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Gamification POV


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Gamification POV

  2. 2. 2AgendaDefinitionWhy Gamification?Why do we play games?GamesCase studiesOpportunities forMarketersOpportunities for KelloggAppendix
  3. 3. 3Gamification“The process of using game thinking and game mechanicsto engage users and solve problems.” – Gabe Zichermann Points Prizes RewardBadges Programs Levels Leaderboards Sources:; behavior
  4. 4. 4Why Gamification? • Increase audience engagement, loyalty, and fun • Tool • Rule, not the exception (consumer expectation) Sources:
  5. 5. 5Why do humans play games?“Video games do not create the hole: they simply fill it.” –NYT ArticlePositive Reinforcement• Dopamine• Emotion Positive Stimulus Response Reinforcement Sources: ss;;
  6. 6. 6 SAPSSources:
  7. 7. 7Rewards• SAPS • Ex: Reality Game Shows, Farmville Status Stuff Access Power Sources:;
  8. 8. 8 Currency is the way you position your Four C‟s Conversation urges us to develop experiences brand to serve people want to share people’s needs with others. through a useful •Igniting conversations exchange. •Facilitating conversations •Tools and amenities •Fuelling conversations •Empowerment and •Being a good listener Value exchange Participate in enablement with people the •Information value •Search & discovery conversationCommunity is a group Content is how we tellthat’s united around a and share the brand’sbrand or a purpose. It’s story, by entertaining anda group that a brand informing to create an The audience Tell andcan align with, cultivate emotional bond with the powered or extend theand activate. brand.•Providing a Platform to curated by the brand story •A seamless, 360-storyUnite brand •Align with relevant content•Empowering •Participation & involvement Communities •Charming, creative &•Socializing the Brand clever Sources: Creating Meaningful Experiences An Introduction to SMG’s FOURC’s Powerpoint Presentation
  9. 9. 9 Game conceptsGames teamwork, knowledge, engagement, entertainment, satisfaction, thrill, prizes, education, collaboration Sources:;
  10. 10. 10 Case Study – Eco Friendly Cars• “SmartGauge” dashboard Sources:
  11. 11. 11 Case Studies – Banking, Weight Management, and EducationSources:;;;
  12. 12. 12 Case Study – Box TopsSources:
  13. 13. 13 Marketing Awareness Gamification Consideration Familiarity Acceptance Preference Appeal AffinityBrand Bond Long-Term Purchase Short-Term Sources:
  14. 14. 14BrandBeat: Opening Up to Draw In Gamified Embodied Perceived Functional
  15. 15. 15Kellogg• Bear Naked (Natural Lifestyle Brand) • Brand Purpose/Essence: To ignite the spirit of play • Core Benefit: Feeling alive and energized to move…• Special K (Health/ Diet Brand) • Brand Purpose/Essence: Inspiring women to shine • Core Benefit: Solutions that help her succeed. Makes her look and feel her best.• Froot Loops (Fun Kid Brand) • Brand Purpose/Essence: Colors everyday with fruity adventure • Core Benefit: An adventure for the senses that excites.
  16. 16. Drive More Kid Request Purchase Request NegotiateInfluence Motivate Consume Remind Path to ultimate Kid Leadership is to focus on Kid Request *The Kid Request Model links motivators that prompt strategic kid request to moments/environments when mom is most receptive and willing to accept them. Must extend influence across screens & environments (mobilecar / in-store) Gamification is the integration of game mechanics in non-game environments to increase audience engagement, loyalty and fun. *More ways exist for us to incorporate a reward system within actual game, on-pack, and on-site that will encourage and incentivize even more kid request and mom acceptance. Opportunities to drive Appeal/Affinity -Free Coveted Game App Affinity -Coupons Appeal -Plush Toys -Codes/Secret Levels Acceptance -KG Corporate Reward Pt. System Familiarity
  17. 17. 17APPENDIX
  18. 18. 18Sources:
  19. 19. How do I create a value exchange with peoplebeyond my product offer? 19
  20. 20. Dominos Pizza Tracker: Helping people keep Vodafone World of V Green Room: Smirnoff & Time Out: track of their Difference: Creating a space to play Keeping people in the order Giving people the time & with your mates at music know with their Time Out money to do good festivals city apps Examples of Currency exchanges Purina Pet Centric App: Telling pet Levis Curve ID Virtual Porsche Fan Car: owners Toms Shoes: Fitting Room: To celebrate 1m. Facebook where the Giving people a real wayGiving women a way to find fans Porsche named them on pet friendly to help kids in need – buy their perfect jeans without a special edition car exhibited hangs are a pair of shoes and they the stress of the store in the Porsche museum give another pair away
  21. 21. How do I start, foster or developconversations between people and with my brand? 21
  22. 22. My Starbucks Idea: Best Buy Twelpforce: Dell IdeaStorm: Two way conversation Interactive dialogue via Dell‟s digital community Breast Cancerbetween Starbucks & its Twitter from Best Buy where it talks directly with Awareness:customers to co-create & serving customer its customers to share Spreading the word via improve its offering information needs ideas & offers facebook status updates Examples of Conversations ignited MINI Getaway: Live game via MINI mobile Kaizers Orchestra: app where Marmarati: Giving the Norwegian band‟s people racedIncentivising hard-core fans the opportunity to play each other to Amazon:Marmite fans to spread their music first to spark find the new Harnessing the power of the word about a new conversation about their new MINI in order referral to inspire new product launch single to win it purchase decisions
  23. 23. How should my brand share and extend its story?
  24. 24. Old Spice: Girl Talk 2.0: Collectable Beer Labels Walkers Crisps: From TV ad to social Paparazzi Generation trend 12 part detective story printed Making Sandwich UK morephenomenon as new versions of consumer generated haul on „Just Beer‟ brand beer exciting by inviting celebs towere dynamically created and videos becomes brand labels to encourage repeat help run the town & sharing shared content for Forever 21 purchase the reaction Examples of Content stories BMW’s The Hire: Series of digital History Channel & Pedigree short films from foursquare: Biggest Loser for Dogs: influential Google Chrome & Check-in at key historical Raising the plight of dog directors Arcade Fire landmarks and receive obesity by integrating their showcasing the Interactive music clip using content on the history of the story with their owner‟s BMW range google street view to give area thanks to the History weight loss journey fans a personalised story Channel
  25. 25. How can my brand join, build and nurture people’s communities? 25
  26. 26. AMEX Open Forum: Egypt’s ‘Social’ Oprah’s Book Club: Nike+ Run Clubs: Digital community uniting Revolution: Connecting peopleA training community for American Express small Leveraging community to worldwide through books Nike+ members business customers affect social & political and reading change in Egypt recommendations Examples of Communities uniting Trip Advisor: Sainsbury’s : Canon EOS Photochains: Initiative from UK retailerVimeo Video School: Global travel community – Photo-sharing community Sainsbury‟s where Global video sharing helping people choose where every photo serves customers shared theircommunity educational where to go and what to do as inspiration for another leftover recipes in-store & lessons and forums based on peer to peer recommendation online to help save money