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How can 1M/1M help me connect with Silicon Valley?


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No matter where you are operating from, learning Silicon Valley's methodology and accessing its network is always important for entrepreneurs in technology and technology enabled services.

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How can 1M/1M help me connect with Silicon Valley?

  1. How Can 1M/1M Help Me Connect With SiliconValley?
  2. SiliconValley is an Elite Network Hard to penetrate for outsiders.
  3. 1M/1M Has Access and Credibility Our referrals carry weight.
  4. 1M/1M IntroducesYou To Customers, Channel Partners, Investors,Advisors, Media, & Analysts We connect all possible dots.
  5. You Have to Engage them with yourValue Proposition We can open doors, advise you on how to negotiate. You have to set up meetings, follow-up, close deals. We also help you determine your value proposition, positioning, etc. with which to draw their attention.
  6. “Should I Travel to The Valley ...?” Only after doing the groundwork. Expensive trip, needs to be planned and utilized. Eco-tourism: useless.
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