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Qualities Of A Marketing Manager


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Published in: Business
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Qualities Of A Marketing Manager

  1. 1. Qualities of a Marketing Manager BY : FALCONs
  2. 2. Personal Characteristics Common sense Self confidence Initiative Decisiveness Acceptance of criticism Acceptance of responsibility
  3. 3. Personal Characteristics Sense of justice Persistence Considerate Co-operative Disciplinarian Punctual Ability to direct others
  4. 4. Knowledge Your company Organization of sales area Your representatives As a Professional As a Individual
  5. 5. Knowledge The market The competition Your products
  6. 6. Concepts Sales techniques/Skills Marketing techniques Leadership Business management
  7. 7. Skills To set objectives To plan To evaluate performance To correct To take decisions To resolve the problems To communicate
  8. 8. As a team leader To direct To give orders & instructions To follow-up To motivate To build up self-discipline
  9. 9. In the development of your team To select the personnel To train them To give them assignment To evaluate the performance
  10. 10. In Business Management To investigate the market To analyze socio-economic development To select and classify customers To allocate territories and itineraries
  11. 11. Any queries THANKS