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EGMP - Next Practice Service


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Enterprise Governance Management Practice

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EGMP - Next Practice Service

  1. 1. Next Practice ServiceNPS “ A blended approach that brings together proven expertise and tested knowledge designed to be flexible and proportionate to your specific challenges ” What’s your next practice? Presented and Prepared by:  Tariq Elsadik ‐ Consulting Director 
  2. 2. The way we see it… What’s your next practice?
  3. 3. CIO Challenges What’s your next practice?
  4. 4. Business Demand Results “There is no such  thing as pure IT   projects any more”  Gartner What’s your next practice?
  5. 5. IT Next Practice  Drivers Increase the  Increase the  Increase the  understanding  probability of  likelihood of  and  selecting those  success of  transparency of  investments  executing the  costs, risks and  with the highest  selected  benefits  potential return investments1. Meeting stakeholder expectations2. Alignment with business needs3. Efficient allocation of resources4. Costs optimization 5. Appropriate implementation and operation of IT assets6. Clarity of responsibility and accountability 7. Innovation in services, markets, and business What’s your next practice?
  6. 6. Market Trends Middle East Situation IT becoming IT‐Enabled Business Agility Internal  Market  the Business Initiatives Driven Collaboration; Social Media Next generation analytics, Cloud Computing  ISO 38500; COBIT; COSO  ISO 20000 & ITIL; ISO 27001; BS25999 ERP and Business Applications Chaotic Distributed  * Infrastructure standardization and instrumentation Computing Environment Computing and infrastructure islands (chaotic, expensive management) Strategic or emerging technologies and business trends What’s your next practice?
  7. 7. Meeting of the Minds Human  Responsibility Strategy Acquisition Performance Conformance Behavior Architecture & Delivery  Primary Responsibility : Business  Supply ISO  38500How Should We Do  What Should We  Demand DemandWhat We Do? Work On? ISO  ITIL 20000 What are the  ISO  Desired Outcomes? MOF 27000 COBIT PMBOK TOGAF Primary Responsibility : IT Strategic fit & Business Value What’s your next practice?
  8. 8. Exceed’s EGMP ISO/IEC 38500 6 Principles Best Practice Guidance  This is the What Part COBIT ‐ ITIL – MOF – Adopt ISO27001 Key Message: Adopt & Adapt Best Practice  ‐ Execution Framework This is the How part Inform Your own methods and  Practices; Your own  Adapt Governance Structure; How you use tools  Inculcating Continuous  Approach Process Improvement Transform Assess What’s your next practice?
  9. 9. Best IT Practices that returned the most value in 2010 "Identify the future that has already happened"   Peter F. Drucker Identify the major trends in our market that have already happened.  What is the  likelihood of their longevity?  What impact will they have on your organization? What’s your next practice?
  10. 10. ITSM Discipline Part 1 Specification – Target for Achievement – This is the Shall Part Part 2 – Code of Practice Explanatory guidance on how to use of the  standard Best Practice Guidance  This is the What Part Adopt ITIL – MOF – COBIT – COSO  Key Message: Adopt & Adapt Best Practice  ‐ Execution Framework This is the How part Proven methods and Practices; Your own  Governance Structure; How you use tools  Adapt Inculcating Continuous Process  Improvement This is all about effective control and  efficient use of your available IT Resources What’s your next practice?
  11. 11. Most commonly experienced Outcomes  Global Status report on Governance of Enterprise IT – ISACA 2011 What’s your next practice?
  12. 12. Maturity State 51.7 15.7Global Status report on Governance of Enterprise IT – ISACA 2011 What’s your next practice?
  13. 13. Ending ill projectsGlobal Status report on Governance of Enterprise IT – ISACA 2011 What’s your next practice?
  14. 14. State of Affairs• In 2011, Exceed conducted two ISO38500  workshops, one in Abu Dhabi, UAE and the  other in Muscat Oman.  The following slides  represent some of the data collected from  participants representing both the public and  private sectors. What’s your next practice?
  15. 15. Alignment to ISO 38500 What’s your next practice?
  16. 16. Alignment to ISO 38500 What’s your next practice?
  17. 17. Governance Indicators What’s your next practice?
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. Our Services  Main Service Offering Business  Continuity and  Risk  Disaster  Management Recovery BP Training Services BP Consultancy Services Service  Enterprise  IT Service  Governance of Disciplines Management IT BP Assessment Services  BP Tool Implementation  Project,  Information  Program &  Security  Services Portfolio  Management  Management System What’s your next practice?
  20. 20. Ready for CHANGE? What’s your next practice?