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Diversity Means You!


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Anna Frazzetto, CDTO & President of Technology Solutions, Harvey Nash

Published in: Business
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Diversity Means You!

  1. 1. DIVERSITY Means You! Anna Frazzetto CDTO & President, Technology Solutions Harvey Nash
  2. 2. GENDER RACE SEXUAL ORIENTATION Ethnicit y RELIGION Nationalit y Disability Change MINDSET Inclusion Respect EQUALITY OPPORTUNI TY Education STAFFING INDUSTRY Do you feel like you are a part of the conversation or outside of it?
  3. 3. The women of this newly American family became its first four college graduates.
  4. 4. Top Ways for Women in Tech to Advance Be her own career champion 72% 71% Be confident
  5. 5. of women cite lack of advancement as a top career challenge compared to just 26% of men. 41% of women say that one of the greatest challenges in IT remains the unwelcoming environment 35% of women in tech name the unwelcome environment a factor in deciding to leave their last job 33% of women, compared to just 13% of men, say they moved on in part due to unfair treatment. 23%
  6. 6. What Can Staffing Do? Embrace diversity advocacy - ask the tough questions Be a conduit for more rapid career advancement Promote staffing’s ability to grow STEM skills and confidence
  7. 7. Diversity is ME. Diversity is YOU. Diversity is ALL OF US.