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Bespoke You Image Consulting

Bespoke You offers customized image solutions. We help you understand your personal style and synchronize your image with your roles & goals in life. We are currently based in Delhi NCR, but our clients are based all over the map.

This slideshow will give you a brief insight about us, and what we can do for you.

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Discover a whole new you - with team Bespoke You.
Here, your image is made-to-order.

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Bespoke You Image Consulting

  2. 2. Image management is creating an authentic, appropriate, attractive and affordable personal and /or professional image. This increases your confidence, credibility, capability and productivity while contributing to continuing success. Some people have a natural talent or ability to present themselves appropriately and attractively. Some do not. WHAT IS IMAGE MANAGEMENT? The good news is that image management skills can be learned, then practiced till they become second nature.
  3. 3. Bespoke You Image Makers offer customized image solutions. The word „Bespoke‟ means Custom-made. We help you understand your personal style and synchronize your image with your roles & goals in life. We were founded with an aim to give a makeover to the LIVES of as many individuals as possible. We are not only telling our clientele how to dress up, how to deliver that perfect handshake or sip that glass of fine wine, but we are also telling you the science and the art behind it, so you take it with you for life. BESPOKE YOU IMAGE MAKERS
  4. 4. Srishti Bhatia is the Founder of Bespoke You Image Makers. She is a certified Image Consultant from the Image Consulting Business Institute. The program is structured by Judith Rasband, the first Certified Image Master in the world. She is a graduate from Symbiosis International University, Pune with a degree in Media Studies. Her past professional experiences comprises of roles such as Creative Direction, Merchandising, PR and Marketing in industries like Television Production, e-Commerce and Tourism. ABOUT THE FOUNDER
  5. 5. The Complete You Package – 10 sessions 1. Lifestyle Evaluation 2. Lifestyle Recommendation and Personal Style Evalution 3. Personal Style Recommendation and Personal Color Clinic + Fit and Fashion Clinic 4. Personal Color Recommendation and Fit and Fashion Recommendation 5. Wardrobe Evaluation – (equal to 2 sessions, preferably on a weekend) 6. Personal Shopping 7. Grooming (Spa Visit) 8. Make-up (only women) 9. Body Language + Etiquette (Dining + Wine Tasting) SERVICES OFFERED *Price on request. **All of the above services can also be availed individually.
  6. 6. Individual Services • My Personal Fairy Godmother – Retainership • I‟m in a hurry – Quick Makeover • Dress me up today – Occasion specific Makeover (can be conducted over Skype or in person) • Wedding Makeover – Image Consulting for the Bride and the Groom • Destination Abroad – Wardrobe / Shopping consultation for those moving / travelling abroad • Corporate Ladder – Group / Individual Training sessions • Workshops – Tailored as per your need • Socially Active – Social Media crash course • Gift-an-Image – Gifting sessions (package can be bespoked for you) SERVICES OFFERED *Quotes for each service on request
  9. 9. ANKUR BHATIA, Marketing Professional: Personal Color, Fit & Fashion, Wardrobe Evaluation and Closet Reorganization AMTOJ SINGH, Real Estate Business: Lifestyle Clinic, Personal Style Clinic ILA HALDIA. Lawyer: Personal Color, Fit & Fashion, Face-Shape Evalution, Wardrobe Evaluation and Closet Reorganization, Grooming & Hygiene, Make-up tutorial, Personal Shopping SHASHI BHATIA, Entrepreneur: Closet Reorganization, Personal Shopping SNEHA SACHAR, Engineer: Makeover Clinic, Gooming & Hygiene, Trousseau Make-up Shopping VASUNDHARA JAIN, Masters Student in Germany: Destination Abroad, Personal Shopping SESSIONS AVAILED BY CLIENTS
  10. 10. Like a lot of people, I am one of those who complain of having no clothes but need more than two wardrobes to put them in! Every occasion I sift through my wardrobe, but fail to find something nice to wear. After my image consulting session with Srishti, I had an arranged wardrobe of clothes, accessories and shoes that I loved but did not recognize that it existed; I felt more confident mix-matching clothes and layering them to uplift my look and have clothes for all occasions, and most importantly, I realized the importance of power dressing and how people react when one is dressed well. Srishti, despite being an old friend, was very professional throughout the session and her passion for this field reflected in her work. All in all, at the end of our first session I was happier, had an amazing wardrobe and was super excited to meet her for our next session! Ila Haldia. Lawyer, Supreme Court CLIENTS SPEAK
  11. 11. The session was quite crisp and to the point and catered to my requirements. I simply liked the way Srishti conducted and made me aware of so many aspects of skin I was oblivious of. The fact that Srishti gave me tips on how to wear a simple daily look as this was what I had wanted has made me more confident in applying makeup. Also, the knowledge about various products helped me selecting the best possible product for my skin. Srishti was quite amazing in her approach toward the entire session. I simply loved the session. Sneha Sachar, Business Analyst – American Express The best things about the sessions was that there was attention to every detail and concepts were thoroughly explained. Knowledge of the consultant reflected when she explained each and every point. Interesting concepts were introduced to me such as schedule based clothing needs, right clothes for the occasions, making use of old clothes, right colour combination, actual problem areas and using the right accessories. The session was very inspirational and it opened an entriely new world for me! Amtoj Singh Sawhney, Real Estate Business Owner CLIENTS SPEAK
  12. 12. IN MEDIA Coverage in The Times of India Delhi, 12/07/2013
  13. 13. • Because image matters and there‟s nothing superficial about it. • You cannot NOT communicate! • Image communicates to self and others. We need to look like who we say we are and what we can do. That‟s image integrity! • Image affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act or behave, and then the way others react or respond-affecting the achievement of our goals and our success in life! That‟s image impact! • Image matters in the home, social situations and in the community. Image management is not only an “office” thing. WHY DO PEOPLE HIRE AN IMAGE CONSULTANT?
  14. 14. Are you ready to control your fate, and give a right direction to your life?
  15. 15. COME AND GET BESPOKED! Reach us at: Srishti Bhatia Founder, Bespoke You Image Makers +919810035669