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Creating an IT Talent Pool in Unlikely Places... Rural America


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Michael Winwood, CEO, Optomi Professional Services

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Creating an IT Talent Pool in Unlikely Places... Rural America

  1. 1. IMPACT Talks!Sponsored By:
  2. 2. IMPACT Speaker Michael Winwood CEO Optomi Professional Services
  3. 3. Creating an IT Talent Pool in Unlikely Places... Rural America “In the Middle of Every Difficulty Lies Opportunity.” - Albert Einstein Michael Winwood, CEO, Optomi Professional Services
  4. 4. THE U.S. TECH TALENT SHORTAGE DILEMMA - 1,000,000 2,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000 5,000,000 6,000,000 Jan00 May00 Sep00 Jan01 May01 Sep01 Jan02 May02 Sep02 Jan03 May03 Sep03 Jan04 May04 Sep04 Jan05 May05 Sep05 Jan06 May06 Sep06 Jan07 May07 Sep07 Jan08 May08 Sep08 Jan09 May09 Sep09 Jan10 May10 Sep10 Jan11 May11 Sep11 Jan12 May12 Sep12 Jan13 May13 Sep13 Jan14 May14 Sep14 Jan15 May15 Sep15 Jan16 May16 Sep16 Jan17 May17 Sep17 Jan18 May18 Sep18 The 1st Slowdown Created by Talent Supply Recession of 2001 & Y2K Hangover Mar – Nov 2001 GDP -0.3% IT Employment -8% The Great Recession Dec 2007-Jun 2009 GDP -5.1% IT Employment -7%
  5. 5. TH E U .S. TEC H TALEN T SH ORTAGE D ILEMMA • 500,000 open information technology jobs in the U.S right now* • Anticipated to grow to 1 million+ more IT jobs than applicants by 2020* • 65,000 IT Graduates • 13% of openings can be filled by those via our universities • “Full Employment” in the high-end IT skillsets * based on estimates from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics **
  6. 6. CREATING NEW TECH TALENT. IDENTIFYING TOP TECH TALENT RURAL ITO, BPO & SUPPORT SERVICES HEALTH IT THE OPS STORY – WHAT, HOW & WHY? • Addressing the ITTalent Shortage Head-on • Bringing Jobs Back toAmerica • Positively Impacting RuralCommunities • Creating NewCareers • Veterans • Women InTechnology • Underemployed • Disrupting Multiple Industries • Offshore Outsourcing • IT Staffing • Giving Back • Feeding Food-Insecure Children WHAT? HOW? WHY?
  7. 7. IDENTIFYING A CITY TO CREATE 300+ JOBS Why Brewton, Alabama? • Committed City and State • Relatively Educated Population • Over 100,000Working Age Individuals Within a 1 hour Commute • Little Competition in IT or Advancing Careers • LargeVeteran Population
  9. 9. Out with the new… In with the old
  11. 11. ITO BPO SUPPORT Application Dev Break/Fix Mobile Dev PMO Services Lift/Replace QA - Technical Industry Tasks Data Services Lead Generation QA - User Tier 1 Helpdesk Tier 2 Helpdesk Call Center Solutions Business Intelligence Data Reporting Services Knowledge Management SOC/NOC SERVICES & SKILLS
  12. 12. COMMUNITY IMPACT Beyond Brewton…. • 1 New Rural Location Planned Every Year • 300 New IT Jobs in Each Location • COMMITTED TO ADDRESSING OUR IT TALENT SHORTAGE & IMPACTING RURAL AMERICA
  13. 13. IMPACT Talks!Sponsored By: