Implementing ITIL - Product First Or Process First


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Implementing ITIL - Product First Or Process First

  1. 1. Implementing ITIL Product first or process first? © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Disclaimer • All other trademarks, service marks and logos used in this webinar are the trademarks, service marks or logos of their respective owners. © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  3. 3. Agenda • ITIL Implementation – Stages • Process first or Product first? • Phased Implementation – Low hanging fruits • ITIL processes in-a-box – Example (BMC Remedy ITSM Solution) © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  4. 4. Implementing ITIL • ITIL includes 5 core books – Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement • ITIL books – Present guidelines and not implementation details – Tell you what you need to do but NOT how you need to do • ITIL implementation affects – People – Process – Products © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  5. 5. ITIL Implementation Framework ITSM ITSM ITSM ITSM Assessment Planning Implementation Manage What is the Vision? Where do How do we How do we we want get to our know we have to go? Vision? succeeded? Where are we now? How to keep the Momentum ? © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  6. 6. Phase 1| ITSM Assessment Time : 1-2  Align Business and IT Weeks  Set IT service:  Vision  Scope  Desired Business Benefits  GAP Analysis  Benchmarking against  Process : ITIL  Develop a Business case for ITIL Gain  Management Commitment © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  7. 7. Phase 2| ITSM Planning Time: 10-14  Planning Weeks  Project Planning  Identify Quick Wins  Architecture  Impact  Define and Document Processes Roles and responsibilities Orientation Workshops  Mobilization Workshops  Model Workshops  KPIs and report formats  Training  ITIL foundation & higher  Process & audit © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  8. 8. Phase 3| ITSM Implementation Time : 14-16 Weeks  Process  Work instructions  Rollout and Stabilization  Technology  Integration  Customization  Implementation  Training  People  Roles  Responsibilities © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  9. 9. Phase 4| ITSM Manage Time : 10-12 Weeks  Manage  Organization change  ITSM Lifecycle  Service Improvements  Governance  Reporting © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  10. 10. Phase 5| Continual Improvement What? No limits… PLAN DO  Initiate ACT CHECK  Service Review  Training  CAPA (Corrective & Preventive Action)  Institutionalize P-D-C-A  Quick Wins  Service Culture © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  11. 11. Process First or Product First • When do you introduce Product / Technology during ITIL projects? – Assessment Phase ? – Planning Phase ? – Implementation Phase ? • Earlier you choose the Product / Technology it is better © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  12. 12. ITIL Implementation Phases Phase 3. Phase 1. Establish Infrastructure Implement Service Monitoring and Desk, Incident Automated Ticket Management, Problem Monitoring Management, Change Management Phase 5. Provisioning, Patch Management, Configurati on Automation Phase 4 Configure Service Impact Phase 2. Mgr and Analytics Establish CMDB as a single source of Truth and provide Asset Management. 12 © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  13. 13. ITIL Implementation Phases › Attack Low Hanging Fruits › Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be right starting point › Mapping of Phase 1 and 2 to ITIL V3 books Service Operation + Incident Management + Problem Management + Request fulfillment Service Transition + Service Asset and Configuration Management + Change Management Service Design + Service Level Management + © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  14. 14. Service Design Service Design Talks about Service Level Management Measurement of service levels SLA – Service Level Agreement OLA – Operational Level Agreement UC – Underpinning Contract Agreed level of IT service is provided to all current and future IT services Proactive measures to implement and improve level of service delivered Tools to define, document, monitor, measure, report and review the level of IT service provided © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  15. 15. Service Transition Service Transition Talks about Service Asset and Configuration Management Management of major assets like hardware, software, people, documents and services Change Management Standardized methods and procedures for efferent and prompt handling of all changes To ensure that changes are Recorded, Evaluated, Authorized, Prioritized, planned, tested, implemented, documente d and reviewed in a controlled environment Procedures for Normal, Standard and Emergency Change © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  16. 16. Service Operation Service Operation Talks about Incident Management Restore normal service operation as quickly as possible with minimal adverse impact on business Priority = impact x urgency Problem Management To eliminate recurring incidents via root cause analysis Known Error database Request fulfillment Channel to request and receive standard services for which predefined approval and qualification process exist © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  17. 17. ITIL Processes in a box › ITIL processes in a product or set of products › Checklist based approach for selecting ITIL compliant or compatible products › Why choose ITIL compliant / compliant products? – Follow ITIL terminology – Carry the process maturity achieved through implementations across • Geographies • Verticals • Size of organizations – V3 complaint products • OGC scheme for certification of Products › ITIL v3 compliant product – products are IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) process compliant, meaning that the tool uses the terminology and prescribed best practices of ITIL v3 – Details available on OGC site for complaint products © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  18. 18. ITIL in a box – An Example •There are 2 more solutions which have got this certification recently •The details you can find here © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  19. 19. ITIL in a box – An Example © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  20. 20. Service Management Process Model Benefits / Value Visually connects dots between ITIL theory and daily practice Reduce service mgmt implementation risks and time Save at least four months of process definition effort How Solution Does It Structured “learning” from over 100 service mgmt implementations Integrated processes and procedures OOTB integration with ITSM Suite Easily customized © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  21. 21. Atrium CMDB & Discovery Benefits / Value Atrium Explorer › Significantly Lower CAPEX and change response times › Automatic discovery of IT assets, people, and business processes › Up-to-date view of dependencies and relationships that make up IT and business services How Solution Does It Single, federated source of truth Multi-tenancy, Common Data Model Continuous reconciliation, impact simulation Comprehensive Discovery (distributed and mainframe, physical and virtual) Dynamic Service Model © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  22. 22. Service Desk Benefits / Value › Reduce MTTR by 20% › Reduce incident registration time by 50% › Increase first call resolution by 25% › Fewer incidents through root cause fix › Increased service awareness › Increased customer satisfaction How Solution Does It Incident & Problem Management ITIL best practices Best practices user interface Process flow visualization Simplified forms; auto-fill fields Incident templates & matching Multi-tenant services © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  23. 23. Desktop Capture Benefits / Value Automate & reduce incident documentation time Minimize disruption to end users Reduce support call volume & length Minimize time to resolution How Solution Does It Extremely simple capture wizard – no training and no software installation required Performed at a time convenient to the end user Recording is linked to Remedy incident Support Analyst plays back recording in a simple viewer © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  24. 24. Change Management Benefits / Value › Reduce change failures up to 40% › Improve testing efficiency by 35-40% › Cut costs per change event by up to 55% › Accelerate deployment of critical business services by up to 50% › Improve virtualization tasks – from days to minutes How Solution Does It Manage full release process through Release Management Change Impact Analysis Collision Detection Enhanced approvals Improve planning & deployment © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  25. 25. Asset Configuration Management Benefits / Value › Reduce asset costs by 30% more › Drive down software license costs by 10% while reducing compliance risk › Eliminate over-purchasing, redundant assets, and off-contract purchasing › Reduce leasing costs and penalties › Reduce operational down time and improve service quality How Solution Does It Asset Inventory & Configuration Management Comprehensive Software License Management Full Asset Procurement & Retirement Workflows Lifecycle Proactive Contract Management Manageme Seamlessly shares CMDB, data model and nt workflows with Service Support applications © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  26. 26. Knowledge Management Benefits / Value › Decrease MTTR › Core of known-error DB & work around (s) › Up to 60% reduction in content review time › Foundation for true problem management › Reduce training time for new employees › Retain / reuse intellectual capital › Drives continuous service improvement How Solution Does It Out-of-the-box ITSM Service Desk integration Native indexing of Remedy forms Flexible authoring / publishing of Articles Automated knowledge migration of existing data Native integration with any Remedy application Dynamic data flow across ITSM processes © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  27. 27. Dashboards and Analytics Benefits / Value › Real-time, graphical IT management view › Visually aggregates KPI metrics across IT process areas › Role-based views of relevant metrics › Ad-hoc query and analysis capabilities › Identify support trends by business service How Solution Does It Flexible, intuitive, interactive interface Data Integration Layer transforms data into information Out-of-the-box, ITIL-based KPIs, reports, and display “pods” Business Intelligence Foundation Business Service reporting © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  28. 28. Manage Service Quality: Service Level Management Benefits / Value › Holistic, end-to-end view of service delivery › Service quality measured consistently across all IT disciplines › Reporting and trend analysis to identify and improve consistently weak areas › Aligns IT with business priorities How Solution Does It Consolidated dashboard for IT operations and service support metrics SLA compliance, penalty, reward, and impact cost graphs Real-time service target status through native integration with ITSM Suite OOTB integration with infrastructure management applications © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  29. 29. Conclusion › ITIL / ITSM is a journey › In this journey have phased approach and attack the low hanging fruits (processes and functions) first › Introduce ITIL Products at very early stage of ITIL initiatives to avoid costly and risky customizations › Follow checklist based approach during product selection › Go for proven products which have ITIL processes in built © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  30. 30. Uday Birajdar The Complete ITSM Solutions Company Co-Founder & Director Email : Phone : +91 20 6632 1000 © Copyright 2003-2010 Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.