How to play a dvd movies on the new ipad 3


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How to play a dvd movies on the new ipad 3

  1. 1. Ripping/converting any DVDfor The new iPad 3 on Mac & Win
  2. 2. • source: Since Apple’s new iPad released in San Francisco, it has been becoming hot-seller for the Apple fans. If you are a New iPad user and have bought large numbers of movies or TV-shows on DVD discs, consider downloading DVD movies to The new iPad for watching. As a result, you wont need to buy or rent the movies or TV-shows, which you’ve bought on DVD, from iTunes store
  3. 3. • However, to make a DVD play on The new iPad, you need a DVD decrypting/ripping/converting program to assist you. Because all the commercial DVDs are encrypted by CSS protection which stops people from ripping the contents of a DVD to their hard drive, in addition, the movie files on DVDs are encoded with MPEG-2 compression which can not be read by the built-in media player of The new iPad
  4. 4. • Here I highly recommend Leawo DVD Ripper for you. This program is available for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems, and can automatically detect and remove the CSS and Region lock protection encrypted in the DVDs, and also allow you to rip and convert DVD contents to MP4, H.264 or MOV formats that is compatible with The new iPad3. Learn more about this program on its product page
  5. 5. • Below is a brief instruction of how to rip & convert DVD to MP4 for Apple new iPad 3 with Leawo DVD Ripper on Windows. In addition, the operation of ripping DVD to The new iPad on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard, Lion included) with Leawo DVD Ripper is similar to on Windows. If you are a Mac user, you can refer to this instruction
  6. 6. • Step1, Install Leawo DVD Ripper to your computer.• Step2, Insert a DVD into your DVD drive. Open up Leawo DVD ripper, when the main window appears, click " " to load DVD files from DVD drive. You can also load DVD folder to this program if you have a digital copy along with your DVD purchases or you have already copy contents off DVD discs to your computer.
  7. 7. • Step3, Set MP4 as output format in Profile frame . And you can click “ " to reset the output parameters such as video quality, video Frame Rate, video Resolution etc. for output video quality.
  8. 8. • Step4, Press the “ ” button to begin the conversion. With support for multi-core CPU processing and multithreading, the speed is very fast. When the conversions done, youll use iTunes to transfer the MP4 files converted from your DVD to The new iPad, as you would any other video file.•
  9. 9. • Tip1: Besides getting your DVDs to The new iPad 3, you can also watch movies through the movie iPad Apples like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, ABC Player, YouTube, Amazon etc. Of course, you need to get them through the Wi-Fi or 4G connection. In addition, I suggest you install the free Fanhattan app to your new iPad which can help you find all the movies and TV shows you can watch on your iPad
  10. 10. • Tip2: As it is currently impossible to keep the original quality after re-encoding a DVD to MP4 format for iPad, if you wish to copy the entire MPEG-2 video stream from the DVD to your new iPad without re-encoding it, I suggest you install the VLC Media Player to your iPad. This app can read and play Video_TS files directly.