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Ch 5 sec 2


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Ch 5 sec 2

  1. 1. Conflict over new British policies The British decide to crack down on colonies
  2. 2. Pontiac’s War• Chief Pontiac wanted to stop colonists from spreading west• Captured British forts along the frontier• British put down the revolt, but now wanted to take steps from it happening again
  3. 3. Chief Pontiac
  4. 4. Pontiac’s council
  5. 5. Proclamation of 1763• Banned colonists from going west of the Appalachian Mountains.
  6. 6. Quartering Act• Ordered to house the troops and provide them with firewood, salt and drink
  7. 7. Navigation and Trade Acts• Controlled trade between the colonies and British foreign rivals• Weren’t enforced so colonists began to smuggle in things• British used the writs of assistance to search anyone for smuggled goods
  8. 8. Sugar Act• Tax on sugar, molasses, coffee and silks• Britain needed money to pay for the war
  9. 9. Stamp Act• A tax on legal documents, newspapers, calendars and playing cards• Without the stamp, they were considered illegal
  10. 10. Patrick Henry speaks against the stamp act
  11. 11. Stamp Act Riots
  12. 12. Taxation with Representation• The colonists were not angry about paying the tax• They were angry because they had no say in Parliament
  13. 13. Sons of Liberty• Held rallies to protest the stamp act• Sometimes were violent
  14. 14. Stamp Act Congress• Non-violent protest against the Stamp Act• Met in Massachusetts• Led by Samuel Adams• Sent a note to the King and asked him to allow the colonists to set their own taxes• He refused• The colonists then began to boycott items
  15. 15. Samuel Adams