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The 1M/1M Incubator-in-a-Box for Corporate Incubation for Intrapreneurship and Internal Innovation


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Many technology companies are looking for effective models for running their own incubators to foster internal innovation within their organizations. Effectively, they want to cultivate intrapreneurship, find new ideas and entrepreneurial employees to nurture, encourage, and empower.

1M/1M works with companies to incubate their intrapreneurs.


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1M/1M’s Incubator-in-a-Box offering can rapidly put in place an active internal incubator for any corporation.

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The 1M/1M Incubator-in-a-Box for Corporate Incubation for Intrapreneurship and Internal Innovation

  1. 1M/1M Incubator-in-a-Box for Internal Innovation & Intrapreneurship Sramana Mitra CEO, 1M/1M
  2. Mission • Offer a scalable corporate incubation program that can help corporations groom Intrapreneurs globally • And establish a sustainable culture of internal innovation
  3. Observation • Many companies are offering 10-20% flexible time to employees to engage in experimental activities • However, they do not want this time to be completely unstructured • 1M/1M provides structure to the unstructured process of corporate incubation
  4. Framework • The 1M/1M Incubator-in-a-Box offers an affordable, easy-to-implement, easy-to-scale virtual methodology • Includes online curriculum, weekly mentoring roundtables, and connecting of the dots • $1000 annual membership fee per Intrapreneur (team)
  5. Philosophy • Case study based learning • Inclusive, not exclusive • Draw inspiration from the global 1M/1M community of entrepreneurs • Moderated, methodology based
  6. Best Practices
  7. Broad Cultural Shift • Incorporate weekly FREE Online Public Roundtables to the calendar • Encourage people to attend to get “in the mood” of innovation and entrepreneurship
  8. Run Contest • Make it high visibility • Encourage everyone in the group to participate, form teams, apply • Winners get 1M/1M scholarships to gain access to a formal incubation program • Repeat the contests every quarter to keep the excitement alive
  9. Incubatees • Must use their 10-20% “innovation time” to • Master the curriculum • Attend weekly private roundtables • Pitch at the roundtables and get feedback • Follow the methodology to get their product to market
  10. Additional Outcomes • Corporation may • Invest • Spin-out • Enhance an existing product • Based on projects in the incubation program
  11. Intellectual Property • All IP belongs to the corporation
  12. Privacy & Confidentiality • The goal of the program is scalability, including financial • Hence, we trade off 1-on-1 mentoring in favor of group roundtables • Corporations can access ‘custom’ or ‘private’ mentoring sessions at $750/hour
  13. Financials • To engage 1000 people • 10 Scholarships per quarter = $10k • 40 Scholarships per year = $40k • Plus, 1-2 Manager Account = $1k-2k
  14. Financials • To engage 5000 people • 50 Scholarships per quarter = $50k • 200 Scholarships per year = $200k • Plus, 5-10 Manager Accounts = $5k-$10k
  15. Outcome: Create a thriving, high energy, learning organization that is excited about entrepreneurship and innovation