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How to Become a Superstar for Your Utility in 2 Weeks

The webinar will explore how one GIS project enabled MTEMC to transform the way GIS is used throughout the utility.

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How to Become a Superstar for Your Utility in 2 Weeks

  1. 1. Driving Enterprise Decisions with ArcGIS Online How to Become a Superstar for Your Utility in 2 Weeks
  2. 2. Bill Meehan Utility Solutions Director Esri Nathaniel Everett GIS Technical Lead Middle Tennessee EMC Skye Perry Founder & President SSP Innovations
  3. 3. We All Use Maps
  4. 4. GIS is a “System of Record” Organizing and managing the geographic context of your assets and resources
  5. 5. Is your authoritative knowledge reaching everyone?
  6. 6. Modern platforms… • Respect identity • Work on any device • Leverage external data • Share data to other platforms • Allow consumers to also be providers of information • Are always on • Scale automatically • Have security built-in • Enable hybrid deployments to ease transition
  7. 7. The Nexus and GIS
  8. 8. Desktop Web Device Server Online Content and Services Portal
  9. 9. We All Use Maps
  10. 10. A New Way Forward – You can be the Superstar
  11. 11. Hero holding slide
  12. 12. Who is SSP Focus on Electric, Gas, Water, & Fiber  Utilities  Telecom GIS Services  Product Implementation  Customization  Systems Integration Skye Perry  Founder & Principal Consultant
  13. 13. Taking Esri Platform to Market SSP made a conscious choice to  Embrace the Technology Our opportunity is to  Educate  Demonstrate
  14. 14. SSP Platform Value Drivers ArcGIS Online / Portal Initial Operating Capacity  Use Cases  Organization  Configuration  Security Solve Workflow & Business Challenges  Utilize Industry Knowledge  Enable Existing Offerings
  15. 15. Why a GIS Superstar?
  16. 16. Becoming a GIS Superstar Isn’t Hard Portal is the key exposure point for the platform.  Lowercase “portal” implies ArcGIS Online  Uppercase “Portal” implies Portal for ArcGIS The same result will enable traditional GIS in new, powerful ways How can utilities take their first steps with portal?  Expose New Data to the utility  Collect New Data from the utility  Empower the utility thru Geoprocessing, Systems Integration, Workflow, & Reporting
  17. 17. Expose, Collect, Empower  How? Middle Tennessee Electric is here to tell us about their catalyst project… Find Your Pattern and Use it as a Catalyst for Platform  Choose a single pattern that will add value  Use it to have all the infrastructure enabled  You will then have the power of platform at your fingertips SSP has implemented patterns at utilities/telcos across the country  We’ll provide several ideas at the end of the presentation
  18. 18. Introductions Nathaniel Everett | Middle Tennessee EMC • GIS Technical Lead • Covers ArcGIS / ArcFM / Designer • Information Services Department
  19. 19. Business Drivers Transformer Failures Occur Regularly  Troubleshooter assesses transformer in the field  Transformers are replaced  Often up-sized to handle an overloaded scenario (25 kVA to 37.5 kVA)  Data is not available to see consumption / loading information  Result   Inefficiencies in Network  Cost Impact
  20. 20. Business Drivers Engineering Asked For Help  Desire to utilize consumption data to determine transformer sizing  Provided an Example Report that would help  Provided all Engineering Calculations
  21. 21. Business Challenges  No DB relationship between Service Location & Transformer  Network Traceable Relationship in GIS  SAP CIS Consumption Data Not Available in GIS  Current Monthly Reads, Use with AMI in the Future  How Best to Expose Reports & Map to users
  22. 22. Current Data Model April 24, 2014 Page 1 Service Point Service Location Device Location Meter Service Point Service Location Device Location Meter Service Point Service Location Device Location Meter Transformer Standard 3 House Scenario Live Example Data Live Example Data Live Example Data Single House House Service Location Device Location Meter Solar Panels (GenPart) Service Location Device Location Meter Barn SAP Data Table
  23. 23. The Solution Engaged with SSP Innovations to Design and Develop  SSP is the in house Esri / Schneider Electric support vendor SSP & MTEMC Broke the Effort into Three Phases: 1. Establish Maintainable Relationships from Xfr to Service 2. CIS Consumption Load & Aggregation 3. Reporting & Visualization
  24. 24. Phase 1 – Xfr to Service  Schema changes on Service Point  Track Xfr Company Number By Phase  Initial script to establish relationships  Trace via Electric Network  SQL Script to Not Impact Versioning Performance  AutoUpdaters to maintain relationship
  25. 25. Phase 2 – CIS Data Usage Chose SSP Nightly Batch Suite for Fast Batch Apps  Series of three integration applications 1. Load the raw CIS consumption data into GIS  Applied Engineering Calculations 2. Aggregate max consumption to Transformer Unit (by phase)  By Month & Season 3. Create Summary Feature Points for Each Xfr Asset
  26. 26. Phase 2 – CIS Aggregation Three Phase Aggregation
  27. 27. Phase 3 – Reporting Utilized SQL Server Reporting Services  Out of the Box Web Reports  Provided Query Screen to Engineers:
  28. 28. Phase 3 – Reporting Three Level Report – Level 1 Shows Transformer Unit
  29. 29. Phase 3 – Reporting Three Level Report – Level 2 Shows Adjusted Meter Consumption
  30. 30. Phase 3 – Visualization Utilized ArcGIS Online – Created Thematic Map Showing Xfr Load vs. Capacity
  31. 31. Phase 3 – Visualization  Exposed via ArcGIS Online as a WebMap  Troubleshooter uses their phone or tablet when they arrive on scene  Zoom via GPS in the device  View transformer loading data by color  Click any transformer to view details Demo…
  32. 32. Business Benefits Operations  Empowered Engineers & Troubleshooters with New Data  Provided Real Time Data Access in field from ANY Device  Allows for educated decision making  Engineering Can Review Existing Xfr Installs Against Usage  May reallocate network  Net Result is Cost Savings, Better Efficiency, & System Awareness
  33. 33. Business Benefits IT / GIS  Demonstrated capabilities of ArcGIS Online  Have fully functioning DMZ / internal ArcGIS Server architecture  Ready for additional data publishing, editing, and collection via ArcGIS Online  Includes Active Directory Authentication and SSL (https)  Will Allow for Other Patterns to be Implemented  Quickly & Easily
  34. 34. SSP Client Success Stories MLGW Meter Data Collection Hart EMC Field Asset Inspection Energy United Web Viewer Replacement  Automatically Targeted Field Inspections  App for collecting Pole, Xfr, Meter, SW Inspections  Workflow for generating follow up WO’s for failures  Field App for GPS, Data, Image Capture  Data feeds to ArcFM GIS and CIS  Reporting/Tracking for Management  Was utilizing an outdated custom ArcIMS app  Web AppBuilder to create new web viewing apps  Basic data collection for field redlines
  35. 35. SSP Client Success Stories Nsight Telecom Data Collection Large City Telecom Conduit Tracking App Burbank Water & Power Web Outage Map  New enterprise GIS installation  ArcGIS Server and Portal expose the data  Allows new internal app development  No previous GIS in place, manual as-builts used  New telecom data captured in ArcGIS Online  Data loaded from addt’l purchased telcos  Expose power outage areas via web  Utilize existing Responder outage data  Provide easy ETR messaging for the public
  36. 36. Expose, Collect, Empower  GIS Superstar Find Your Pattern and Use it as a Catalyst for Platform Implement the platform infrastructure  Use best practices for exposing existing data  Implement recommended security patterns  Do it right the first time  Two weeks on average Use Esri Platform to Allow GIS to become a System of Engagement!
  37. 37. Questions? Skye Perry Principal Consultant SSP Innovations Nathaniel Everett GIS Technical Lead Middle Tennessee EMC Bill Meehan Utility Solutions Director Esri

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The webinar will explore how one GIS project enabled MTEMC to transform the way GIS is used throughout the utility.


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