June 2011 Denver Coach Federation Newsletter


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June 2011 Denver Coach Federation

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June 2011 Denver Coach Federation Newsletter

  1. 1. JUNE 2011IN THIS ISSUE: Message from Kim Clausen, President DCF June Meeting: June 9, 2011 Special Interest Groups (SIG) Upcoming Teleclasses and Workshops Request - Recording DCF Meetings & Events Membership in the DCF DCF is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube! Resource Library General Meeting Information Contact UsMessage from Kim ClausenPresident, Denver Coach FederationIts Time to ShineAs coaches, the greatest gift we give our clients is to allow them to feel seen, heard andacknowledged. When people are seen and heard without judgment or criticism and areinstead met with support and encouragement, they become empowered. When peoplefeel empowered, they take action. When they take action, they change their world.As coaches, we need this too because we can’t attract and serve our clients unless weourselves can first be seen. We have to: Acknowledge ourselves for the uniquely talented people we are, the value we bring through our coaching, and our ability to impact others. Be seen by our peers so they can be our encouragers, collaborators, referral sources and friends. Allow the world to see us so it can be drawn to us and receive the great gift we have to give.Simply put, if we can’t allow the world to see us, we can’t make the impact that we sodeeply desire to make. And here lies the disconnect. This is why we struggle as coachesand fail in our businesses.Being seen is hard for some of us. We can’t get out of our own way so that we can
  2. 2. make the impact we were put on this earth to make. "You mean I have to marketmyself? I have to get out there and get known? I have to meet people, network, and dointernet marketing? I don’t want to do that! I just want to coach people." Soundfamiliar?Even with 20 years of marketing experience, I felt the same way. Marketing someoneelse is far different than marketing yourself. After all, who would be interested in what Ihave to offer? When I joined Toastmasters 6 years ago, I remember having a sessionwith my coach specifically about my fears of not being able to hold someone’s attentionfor 5-8 minutes to give a short presentation. Who would ever want to listen to me?I couldn’t be seen, and I didn’t think anyone would want to see me. I have come a longway since then, and I have a long way to go.There are too many coaches that are held back by their inability to be seen more bythemselves, their peers and the world. So this year, I challenge all of us to step out ofour shadow and into the light so that we can shine bright and make our mark on theworld.It’s risky and scary. It comes with the risk of criticism, judgment and rejection. But it’sworse if you don’t. You know that aching feeling of wanting to… but can’t. Being stuck inthat place of "want to, but can’t" is a terrible place for those who have a dream.What if you had a way to get unstuck? A safe place to come and practice being seen andbuild your "look at me" muscle? A place where you can grow in strength, confidence andbelief? A place where you can be heard, seen, validated, and encouraged withoutjudgment, criticism or ridicule? Through the support of the DCF community and theeducation programs, we are creating that very place.Sounds great, right? So what’s next? Two things. This month, ask yourself, "What can Ido to be seen more by: myself my peers, and the world?"First, create a few simple actions steps in each of these areas and COMMIT tocompleting them.Second, update your DCF profile. Take time this month to fully complete your DCFprofile with your picture, practice description, bio, etc. Peruse other member profiles toget familiar with them and see what you like that you can model in your profile too.Your DCF profile is a perfect place for the world to see you. So take time to create aprofile that makes you shine. To shine – that is your goal. For the action takersreading this, bring a copy of your updated profile to the DCF meeting on June9th, and I’ll pick someone to receive a special gift!Be sure to attend the meeting this month as we have a great speaker lined up, and we’llbe exploring more about how we can all shine brightly in the world. It’s time to shine.The world desperately needs us. Hiding in the shadows does no one any good.Best wishes!Your President,Kim Clausenkeclausen@netzero.net
  3. 3. DCF June Meeting: June 9Date: June 9, 2011Time: 7:00PM to 9:00PM(SIGs: 6:00-7:00 PM)Location: PPA Event Center, 2105 Decautur St, Denver, CO 80211Speaker: Kurt ShusterTopic: "Applied Positive Psychology"*Offering 1.5 CCEUs in the area of Core CompetencyPositive Psychology is the scientific study of wellbeing. Founded ten years ago bypsychologist Martin Seligman, this emerging field studies the mechanisms and tools thatenable individuals and groups to flourish. Positive Psychology distinguishes itself fromclinical psychology, which has traditionally focused on healing mental illnesses such asdepression, anxiety, and other pathologies. Rather than fixing what is wrong with anindividual, positive psychology aims to promote and strengthen what is right innon-clinical populations. While the talk will include a brief introduction to the scientificand philosophical foundations of the field, it will primarily consist of several hands-on,interactive exercises that coaches can use with their own clients. Applications andtechniques for both personal and business coaching will be covered.Specifically, coaches will learn: How to use strengths-based assessments (e.g. VIA strengths, strengthsfinder) with their clients in a way that maximized wellbeing. The benefits and application of approach (vs. avoidance) goal setting. How positivity affects well-being and personal growth, and how to measure and increase it in clients. Strengths-based interviewing techniques (this is done via two interactive coach- client activities). How to leverage personal relationships to increase wellbeing.About Kurt ShusterKurt Shuster is co-founder and CEO of Noomii, (http://www.noomii.com), a web-basedservice that helps coaches find new clients. He also coaches business executives andentrepreneurs, with a focus on high-tech startups. Kurt holds a B.S. (honors) inPsychology from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, a B.S. (honors) inComputer Science from Queens University in Ontario, and an MBA from CambridgeUniversity. He recently received his Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree fromthe University of Pennsylvania.PLEASE NOTE: Everyone must register for the monthly meeting including DCFmembers.*Offering 1.5 CCEUs in the area of Core CompetencyCLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the June 9, 2011 DCF Meeting.
  4. 4. Special Interest Groups (SIGs)EXPLORING COACHING AS A PROFESSION SIGJune 9, 20116:00PM - 7:00PMFacilitated By: Judy Sabah, MCC, PMCOur discussion may include, and is not limited to: understanding how coaching differs from related professions learning what makes an exceptional coach determining if self-employment suits you choosing your niche and specialty investigating training programs, certification & mentor coaches getting started . . .Facilitator:Judy Sabah, MCC, PMCjudy@judysabah.comwww.judysabah.com303-777-1765FUNDAMENTALS OF STARTING YOUR COACHING PRACTICE SIGJune 9, 20116:00PM - 7:00PMFacilitated By: Dr. Barbara FloodMission – To ensure that new coaches build their business, improve their coaching skills,market effectively and stay active and engaged in DCF. The SIG will help new coacheschart a course toward professional and financial success. In addition, coaches whocomplete this six-month curriculum should be prepared to mentor the next group ofcoaches entering the SIG.Facilitator:Dr. Barbara Floodbarbaflood@aol.comwww.barbaraflood.com303-906-1545MARKETING FOR THE ESTABLISHED COACH SIGJune 9, 20116:00PM - 7:00PMFacilitated By: Brenda Cody & Karen Van CleveSince our June meeting represents the mid-point in the year and the last before ourDCF summer break, our topic will be 2011 marketing goals. What are your goals for theyear, what progress have you made, and where do you need support for furtherprogress? We’ll discuss marketing ideas, challenges and successes, and ideas to keepeach other moving to hit our 2011 goals.
  5. 5. This SIG is for experienced coaches (2 or more years in the business) and will beconducted as a master mind to share ideas and experiences. Our goal is to help yougrow your business.If you have any questions, please contact either of the facilitators:Co-Facilitators:Brenda Cody, M.S.Brenda@WorkSolutionsGroup.com720-989-8743Karen Van CleveAnthony Robbins Success CoachICF ACC and IAC Certified Coachcoachkaren@comcast.net303-987-5957EXECUTIVE AND BUSINESS COACHES SIGNo meeting in June; next meeting July 20, 20117:00PM - 9:00PM727 East 16th Avenue, Denver, CO 80210Facilitated By: Gary HawkThe Executive Coaches SIG will not meet in June. Our next meeting will be July 20th.We meet on the 3rd Wednesday evening of each month in 2011 – except June andDecember.We meet at 727 East 16th Avenue, Denver, CO 80210 (Very Important - it is 16thAvenue, not street).For more information and to reserve your seat for May, contact Gary Hawk atgaryhawk@getclarity.com or 303-333-4757.Facilitator:Gary Hawkgaryhawk@getclarity.com303-333-4757Teleclasses and WorkshopsCheck out our upcoming teleclasses and workshops!JUNEJune 11, 2011: (Workshop)*Offering 3 CCEUs in the area of Core CompetencyIn this highly engaging and interactive 3-hour workshop, coaches will learn and practicea number of these tools and techniques, with the aim of learning how they can use themwith their own clients.Positive Psychology for Coaches: How to Use the Science of Wellbeing to Help YourClients Flourish - Kurt Shuster
  6. 6. JULYJuly 27, 2011: (Networking)Association Networking Event: Details Coming Soon - Save the Date!AUGUSTAugust 11, 2011Washington Park, Site #4How many times have you left a DCF monthly meeting wishing you could have spentmore time talking to other members? The Annual Picnic is your opportunity. Find outwhat you have in common with other DCF coaches. Expand your network. Relax in anatmosphere of fun.August 2011 DCF Annual PicnicSEPTEMBERSeptember 9, 2011 (workshop)*Offering the following CCEUs: 1.5 Business Development; 2 Core CompetencyIn this workshop, you will uncover the ONE THING that will have your ideal clientCLAMORING TO HIRE YOU and learn the secret ingredient to MAKE YOUR BUSINESSBUILD ITSELF.Radical Business Building Breakthrough:"Holy Cow Youre Hot! Why Dont Your ClientsKnow It?" - Therese KienastOCTOBEROctober 14, 2011: (Teleclass)*Offering 3 CCEUs in the area of Core CompetencyIn this interactive session, learn the foundations of learning and gain tools that will helpyou structure a coaching conversation based on learning theory.The Power of Learning: Sustaining Meaningful Change for our Clients - Micki McMillanRequest - Recording DCF Meetings & EventsCalling all DCF Members and the Community! We have received a number of requestsfrom out-of-state ICF Members and participants who are interested in our programs andevents and would like to purchase recordings of the presentations.This request to is ask if any member or member of our community has a high end /professional video recorder and would be willing to record our chapter meetings andworkshops.Interested? Know someone who may be a match for this request? Please contact us atinfo@denvercoach.com.Thank you!Membership in the Denver Coach FederationJoin other Colorado coaches in building a stronger, more robust Denver CoachFederation. In September, we’re planning a new member reception, so now is a greattime to recommend your coaching colleagues join or to join yourself if you’re notcurrently a member.
  7. 7. As a member of DCF, you will be part of a very special group of individuals committed tomaking a difference in the lives of their clients, connecting with other coaches,developing themselves, and advancing the profession of coaching. There are manybenefits to membership in DCF, including attending the monthly meetings at noadditional cost. The educational presentations during the meetings delivered by highlysuccessful coaches with special expertise are a wonderful resource for developing yourcoaching skills and building your business. As a member, you also have the opportunityto network with other coaches and participate in one of the Special Interest Groups(SIGs). The SIGs are led by experienced coaches, giving you the opportunity to learnand engage in lively discussion. Three of the four SIGs are held immediately prior to themeeting and one is held off site on a different day. Our SIGs are: Exploring Coaching asa Profession; Fundamentals of Starting a Coaching Practice; Marketing for theEstablished Coach; and Executive Coaching. In addition to the SIGs and monthlyeducational programming, we also have other programs and events such as workshopsand tele-classes, with reduced rates for members.It’s very simple to join. Just go to the DCF website (www.denvercoach.com) and joinon-line. Remember to encourage your coaching colleagues and friends to join too.Joining DCF is an investment in yourself and in the profession of coaching.Thank You!Karen McGeeDCF Membership DirectorDCF is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube!Check out the Denver Coach Federation on:FacebookBecome a Fan!TwitterYou TubeLinkedInIf you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@denvercoach.comResource LibraryThe Denver Coach Federation has a fabulous Resource Library with over a hundrededucational tapes and books addressing such disciplines as leadership coaching,executive and corporate coaching, career coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching,and spiritual coaching, as well as practice development for coaches. Its purpose is topromote education, business development and support for DCF members.The Resource Library is perhaps best known for its great selection of audiotapes.Several years worth of ICF Conference audiotapes include leadership and coachingtopics by such high-profile individuals as Laura Berman-Fortgang, Ken Blanchard, JackCanfield, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, and Benjamin Zander, along with many othermasterful coaches. A variety of other resources include such great tapes as "High EndCoaching" and "Personal Evolution" by Thomas Leonard and Frederic Hudsons book, The
  8. 8. Handbook of Coaching.In addition to developing leadership and coaching skills, audiotape topics are specific toself-promotion and networking, use of assessments, therapists as coaches, attractionprinciples, team coaching, self- coaching, emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry,speaking, and getting published. Members may borrow up to four resources per monthupon signing "The Agreement for Resource Check-Out".Brenda Cody, M.S., Resource LibrarianBrenda@WorkSolutionsGroup.com720-989-8743General Meeting InformationRegular Monthly MeetingsMembers: No ChargeNon-Members / Guests: $25 per meeting feeWhen: 2nd Thursday of every month6:00PM - 9:00PMSIGs start at 6:00PM, and the General Meeting starts at 7:15PM sharp.Where: PPA Event Center, 2105 Decatur Street, Denver, Colorado 80211Phone: 303-433-8247The PPA Event Center is on the corner of 21st Avenue and Decatur StreetPPA Event Center website: www.ppaeventcenter.comMap to PPA Event Center:
  9. 9. Questions? Comments? Ideas to Share?We welcome your comments and ideas and are happy to answer questions.Contact Information:info@denvercoach.comwww.denvercoach.comDCF Board MembersKim Clausen, Presidentkeclausen@netzero.net303-465-0454Marty Vondrell, President-ElectMarty@MartyVondrell.com720-389-4870Karen McGee, Membership Directorkarenhmcgee@comcast.net303-503-9681Marketing DirectorPosition AvailableCarol Schultz, Education Directorcarol@verticalelevation.com303-805-7635Reuel Hunt, Treasurerrjhunt@earthlink.net303-734-0444Kim Canning, Secretarynrg4life@comcast.net303-805-0704Barbara Flood, Past Presidentbarbaflood@aol.com303-906-1545 info@denvercoach.com Copyright 2011 Denver Coach Federation