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How to extract value from the 1 m1m premium program


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How to extract value from the 1 m1m premium program

  1. How To Use 1M/1M Effectively For Premium Members Sramana Mitra
  2. Value Vectors: Education• Curriculum – Go through all seven Core modules • Bootstrapping, Positioning, Customer Validation, Market Sizing, Customer Acquisition, Team Building, Financing • Go through the Elective Module that applies to your business – Q&A: Use the Comment Area to ask questions, check if your assumptions, models, etc. make sense
  3. Value Vectors: Consulting• Private Roundtables: Consulting, Mentoring, Coaching – Webex Sessions – You need to Attend Regularly – Pitch & Discuss Strategy Periodically – Short Discussions via Phone help address quick questions during the Webex session – Public Chat Q&A• Email Q&A
  4. Value Vectors: Visibility Attract Attention of Customers, Channel Partners, Investors, Acquirers, Media, Analysts• PR, Visibility • IR (>$10k, <$1M revenue) • DR ($1M+ revenue) • Syndicated Columns • Guest Columns on the blog • Intros to Journalists, Analysts, Bloggers• Social Media • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn • Quora
  5. Value Vectors: Peer Group• CEO Club, Peer Support – Networking at Roundtables – Discussion Boards – Buddies
  6. Value Vectors: Biz Dev• Biz Dev: Intros – Customers – Channel Partners – Influencers – Acquirers
  7. Value Vectors: Funding• Funding: Preparation – Curriculum – Roundtables – Emails Q&A• Funding: Intros – Investors – Advisors – Exec Team Members – Board Members
  8. ROI for $1000 Annual Membership Fee Monthly Annual Equity CommissionMBA $85,000Consulting $100,000PR Agency $15,000 $180,000CEO Club $1000 $12,000YC 5-7% for $25kInvestment 2-5% of moneyBank raisedTotal $375,000+
  9. We Want You To Extract As Much Value As You Can Any Qs? Contact: