential ones Reviewing analytics POST-CAMPAIGN
  11. 11. Q&A ____ Fire away! We want to hear from you :)
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