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Services & Solutions


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Services & Solutions

  1. 1. EnterpriseSolutions Introducing Aitent Services and
  2. 2. EnterpriseSolutions Company Capabilities Approach Solutions Credentials
  3. 3. Company Who we are Aitent is a young technology consulting and technology services company. Committed to deliver innovation and collaborates with our clients to help them become high performance businesses and organizations. Communications Financial Public services Products and & High Tech Services Resources Technology Consulting System Integration and Application Development Application Outsourcing Copyright © 2010 by All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Company Our capabilities We are organized in three area of capability;  Technology Consulting,  System Integration & Application Development  Application Outsourcing. Curr y out a current system, study and Identify gaps and integrate solutions with create an IT roadmap that meets you existing systems. business objectives Rollout HRIS systems and ERP implementation plans and tweak the product to Technology System fit into your needs Consulting Integration & S vices er Application Development Outsourcing Application Lifecycle Management Provide ongoing development,maintenance and support for clients portfolio of applications and solutions Copyright © 2010 by All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Company Why Aitent Success factors Aitent Value proposition • Put our most experienced team in custom developments on the ground for our entire assignments. Right Team • Leverage the skill base and experiences of specialized team with a solid understanding of systems implementation. • Apply proven approach and methodology for Custom Developments Proven and Applications Management Methodology & Approach • Tailor this methodology to Client requirements – complexity, scalability, timelines, organization Focus on high • Aitent invests significantly in understanding how enterprise systems performance and create value for organizations business value • We provide our support in choosing technologies and services that Vendor agnostic best fit Client business needs, regardless of vendors. Copyright © 2010 by All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Capabilities Technology Consulting The technology Consulting is at the heart of Aitent promise to its clients. We help you to:  We help organizations get more business value from their IT spend and bring a boardroom perspective to IT, focus the conversation on better business value and performance and pay special attention to improving IT governance and getting the most out of IT investments.  We help clients get the most from implementing ERP and BI solutions and more value from their existing applications  We help our clients to assess the effectiveness of their processes and people and help them meet performance expectations and improve the experiences of their customers. IT/Business Strategic and Operational Alignment Resources Processes Technologies Applications Services IT Strategy Enterprise Architecture & IT Governance IT Services Management and Operations Effectiveness Project & Program Management Copyright © 2010 by All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Capabilities System Integration & Application Development Aitent helps organizations manage the full range of their information technology needs. We develop and deploy custom and packaged application software to streamline and integrate business processes and systems The System Integration and Application Development is split into two distinct groups Business Applications Integration and HRIS Human Resource Information Custom Development System Our HRIS Solution is designed in a way to Aitent enables businesses to get a new facilitate actual workflows and solve real-life competitive edge delivering robust problems faced by HR departments at solutions, identify gaps and integrate medium and large organization. It helps to: solutions with existing systems, as for the Simplify HR management workflows following domains: Automate information collection and Business Intelligence processing and reduce turnaround time Workflow Management Systems Reduce overheads associated with Content and Knowledge Sharing Systems manual record management and storage Facilitate career development planning Copyright © 2010 by All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Capabilities Application Outsourcing Application Life-cycle Support & Service We provide complete Custom Development Management application life-cycle support services under a long-term Plan arrangement. Optimize Analyze This includes ongoing development, maintenance and support of an application, group of legacy applications, or Operate & Maintain Design & Build entire portfolio of applications. Deploy Test Copyright © 2010 by All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Approach and Methodology How we deliver Our Methods are based on consolidated frameworks and real-world experience. We are continuously strengthening our methods with our best thinking and latest innovations. For a given type of work, the methods define what work needs to be done and how to best complete it. Based on a common frameworks and using a standard language and standard deliverables, these methods provide the know-how that enables Aitent to successfully deliver predictable, high-quality results on-time and within-budget to help our clients boost their performance. Project Management Plan Analyze Design & Test Deploy Build Business Process & Application Technical Architecture Training & Support Change Management and Service Introduction Copyright © 2010 by All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Solutions Our portfolio of implemented custom solutions HR Information System including :  Employee Information Management and Personnel Self Service Management System  Interactive Org Chart  Payroll Management  Leave Management  Timesheet & Attendance Management  Performance Management  Training and Employee Development Management  Exit Management  HR Analytics and Reporting Fundraising Management System Payments and Cheque Printing System Customer Service Desk Application Purchasing System Billing System Warehouse Management and Inventory System Production Quality Management System Clearance And External Trade Management System Copyright © 2010 by All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Contacts Where we are AlRais Avenue – Taher Al Jazairi st. P.o.Box: 4626 Damascus – Syria Tel: +963 11 3331035 Fax: +963 11 3335539 E-mail: Copyright © 2010 by All rights reserved.