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New zealand in the 19th century whaka yeah


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Really brief biased slideshow on New Zealand History in the 19th Century. Probably wrong to an extent.

  • well street creds and stuff aside, this was like reading a comic book written by a five year old. Laziness is not an excuse for poor work.
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New zealand in the 19th century whaka yeah

  1. 1. New Zealand in the 19 th Century A slideshow by Tina
  2. 2. KeyOk so this is da key that will help you with understanding NewZealand in the 19th CenturyGreen = Random discovery / fact thingRed = Peeps got killed/Violence etcPurple = Fun fact
  3. 3. Prior to 1800• 1642 Abel Tasman briefly encounters New Zealand• December 1769 James Cook hits New Zealand (Cool storiez)
  4. 4. 1800 - 1840• Maori population in 1800 : Approximately 100 – 120,000 100-120,000 Maori > 100‟s of Europeans• 1809 – The Boyd Incident (shit got cray peeps got killed)• 1814 – First missionaries, Christian Missionary Society (CMS) come to New Zealand (Thomas Kendall, William Hall, Samuel Marsden)
  5. 5. FUN FACT• One of the missionaries, Rev. William Yates was dismissed from the CMS in 1837 on charges of homosexuality. He allegedly: “tainted the innocence of up to 50 young Maori boys” - Quote from Richard Steel
  6. 6. 1800 - 1840• 1830‟s Literacy introduced by the Missionaries became an important feature of Maori culture. Trading quickly developed with sealers, whalers, traders and missionaries for muskets, potatoes, etc.• 1818‟s-1830‟s Musket Warz approx. 20,000 Maori die „cos of it.
  7. 7. FUN FACT• Ya know it could‟ve been called the Potato Wars but it doesn‟t sound as cool as Musket Warz
  8. 8. 1800 - 1840• 1830 Te Rauparaha (Ngati Toa) goes on a cool utu spree by making a deal with Captain John Stewart on the ship the Elizabeth• 1834 The Harriet Affair (Betty Guard gets abducted by Maori and excessive force of rescue party)
  9. 9. 1800 - 1840• 1830‟s The Missionaries become concerned and call on the British Govt. to intervene because of places like:Kororareka (Russell) also known as HELLHOLE OF DA PACIFIC• 1833 James Busby appointed as the First official British Resident of New Zealand (Man-o-war without gunz)• 1834 Official New Zealand Flag• 1835 Declaration of Independence signed by 34 northern chiefs
  10. 10. 1800 - 1840• 1837-39 British Colonial Office concerned about da shit happening in New Zealand with its subjects (colonisation NZ Company) William Hobson appointed as Consul to gain sovereignty• 1839 NZ Company planning to send The Tory to NZ settlement plans (hit up some mean as land yo)• 1840 February 6th Y‟ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THERE
  11. 11. FUN FACT• THAT‟S PRETTY MUCH 1800 – 1840 FOR YA
  12. 12. 1840 - 1870• 1840 Maori population 70,000 > European 2,000• 1843 Wairau Incident (NZ Company Settlers killed)• 1845 March Hone Heke cuts down British flagstaff at Kororareka – Northern Wars 1845 – 46(Hone I‟m home 2 cut down ur flagstaff as a symbol of Maoriresistance „cos fuk u guys screwed us over in the Treaty where matrade at)
  14. 14. 1840 - 1870• 1852 New Zealand Constitution Act = Representative Govt. for settlers, first Parliament in 1854.• 1864 Colonial Office issues that only Crown could buy Maori land and all Maori land had to be registered. Surplus/excess land – owned by the Crown.• 1865 Maori affairs transferred from Governor – Govt.
  15. 15. 1840 - 1870• 1858 Kingitanga Movement, first Maori King Te Wherowhero of Waikato.• 1860 Waitara Incident (Issue between the selling of Taranaki land ) Turns into 1st Taranaki War 1860-1863.• 1860 Kohimarama Conference called by Governor Gore Browne 200 chiefs reaffirming the Treaty of Waitangi• 1863-4 Waikato War (Attack on Kingitanga movement with Kupapa and stuff)
  16. 16. 1840 - 1870• 1862 New Zealand Land Settlement Act• 1865 Native Land CourtLots of Maori land lost :c
  17. 17. 1840 - 1870• 1868-1872 Te Kooti‟s War. (That guy who got exiled on Chatham Islands, escaped, formed his own religion Ringatu, seeks utu against those who he believed wronged him, goes on a mean killing spree etc running through the Uruweras. Pardoned by the Maori King in 1873. Pardoned by Govt. in 1882.)• 1868 – 1869 Titokowaru‟s War. That guy who lost his mana because he slept with another chief‟s wife. Joined Parihaka in 1878.
  18. 18. FUN FACT• I think everyone in New Zealand 19th Century History just needs to calm the fuck down. There‟s more to 1840-1870 but this is just a quick summary ok.Somewhere in between all of that there were the GOLD RUSHES,PASTORALISM, PAI MARIRE and stuff like that. South Islandwas a wealthy place, gold discovered in 1861.
  19. 19. 1870 - 1900• 1870‟s Vogel period• "ooh look I like borrowing money because railways are awesome. I have a massive hardon for railways“ – Sam Skoog on Julius Vogel• Railways connected New Zealand. Created dem jobs, made it easier to control the Maori. Like the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia #Russian Revolution. #catalystfordepressioninNZsomesay
  20. 20. 1870 - 1900• 1876 ABOLISHMENT OF THE PROVINCES. Grey has a whine about it because he is a power hungry bitch. Nah actually they were failing because it was too expensive so Vogel just combined it all into one nice govt. Easy mode.• 1879 Perceived depression throughout NZ.• 1882 It‟s okay though. Refrigeration successful and we can send frozen meat to UK. We‟re saved. We become „Britain‟s Farmyard‟
  21. 21. 1870 - 1900• 1880‟s Ya know, the push for temperance, Women‟s suffrage. First Wave of feminism !• 1881 November 5th Invasion of Parihaka (that peaceful movement)• 1893 Women get the vote but that‟s coz Seddon‟s a whiny populist politics misogynist. You know the story. DA POWER TO THE LIBERALS – social reform + shit “God‟s own country”• NEW ZEALAND SEEN AS THE „SOCIAL LABORATORY‟ But Seddon‟s actually a DICK.