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Aju stories about story telling (1)


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I'm a storyteller. And this is my story. A short one.
Would you like me to help you tell your story. Email me on

Published in: Design
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Aju stories about story telling (1)

  1. 1. who am I? ideas, images, words, design.I weave these four threads with a lot of passion to create stories. Stories that communicate, inspire and change.These stories take the form of emails, flyers, logos, presentations, videos and ads. A storyteller. Essentially, that’s what I do. My name is Aju This short presentation will quickly walk you through what I offer your organization and what I’ve done in the past.
  2. 2. what can I offer you? People centered leadershipDesign and copy Creative ideas Entrepreneurial work ethic
  3. 3. portfoliomost of work displayed have been conceptualized, designed and executed by me.
  4. 4. Ads
  5. 5. email design
  6. 6. corporate identity
  7. 7. Appdesign
  8. 8. posters
  9. 9. Landing pages
  10. 10. Bookcovers
  11. 11. cd covers
  12. 12. other stuff
  13. 13. why should you hire me?Looking for a creative, passionate leader with an innate ability to motivate and bring the best out of the team? Someone who will make you look forward to coming to the office everyday? Someone who will take ownership of your business/project and do whatever needed to accomplish the goals? Look no further. That’s me.
  14. 14. previous lives I’ve sold automobiles, managed distribution networks, designed andimplemented CRM/loyalty programs, trained, acted, sung, consulted on branding,advertising,social media, marketing, and dreamt a lot. companies I’ve worked for/with
  15. 15. get in touch+971 55 55 49 709 Or better still..
  16. 16. Lets catch up over some coffee