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Breaking Through: Overcoming the Barriers to Closing Business


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Jason Clayton, Vice President Professional Services, KnowIT Solutions
Sean Gilligan, Harvey Nash President, Technology Recruitment - North America

If you are like most firms, your sales team struggles to break through the numerous barriers to closing new business in a crowded and highly competitive marketplace. During this session, two staffing industry veterans will share their strategies and tactics on how overcome the recurring obstacles to developing new accounts and closing deals. You will learn how to find new business within existing accounts, leverage your broader network, and secure client agreements that give you the ever critical ‘license to hunt’. The session leaders will share key ‘take-aways’ that you can immediately put into action to expand your client base and drive top and bottom-line growth.

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Breaking Through: Overcoming the Barriers to Closing Business

  1. 1. Welcome!
  2. 2. SALES BLOCKADESBreaking Through Sales Barriers
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONS JASON CLAYTON Know IT Group VP, Professional Services United States
  4. 4. INTRODUCTIONS SEAN GILLIGAN Harvey Nash President, Technology Recruitment North America
  5. 5. SALES BARRIERS: Starter Questions • Do you see more obstacles today in sales? – HR, Talent Acquisition, Procurement, Vendor Lists, MSPs, VMS, heavy competition, etc. • Do you have difficulty landing new accounts and getting new MSAs in place? • Do you have challenges getting deeper into existing clients? • Are your margins going in the wrong direction? • Is your book of business diverse? • What would you like to see from today’s session?
  6. 6. AGENDA > Overview: Challenges We All Face > Landing New Accounts: Tactics & Tips > Moving Through an Existing Account > Becoming a Strategic Partner to Prospects & Clients > Developing Market Separators for You and Your Business > Q&A
  7. 7. 4 Ways to Get in the Door 1. Referrals 2. Networking 3. Creative Tactics 4. Strategic Tactics
  8. 8. Getting in the Door: Referrals • Ask for referrals from EVERYONE – Candidates – Contacts at same company – Clients at other companies • Be Specific – Ask for an introduction – Email or F2F
  9. 9. Getting in the Door: Networking • Attend networking events – Local business and tech groups • Host your own – If you can’t find one, build one
  10. 10. Getting in the Door: Creatively • Get creative in reaching out – Video – Text messaging – Pro-marketing
  11. 11. Getting in the Door: Strategically • Figure out what sets you apart – Thought leadership – Other service lines » Recruitment » Consulting » Managed Services » Executive Search
  12. 12. New Accounts: Landing New MSAs • RESEARCH & BI are key – Does the prospect even qualify? – What is the buying process? – Who are decision makers? Influencers? – Do you know the organizational chart?
  13. 13. New Accounts: Landing New MSAs • It is all about RELATIONSHIPS – Start at the top: C level IT – Have you met senior finance, sales, marketing? – Focus on a specific group/team that aligns with your business – Know your message when calling & meeting » Personalize your pitch to their unique situation
  14. 14. New Accounts: Landing New MSAs • What to BRING? – Marketing materials: Case studies, client quotes, references – SME – Recruiter • What to ASK? – Ask open ended questions: Who, What, Why, How, When? – What are current state goals vs future state goals? – Develop specific questions for each business unit
  15. 15. New Accounts: Landing New MSAs • Leverage your CHAMPION – Get MSA, NDA in place – Let them be your guide & navigator • Focus on FACE-TO-FACE time – In-person is how you build rapport, relationships
  16. 16. Current Accounts: Go Wider, Deeper • What do you KNOW? – Do you know the whole picture? – Do you have the organizational chart?
  17. 17. Current Accounts: Go Wider, Deeper • How to dive DEEPER – Leverage current manager, VP – Meet all IT : Applications, Network, QA, BI, Data, etc. – Set up breakfast, lunch-n-learns – Send trends, data, stats – Remember: Face-to-face engagement remains key
  18. 18. Tactics to Separate Sales • Become THE market expert in your area – Host technology forums (invitation only)! – Develop client/prospect outings (Topgolf, golf tourney, etc.) – Attend targeted events and invite clients/prospects (i.e. technology lunches) – Provide informational newsletters, trend reports, etc.
  19. 19. Tactics to Separate Sales • Make CONNECTIONS – Make introductions when appropriate (i.e. introducing 2 CISO’s) – Align with solid partners: Salesforce, DevOps, Cloud, tool providers, etc. – Get involved with local IT groups, Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  20. 20. Margins! • Keep conversations on business, technology and solutions • Focus on opportunity costs, loss of resources, time lost, etc. • Don’t use commodity lingo – Instead use consulting, projects, solutions and partners
  21. 21. Margins! • Focus on good types of business: – Cyber Security – Cloud, DevOps – Applications Development – Hyper-Converged Technologies – Data/BI, etc. • Focus on good clients! • Be a trusted SME to Talent Acquisition and HR
  22. 22. Selling into MSP Accounts • Build relationships at all levels (Program, Supplier Management, Executives) • Be honest about what you are good at • Reach ALL the stakeholders – Highest level business (technology) contact – Internal program sponsor – MSP program manager
  23. 23. Q&A?