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Quality Network HE 2012 presentation


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Paper presented at the Regional Conference for Improving Quality in Higher Education , Oman

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Quality Network HE 2012 presentation

  1. 1. OQNHERegional Conference on Quality Management & Enhancement in Higher Education2012 20-21 February, InterContinental Hotel, Muscat, Oman Using Internationally Recognised Business Improvement Quality Standards to Improve Teaching & Learning Sue Tappin International Quality Solutions Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
  3. 3. The Importance of ‘People’ in the work placeIntroduce ‘Investors in People’ - the international businessimprovement quality Standard that can help to improveteaching & learningProvide an overview of the OAAA Institutional AccreditationStage 1 Quality Audit TopicsPresent an Analyses of 3 Case Studies of UK Universities toillustrate how the implementation of the IiP Standard maybe aligned with those Audit Topics and can demonstrablyimprove core business processes to enhance academicquality
  5. 5. A nation’s ‘people’ resource is central to theadvancement of the economy and society………………..
  6. 6. ‘People’ are the most valuable asset of anyorganisation................. “ ….a competitor can come along and duplicate (that) technology immediately. However, they can’t duplicate people. People are our competitive advantage and we need to focus on people every minute of the day.” Ms. Laurette Koellner, Chief People & Administration Officer, Boeing (2002)
  7. 7. “Knowledge is only transferred on twolegs.”Professor Chris Viljoen, StellenboschUniversity, SA
  9. 9. The Investors in People Standard. the framework for private and public organisations to improve the skills, knowledge and behaviours of their employees and in return improve their productivity and efficiency and competitiveness, in domestic and international markets an international benchmark of human resource development best practice, and business improvement allowing comparison with the best in the world
  10. 10. All Large, Small, Public & Private Organisations Need to Develop Employees… COMPETENCE KNOWLEDGE ATTITUDE KNOWLEDGE SKILLS KNOWLEDGE
  11. 11. A Powerful Business Development / Change Tool I M PInvestorsin People A C PROFIT CUSTOMER T SERVICE S
  12. 12. THE IiP STANDARD
  13. 13. Plan, Do, Review – Continually Improve A non-prescriptive framework of 10 indicators of good practice comprising 39 evidence requirements Based on a continuous cycle of: Developing strategies to improve performance of the organisation (plan) Taking action to make those improvements (act) Measuring the impact on organisational performance (review) Focus on outcomes not processes Successful external assessment of all 10 indicators = IiP recognition is awarded - this is subject to a review within 3 years
  14. 14. Valued by Public and Private SectorOrganisations“Employers with Investors in People recognitionbelieve that it: Produces a competitive edge (72%) Is recognition of commitment to employees (97%) It leads to improved staff commitment and motivation (82%) Helps to attract new customers (65%) Is a prestigious world class Standard (75%) Being an Investor in People is something to be proud of (82%) Ipsos MORI Performance Tracking Study (2008)
  17. 17. Quality Audit – the First Stage of ProviderAccreditation This involves: A Quality Audit - the emphasis being on evaluating the effectiveness of an institution’s quality assurance and quality enhancement processes against its stated goals and objectives, to determine the HEI’s capacity and capability to achieve its aspirations and to improve continually The HEI conducts a Self Study of its activities, resulting in a Quality Audit Portfolio. External verification of that Portfolio is carried out by an external Audit Panel convened by the OAAA The Panel produces a Quality Audit Report containing, amongst other things, Commendations, Affirmations and Recommendations
  18. 18. Stage 1 Audit Topics 4.1 Governance & Management 4.2 Student Learning by Coursework Programmes 4.3 Student Learning by Research Programmes 4.4 Staff Research & Consultancy 4.5 Industry & Community Engagement 4.6 Academic Support Services 4.7 Students & Student Support Services 4.8 Staff & Staff Support Services 4.9 General Support Services & Facilities
  19. 19. Analyses of University Case StudiesIiP Themes & OAAA Audit Scope Topics
  20. 20. Liverpool John Moores University, 1000+Staff, 26,000+ Students As a business improvement framework, Investors in People helped LJMU to embed a culture of continuous review and improvement. The Vice-Chancellor, saw a great synergy between IiP and the Business Excellence model. By working with IiP the University would comprehensively be able to evidence how it was striving for excellence.
  21. 21. OAAA Audit Benefits IiP Theme ScopeTopicLeadership and management capabilities have Improved Leadership & 4.1 Governance andbeen enhanced. 72% of staff agreed with the Management Managementstatement “my line manager leads by example”Increase in attaining external contracts due toits commitment to continuous professional Improved Businessdevelopment PerformanceStaff satisfaction is high and has increased from Increased Productivity78% in 2003 to 91% in 2009.Employees willing to recommend working at the Increased attraction 4.8 Staff and StaffUniversity to a friend has increased from 50% in and retention of high Support Services2003 to 82% in 2009. quality employees25% improvement in the use of the University’ssuggestion scheme, reflecting an increase in the Employee Engagementlevel of staff engagement.Induction processes provides all staff with a Learning &comprehensive and effective introduction to the DevelopmentUniversity.Investors in People has made a significant Increased Qualitycontribution to success in gaining other external Provision 4.2 Student Learningrecognition the UK Excellence Award. by CourseworkThe University has a reputation for the Programsoutstanding quality of teaching in severalacademic units.
  22. 22. Oxford Brookes, 2767 Staff, 19000+ Students Investors in People is the framework used to develop consistent and good practice across the University. Rosemary Botcherby, Staff Development The University considered IiP to be a good human resource and management benchmark for the University to use alongside the benchmarks that were being set by the Higher Education Funding Council for England.
  23. 23. OAAA Audit Benefits IiP Theme Scope TopicThe standard has impacted positively on the Business Planning 4.1 Governance andlearning and development plans of all schools Managementand directorates; these now link to Universityand directorate objectives.Significant impact on the Personal Development Performance 4.8 Staff and StaffReview (PDR) system. In 2005 56% of staff Management Support Servicesagreed objectives as part of the performanceprocess, in 2007 this increased to 89%.More integrated work environment andimproved staff motivation, communication and Staff Engagementinvolvement.All learning and development plans include aclear evaluation of the impact of all learning and Learning &development at individual and team level. DevelopmentThe University has a reputation for theoutstanding quality of teaching, which hasbeen externally assessed by the Quality Increased Quality of 4.2 Student LearningAssurance Agency as excellent in more subjects Provision by Coursework(24) than any other modern university. Programs
  24. 24. University of Teesside, 1800 Staff, 20,500Students "We see the Standard as a framework of best practice in people development which ultimately makes things better for everyone who works here by providing the support people need to do their jobs effectively and develop as individuals. There is also evidence from new staff that they were attracted to our University because it has Investors in People recognition." Beverly Hadfield, Assistant Director of Staff Development
  25. 25. OAAA Audit Benefits IiP Theme Scope TopicThe University of Teesside has adopted a more Business Planning 4.1 Governance andconsistent and focused approach to staff Learning & Managementdevelopment that is in line with the business Developmentneeds of the University. Planning"We now come together for common areas such Cost Effectivenessas IT training or conflict management, not onlyis this a more effective use of resources, itallows cross-fertilisation between departments"Being able to demonstrate its commitment topeople development has boosted the Improved Recruitment 4.8 Staff and StaffUniversitys success in recruiting new staff. Staff Support Servicescommunication has improvedWe see it as framework of best practice which Improved 4.9 General Supportapplies to our manual and administrative staff Communication Services andand technicians just as much as it does to our Facilitiesacademic staff.The University has a reputation for theoutstanding quality of teaching in some Increased Quality of 4.2 Student Learningacademic units. Teesside University was Provision by Courseworknamed the Times Higher Education Awards ProgramsUniversity of the Year 2009.
  26. 26. OAAA Audit Topics that can benefit fromimplementing the IiP Standard relate to: IiP THEME OAAA Audit TopicsStrategic Business Planning 4.1 Governance and ManagementBusiness PerformanceLeadership & ManagementPerformance Management 4.8 Staff and Staff SupportLearning & Development ServicesAttraction and retention of highquality employeesEmployee EngagementProductivityInternal Communication 4.9 General Support Services and FacilitiesQuality of Provision 4.2 Student Learning byEffectiveness of teaching and Coursework Programslearning and student outcomes
  27. 27. Remaining OAAA Audit TopicsThe selected case studies did not provide any directevidence that the IiP Standard had a demonstrablypositive impact on:4.3 Student Learning by Research Programmes4.4 Staff Research & Consultancy4.5 Industry & Community Engagement4.6 Academic Support Services4.7 Students & Student Support Services
  28. 28. Conclusion However, if we concur with Professor Chris Viljoen, from Stellenbosch University, SA that “Knowledge is only transferred on two legs”, and that “HEI’s are the main source of new knowledge” then we can observe and conclude that by involving, engaging, developing, valuing and effectively managing our people – then the knowledge, innovation and commitment benefits are transferred to all areas of the University both academic and organisational.
  29. 29. When Implementing the IiP Standards…. HEIs will be able to demonstrate they meet the primary purpose of the OAAA Quality Audit ie: “The emphasis of Quality Audit is on evaluating the effectiveness of an institution’s quality assurance and quality enhancement processes against its stated goals and objectives. This is useful for determining the HEI’s capacity and capability to achieve its aspirations and to continually improve.” Oman Accreditation Council (OAC) (2008) (p10)
  30. 30. By Implementing the IiP Standards…. “Organisations that have Investors in People recognition are more likely to achieve organisational goals and meet their strategic objectives.” Mike Bourne, Monica Franco-Santos, Lucianetti Pavlov, Maura Martinez (2008)
  33. 33. REFERENCES 1 Bourne, Mike, Franco-Santos, Monica (2010) Investors in People, Managerial Capabilities and Performance, Cranfield University School of Management, UK, Accessed 28/01/122 Bourne, Mike, Franco-Santos, Monica, Pavlov, Lucianetti, Martinez, Maura (2008). Impact of Investors in People on People Management Practices and Firm Performance. Centre for Business Performance, Cranfield School of Management, UK,%20Manager ial%20Capabilities%20and%20Performance%20Jan%202010.pdf3 Investors in People UK (2003), Benefits of Being an Investor in People, London, IIP UK4 Investors in People UK Case Studies, Accessed 28/01/12 Liverpool John Moores University Oxford Brookes University University of Teesside e%20bw.pdf5 Investors in People UK Commissioned Independent Research, Accessed 28/01/12 Ipsos MORI (Oct 2008), Performance Tracking Study, IiP UK7 Koellner, Laurette (2002), The Importance of People, Boeing Global Enterprise Employee Involvement Team, Seattle, WA (Speech 30 July) Accessed 28/01/12
  34. 34. THANK YOU Sue Tappin ++968 99469353 ++968 24667767