Career Development at GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan (HRM: AHK)


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GSK is committed to rewarding, developing and retaining talent. It shares the responsibility of its people career development needs through support in financial terms as well as in career through a wide range of programs including rotations in different departments so employees can have an overview of the business process. Then a training and development plan is prepared and all Departmental Heads are involved in it. Periodic assessment is done for training and developmental needs and also for analyzing skills and potential of employees. Based on this at final stage employee is evaluated though a series of interviews and then either promoted or transferred to more appropriate department matched for skills and potential. Most of the time succession planning is done at the time of hiring of a new employee. HR works in close collaboration with departmental heads and defines the road map for a job position.

There are vast ranges of resources available to help employees determine and meet developmental needs discussed in the presentation.

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Career Development at GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan (HRM: AHK)

  1. 1. Human Resource ManagementPresented to:Mr. Abdul Hameed KhanPresented by:M. Suhaib, Yousuf Ayub, Mizna Awan,Zeeshan Valliani, Beena Rizvi
  2. 2. Agenda• About GSK• Vision & Mission• Values & Behavior• Strategic Priorities• HR Functions1. Training & Development2. Career Development3. Health & Safety4. Job Analysis, Job Specs and Job Description
  3. 3. ABOUTAbout GSK
  4. 4. About GSKIn 2001, Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKlineBeecham merged to form GlaxoSmithKlineToday, GSK is a leading research basedpharmaceutical company in the World
  5. 5. The World of GSK
  6. 6. PRODUCTS
  7. 7. Vision & MissionVISIONGlaxoSmithKline’s vision is inspiring:“The opportunity to make a difference to the lives ofbillions of people.”MISSIONGlaxoSmithKline’s quest is to improve the quality ofHuman life by enabling people to:DO MORE | FEEL BETTER | LIVE LONGER
  8. 8. Values & BehaviorsValues• Respect for People• Patient Focused• Transparency• IntegrityBehaviors• Flexible Thinking• Enable and Drive Change• Continuous Improvement• Customer Driven• Developing People• Building Relationships
  9. 9. Strategic Priorities
  11. 11. Training and Development (T&D)Human Resource Development – Major HRMfunction consisting not only of T&D, but alsoindividual career planning and developmentactivities and performance appraisalTraining and Development – Heart of acontinuous effort designed to improveemployee competency and organizationalperformance12
  12. 12. Training and Development (T&D)Training - Designed to provide learners with theknowledge and skills needed for their presentjobs – formal and informalDevelopment - Involves learning that goesbeyond todays job – more long-term focusLearning Organization – firms that recognizecritical importance of continuous performance-related training and development an takeappropriate action 13
  13. 13. Training and Development (T&D)Key FactorsIncreasing a person education level increasesproductivityOrganizational Development.14
  14. 14. Factors Influencing T&DTop management supportCommitment from specialists and generalistsTechnological advancesOrganizational complexityLearning style15
  15. 15. The Training and Development (T&D)Process16Determine T&D NeedsEstablish Specific ObjectivesSelect T&D Method(s)Implement T&D ProgramsEvaluate T&D Programs
  16. 16. Determining Training andDevelopment NeedsIn order to competeeffectively, firms mustkeep employees welltrained.17
  17. 17. Establishing Training andDevelopment ObjectivesDesired end resultsClear and concise objectives must beformulated18
  18. 18. T&D Methods in GSKClassroom ProgramsMentoringCoachingRole PlayingSimulationsDistance Learning andVideoconferencingE-learningOn-the-Job TrainingJob RotationInternships19
  19. 19. Management DevelopmentAll learning experiences resulting in upgradingof skills and knowledge needed in current andfuture managerial positionsImperative managers keep up with latestdevelopments in their fields while managingever-changing workforce in a dynamicenvironmentRequires personal commitment of individualmanager20
  20. 20. Reasons to Conduct Management TrainingInside of the CompanyTraining more specific toneedsLower costsLess timeConsistent, relevant materialMore control of content andfaculty21
  21. 21. Special Training AreasTelecommuter – permit manager andemployee to define job responsibilities andset goals and expectationsDiversity – develop sensitivity to createmore harmonious working environmentEthics – develop corporate culture thatrewards ethical behaviorConflict Resolution – communication skillsneeded to resolve gridlock22
  22. 22. Organization DevelopmentSurvey feedbackprocessQuality circlesTeam buildingSensitivity training24
  23. 23. Survey Feedback DescriptionProcess of collecting data fromorganizational unit through use ofquestionnaires, interviews and otherobjective dataCan create working environments that leadto better working relationships, greaterproductivity and increased profitability25
  24. 24. Quality CirclesGroups of employees whovoluntarily meet regularly withtheir supervisors to discussproblemsInvestigate causesRecommend solutions26
  25. 25. Team BuildingConscious effort to developeffective workgroupsUses self-directed teamsSmall group of employeesresponsible for an entirework processMembers work together toimprove their operation27
  26. 26. Sensitivity TrainingParticipants learn about themselves andhow others perceive themNo agenda, leaders, authority, powerpositionsPeople learn through dialogueParticipants encouraged to learn aboutthemselves and others in groupAlso called T-group training28
  27. 27. Career Development
  28. 28. Career Development• GSK is committed to rewarding, developing andretaining talent.• Wide range of resources are available to helpemployees determine and meet careerdevelopment needs. These include:– Management Trainee Program– Performance & Development Planning– On-the-job Development– Career Innovation Zone– myLearning– Coaching and Feedback– Sabbaticals
  29. 29. Management Trainee Program• GSK runs a yearly drive for recruitingmanagement trainees from topbusiness schools in Pakistan.• MT Program provides opportunity tofresh graduates to get a flavor ofcorporate world.• Program design includes four rotationseach of three months with a total spanof one calendar year.• Candidates are assessed forperformance and learning at the end ofeach rotation. This helps theorganization in creating potential lot ofcandidates who in case of requirementfill the emerging opportunities in theorganization.
  30. 30. Performance and DevelopmentPlanning• GSK global Performance andDevelopment Planning process (PDP) isdeveloped to help employees at allstages of their career.• PDP is a powerful tool for matchingpersonal success to the success of thebusiness.• Throughout the year, employees andtheir supervisors work together on thisprocess to set challenging objectivesand identify career developmentneeds.
  31. 31. On-the-job Development• Opportunities for "stretch"assignments, secondments, andaccess to GSK cross business jobposting database• Job rotations in differentdepartments• International Training Programmes• Special Training & Rotation plan isprepared in which all Heads areinvolved.• At final stage, employees areevaluated through a series ofinterviews and then promoted (KeyTalent Identification).
  32. 32. Career Innovation Zone• Career Innovation Zone is anonline portal that GSKemployees can access freelyat any time from work orhome.• The portal offers a wealth ofinteractive tools and tips tohelp employees work out thepotential career directionsand choices that would beright for them.
  33. 33. myLearning• myLearning is an onlinecourse catalogue allowingemployees to work withtheir managers to create acustomized learning planand take advantage of thewide variety of instructor-led and eLearning courses• It includes a number ofcustomized LeadershipDevelopment offerings
  34. 34. Coaching and Feedback• GSK foster a culture of ongoingcoaching and feedback for allemployees.• A variety of formal and informalresources are available,including a 360-degreefeedback process and externalcoaching.• Employees are also encouragedto take part in either a formal orinformal mentoringrelationship.
  35. 35. Sabbaticals• GSK rewards those who proveto be an asset to theorganizations with long termpaid study leaves.• In most of the cases apartfrom paid leaves theemployees are granted withacademic scholarships as wellso that after completing theircourses they can add value tothe organization.
  36. 36. Health & Safety
  37. 37. Health & Safety• Health and Safety is considered onpriority at GSK.• Employees from management andnon-management both are trainedon EHS (Environment Health &Safety) systems that includes Firefighting system, Incidentsreporting, Accidents reporting, anyillness or disease reporting,exposure and handling ofchemicals, use of masks, gloves etc.• Employees are timely trained andretrained on all Health & Safetyrelated issues
  38. 38. Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)• LOTO is an ambitiousprogram of physical guardinglaunched to avoid any injurydue to moving parts• Launched with an aim ofZero access to any hazardousrisk• Engineering team at GSKworked hard and brought astep change in machinerysafety standards at all sites
  39. 39. Winner of Annual EnvironmentExcellence Award• GSK received “AnnualEnvironment ExcellenceAward” from the NationalForum for Environmentand Health (NGO)
  40. 40. Sustainability Initiative• GSK is committed to continuousimprovement in energy andresource consumption as part ofsustainability initiatives.• Achieved 6% reduction in energyconsumption and 3% in waterconsumption at operationsdespite increased manufacturingvolumes.• All the sites have waste watertreatment facilities meeting theNational Environmental QualityStandards of EPA Pakistan.
  41. 41. Sustainability Initiative• GSK has globally shifted its EnergyReduction Target from UnitsConsumption to Carbon dioxideEmissions.• At GSK Pakistan, projects like EnergyEfficient Utilities Equipment,Automation of Power Controls andmoving towards Energy efficientprocess substitutes have caused morethan 10% reduction in CO2 emissions.• Saving in energy consumption are notjust attained from investments butalso from energy conscious behaviorcultivation at floor level.
  42. 42. Job Analysis, JobSpecification &Job Description
  43. 43. Job Analysis, Job Specification &Job DescriptionCreate a culture of individual empowermentEmployee empowerment has been recognisedto be one of the main tools inspiringmotivation and loyalty among employees.Right person for the right job!
  44. 44. ProcedureJob analysis of a particular position has beencarried out by HRDepartmental Head’s consent and feedback isimportantJob related requirements, KSA are listedJob related KRA are definedOn the basis of this Job description isprepared.
  45. 45. GLAXOSMITHKLINEJOB DESCRIPTIONVersion Number: Site:Job Grade: Department:Job Title:Reports to: (job title);Date Updated: mm/year Review Date: mm/yearBusiness Level 1: GMS PakistanBusiness Level 2: MEABusiness Level 3: Phama OperationsJOB FACTORS FOR THE POSITIONJob Purpose:Key Responsibilities:Accountabilities:Complexity: Key interfacesQualification, Specialized Knowledge and Skills required for the position:
  46. 46. JOB DELEGATION / DEPUTATION(To be filled by Functional Head )(Incase of absence of this job holder, following will be responsible)01. Name of Designate:Position Title: Area of Responsibility:Incase, if the position requires delegation to more than one individual then following will be completed.02Name of Designate:: Position Title: Area of Responsibility:JD ADMINISTRATIONPrepared By: Manager (Name) Sign & DateReviewed By: HR (Name) Sign & DateApproved By: 1 on 1 Manager* (Name) Sign & DateAcknowledged By: Employee (Name) Sign & Date