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Journey to an engaged enterprise womma


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This presentation focuses on the steps that PEMCO Insurance has used to progress through the journey to an engaged enterprise.

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Journey to an engaged enterprise womma

  1. 1. Rod BrooksVP & Chief Marketing Officer, PEMCO InsurancePresident: Word of Mouth Marketing Association
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. The journeyhasan engaged enterpriseA Journey to Stages… Stage 4 Stage 3 Real Results Stage 2 Operationalizing Stage 1 Dabbling in Silos • Central team still exists, Traditional • Empowered team run but more work pushed • Mavericks break by a proven leader to business units• Functions are through, but still no • Focusing the channels, • Channels yielding disconnected – in silos formal teams in place editing to amplify impactful results• Marketing only through • Lots of dabbling in • Listening yields • Employees engaged traditional channels social channels implications, but crisis and competent• Customer support • Monitoring causes confusion • Rigor in dashboards is delivered through conversations in silos • Focused effort on moving executive traditional channels • Fractured tools, but training and education numbers• Ambivalent to online proliferating • Baseline framework for • Systems and tools are conversations about the • Advocate engagement metrics optimized brand in pockets • Tools consolidation • Execs are bought in• Social not on executive • Lots of customer data radar with no connection Accelerators Decelerators
  4. 4. The journey to an engaged enterpriseThe Destination: The Fully Engaged Enterprise Stage 5: The Fully Engaged Enterprise Business Organizational Customer Outcomes Impact Evidence • Faster to market with • Customer engagement Advocacy Scales: product improvements equally distributed • “I trust you” • In depth customer • Breakthrough business • “I recommend you” knowledge results • “I’m valued & heard” • Better risk management • Brand dashboard ties to revenue and loyalty • “You anticipate my • Less requirement for needs” price differentiation • 360 view of the customer • “You get me” • Operate with best talent • Ideal mix of brand • “No reason to guess” • Increased efficiency advocates • “I’ll be loyal to you” • Change customer’s • Senior executives • “My life, my family, lives and lifestyles leading with customer my hobby’s are engagement better because of you” Deep Customer Insights and Empowered Engaged Employees 5
  5. 5. PEMCO’s Playbook:The Journey to an Engaged Enterprise
  6. 6. Who is PEMCO?• Personal-lines mutual insurance company founded in 1949• Serves niche market of preferred risk policyholders• Provides coverage to ~200k Washington households• Historically conservative and legacy oriented• Leads with relationship
  7. 7. The BHAG: Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal “Never have to advertise for a lead again” PEMCO customers can’t stand the thought of friends & family doing business with anyone else. 8
  8. 8. Challenges: Old and New.1 Industry• Highly regulated industry• Product perceived as a commodity• Insurance is an unsought product2 Environment• Consumers heavily influenced by peers, friends, even strangers online• New & unfamiliar channels are sustaining brand conversations
  9. 9. BHAG Sounds Great: But How? Build engagement opportunities by enabling audiences to:1 2 3 Do Something Share Something Get Something
  10. 10. BHAG Sounds Great: But How? Build engagement opportunities by enabling audiences to:1 2 3 Do Something Share Something Get Something
  11. 11. Awareness To Advocacy Transaction StageIdentify, Engage, Enable, Encourage Advocates
  12. 12. PEMCO’s Winning Strategy Different because we live, work, Differentiate on learn and play in the same hyper local communities. Invest in long-term Deliver world class customer experience relationships with consumers through consistent engagement Extend responsibility to buildDrive improvement through service innovation customer relationships & heed VOC across organization
  13. 13. PEMCO’s success depends on the positive opinion of people like me.They listen, participate, encourage and enable me to share with others. Listen Enable + Participate Partnership Encourage 14
  14. 14. Develop A Game Plan: Social Media Guidelines Boot Camps Yammer Ratings and Reviews Leadership Summits Pilot Projects
  15. 15. Social Media Guidelines Appease reluctant stakeholders and empower employees • Clear statement of purpose • Inform and reassure reluctant stakeholders • Establish engagement expectations • Educate employees on best practices 16
  16. 16. Boot Camp Increase familiarity & comfort of employees• Explain guidelines• Tutorials provide a step-by-step how-to approach• Examples demonstrate consumer use• Case studies explore social media engagement and suggested responses
  17. 17. Finding The Right Tools Reduce communication barriers with employee networking tools1Share Voice of the Customer
  18. 18. Empowering Employees Reduce communication barriers with employee networking tools2Share Business Ideas
  19. 19. Real Time News Updates Reduce communication barriers with employee networking tools3Share News and Updates
  20. 20. It’s Not ALL Business Reduce communication barriers with employee networking tools4Foster Employee Community
  21. 21. Measuring SuccessWhen employees have the right tools……they will engage.
  22. 22. Ratings and ReviewsIncrease customer-focus through directaccess to Voice of the Customer• Give back office employees access to customer voice• Celebrate & share your success stories• Learn from mistakes and consistently improve• Own the results • Start every meeting with a customer story!
  23. 23. When Paul learned that his dream home had beenburglarized and stripped of $10,000 of new hardware, hedidn’t know where to turn. Though a unfortunate setback tothe project, Shelly from PEMCO helped make a quickdecision and the project moved forward on time.
  24. 24. Getting hit by another driver is never a pleasant experience,but when it’s Memorial Day weekend, during rush hour traffic whileyou’re on your way to a job interview the experience can be downrighttraumatic. Though Carole hopes to never be involved in accident like thisagain, she knows if she is, PEMCO has her covered.
  25. 25. Pulling into a parking spot, a passengerin the car next to Jack opened their door. Bothcars were damaged – but Denise, Jack’s PEMCO claimsadjuster, was friendly, efficient, and made the customer feel liketaking care of his claim was her top priority!
  26. 26. Social Media Leadership Summits1 2 3 Do Something Share Something Get Something
  27. 27. Social Media Leadership Summits1 2 3 Do Something Share Something Get Something
  28. 28. Social Media Leadership Summits:
  29. 29. Pilot Projects:Empower employees & encourage innovation• Decentralize ownership• Enrich social media team• Decrease concentrated demand• Experiment with new channels• Facilitate idea sharing
  30. 30. Social Media Partner: Facilitates the journey• Inspire, define & defend business opportunity• Implement social listening & gather insights• Help brainstorm, create, deploy engagement programs• Define & measure analytics
  31. 31. Journey HighlightsSocial Media guidelines drafted Launch DIA Social Business Pilot 10% of employees attend Boot Camp 70% of employees use Facebook 2009 2010 2011 Instant messaging pilot deployed 72% of employees registered on Yammer17% of employees register for SM 101 Cross-functional team develops curriculum
  32. 32. The Engaged Enterprise1. Establish guidelines Convert reluctant audiences2. Educate employees Build comfort & familiarity3. Empower employees Foster engagement, and break down barriers4. Decentralize ownership Capitalize on departmental expertise5. Share Voice of Customer Increase accountability & customer focus6. Innovate – Test – Learn – Repeat Evolve to reach & serve customers
  33. 33. Listen Teach PracticeInvite Learn Participate Monitor Engaged Employee Engage Join .
  34. 34. A Shameless Plug“To advance and advocate the discipline of credible word of mouth marketing both online and offline.”Credible word of mouth marketing and use of social media. Ethical Leadership - Best Practices – Measurable ROI Community: Enthusiasts – Brands – Service Providers School of WOM – May 9 thru 11 Chicago
  35. 35. Let’s ConnectTwitter: @NW_Mktg_GuyFacebook: Rod Brookse-mail: Rod.Brooks@PEMCO.comBlog: