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The Essential Skills Every Training Program Manager Needs


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The employee training industry is constantly evolving. That means the skills needed to be an effective employee training program manager are changing too. In this program, we’ll cover the basics of what a program manager is, what they do, the top ten characteristics of effective employee training program managers, and the steps necessary to improve your skillset.

In this webinar you will:

- Learn what a program manager is, what they do and who they typically are within an organization
- Find out the top ten essential competencies of a program manager, along with supporting skills to improve in those areas

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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The Essential Skills Every Training Program Manager Needs

  1. 1. Presenting Today Hannah Brenner Client Marketing Specialist BizLibrary Katie Miller Marketing Specialist BizLibrary
  2. 2.
  3. 3. What is a Program Manager?
  4. 4. Creates testing and evaluation processes and procedures Accurately evaluates the needs of their organization Assists in the development of strategic plans Facilitates training events Develops, implements and monitors training programs
  5. 5. Who They Are Vice Presidents Directors Managers Coordinators Human Resources Training Learning and Development LEVELS DEPARTMENTS Operations
  6. 6. Based on your role within your Organization, which quadrant do you fall Into today? a) Learning and Development Director and above b) Learning and Development Manager and below c) Human Resources Director and above d) Human Resources Manager and below e) Something else – let us know in Chat! POLL
  7. 7. Top 10 Areas of Focus
  8. 8. Invested Knowledge of Company Curious Training Industry Partnership Communication Vendor People Leadership Solutions
  9. 9. Invested
  10. 10. Be invested in the process Display effort, dedication and desire to move the company forward Exhibit excitement and engagement Generational Differences
  11. 11. Skills Needed Passion Commitment Confidence Enjoyment Initiative Goal Directedness
  12. 12. What do they do…
  13. 13. People
  14. 14. Alignment with your organization Alignment with different people groups up & down
  15. 15. Skills Needed Approachability Boss Relationships Listening Interpersonal Skills Understanding Others Trustworthy
  16. 16. What do they do…
  17. 17. Knowledge of Company
  18. 18. Knowledge of business goals Understanding of current business challenges and problems What’s in the news Awards won Changes within the company or departments Past – Present – Future Be Involved
  19. 19. Skills Needed Role Awareness Initiative Business Acumen Problem/ Situation Analysis Organizational Agility Sense of Belonging
  20. 20. What do they do…
  21. 21. Curious
  22. 22. Be Curious Keep up with the trends Use BizLibrary Ask Questions Curious Network
  23. 23. Skills Needed Persistence Analysis of Data Personal Learning Personal Drive Technical Learning Perspective
  24. 24. What do they do…
  25. 25. Training Industry
  26. 26. Training Industry How do things evolve What changes happen What is cutting edge What are the trends What other organizations are doing – big and small
  27. 27. Skills Needed Ambition Organization Results Driven Change Management Decision Making Ability Peer Relationships
  28. 28. What do they do…
  29. 29. Communication
  30. 30. Client Life Cycle High Touch Model 2 Way Commitment Value
  31. 31. Skills Needed People Reading Personal Relationships Object Listening Proactive Composure Creative Written/Verbal Skills
  32. 32. What do they do…
  33. 33. Solutions
  34. 34. Consistently seeking to solve problems Within the organization that training can solve Within the training program Be agile
  35. 35. Skills Needed Strategic Agility Problem Solving Project and Goal Focus Proactive Thinking Frequent Change Realistic Expectations
  36. 36. What do they do…
  37. 37. Vendor
  38. 38. Understand Products Your contracted products Other BizLibrary offerings Technical knowledge | Features and Benefits Understand BizLibrary’s Mission, Vision, Values
  39. 39. Skills Needed Priority Setting Planning Patience Results Orientation Project Scheduling Frequent Orientation With Others
  40. 40. What do they do…
  41. 41. Partnership
  42. 42. How we support YOU How you make OUR partnership better How BizLibrary makes our partnership BETTER
  43. 43. Skills Needed Competent Learning on the Fly Ethics Innovation Management Negotiation Functional and Technical Skills
  44. 44. What do they do…
  45. 45. Leadership
  46. 46. Coach the Qualities of Leadership Having control and leading an effort Encourage and communicate with others Empower others
  47. 47. Skills Needed Emotional Intelligence Leading Others Motivating Others Monitoring Others Approachability Manages Vision and Purpose
  48. 48. What do they do…
  49. 49. Review
  50. 50. Invested Knowledge of Company Curious Training Industry Partnership Communication Vendor People Leadership Solutions
  51. 51. Key Takeaways Take time to evaluate yourself against each of the top 10 areas of focus Identify where you’re struggling Look to improve skills identified in these areas
  52. 52. Questions?
  53. 53. Completing the Framework for Developing Training Programs When developing your training plan, there are many considerations to take into account. In this course, we will focus on gauging a proper timeline, communicating the details of training, and measuring the effectiveness of your training. Completing the Framework for Developing Training Programs
  54. 54. Advanced Train the Trainer: Today's Training Challenges Video Series We all want a great supervisor - one who sets clear expectations, trusts us to do a great job, and stands up for us when needed. This video series covers the key aspects of becoming a strong supervisor, including getting to know your employees, problem-solving as a team, and helping each person on your team foster a healthy work-life balance. Advanced Train the Trainer: Today's Training Challenges
  55. 55. Let us know through the poll if you’d like a free demo of BizLibrary’s online course collection. Try out these video lessons and more!
  56. 56. Thank you for attending! Katie Miller Marketing Specialist BizLibrary Hannah Brenner Client Marketing Specialist BizLibrary