Developing a Positive Professional Image


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  • Last year, the inability to produce subpoenaed e-mail resulted in million dollar—even billion dollar—lawsuits against U.S. companies.
  • Developing a Positive Professional Image

    1. 1. Developing a PositiveProfessional Image
    2. 2. Developing a Positive Professional ImageIntroduction• In today’s diverse workplace,your actions and motives areconstantly under scrutiny.• People are constantly observingyour behavior and formingtheories about yourcompetence, character, andcommitment.
    3. 3. Developing a Positive Professional ImageImportant• Like it or not, you do havean image: if you do notdevelop it by intent, then itwill develop by default.• A positive professionalimage is essential to asuccessful career, nomatter your age or field.
    4. 4. Developing a Positive Professional ImageImportant - American Survey• According to a surveyconducted by an AmericanCompany, 39% ofmanagers feel thatworkers dress toocasually.• And 75 % of Americanworkers believe clothingand personal appearanceinfluences attitudes aboutprofessionalism.
    5. 5. Developing a Positive Professional ImageProfessional Image - Definition• Your professional imageis the set of qualities andcharacteristics thatrepresent perceptions ofyour competence andcharacter as judged byyour key constituents, forexample: clients,superiors, subordinates,colleagues.
    6. 6. Developing a Positive Professional ImageTip 01 – First Impressions• First impressions are criticaland it is especially importantfor those entering the businessenvironment.• People form their firstimpressions in three seconds.• And once that impression isformed, it is very difficult tochange.
    7. 7. Developing a Positive Professional ImageTip 02 – Developing a Positive Attitude• You need to exhibit a positive,respectful attitude.• You want to be confident butnot cocky, polite but notobsequious, friendly but notannoying.• Be authentic, polite, andpositive. Be your best self.
    8. 8. Developing a Positive Professional ImageTip 03 – Using a Positive Body Language• Your body language is a crucialelement of your image and it has toinspire trust.• Creating a professional personathrough body language means:– Carrying yourself confidently.– Making eye contact when speaking.– Offering a firm handshake.– Sitting and standing up straight.– Smiling and saying hello to people.– Putting away the iPod.
    9. 9. Developing a Positive Professional ImageTip 04 – Know What Image you Want to Project• What kind of personal imagedo you want to project?• Do you want to impress as acreative, energetic,innovative, and enthusiasticleader?• Or as a laid-back, let-it-all-happen, efficient manager or asensitive, caring peopleperson?• Think about the right signalsthat you want to project.
    10. 10. Developing a Positive Professional ImageTip 05 – Matching your E-life & Professional Image• Everything you post and sendon-line can and will be seen byyour employers and colleagues.• Clean up your e-life.• Do a search and take downanything that makes you lookbad, and ask your friends to dothe same.• Don’t let your on-line lifesabotage your professionalimage.
    11. 11. Developing a Positive Professional ImageConclusion• Your professional imageinvolves the way you dress,speak, interact with others,hold your body, and useelectronic media.• Knowing the importance ofimage and the way others seeyou is the best way to projectthe professional image thatwill help you be successful.
    12. 12. • The following are referenced in thispresentation:• Mallory Stark••• Debra Wheatman a Positive Professional ImageOur References
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