How to Evaluate an Incubator


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There are over 7500 incubators around the world. Most of them fail. Most of the industry is a blind-leadin-the-blind situation.

Be sure to understand what to look for in an incubator.

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How to Evaluate an Incubator

  1. How To Evaluate An Incubator Sramana Mitra Founder, One Million by One Million
  2. There are over 7500 Incubators in the World - Most Fail.
  3. Guidelines For Selecting an Incubator
  4. Subsidized Real Estate Is NOT Incubation
  5. Free Internet Connection, Computers, Coffee Does Not Equal Incubation
  6. Subsidized Legal and Accounting Services Is NOT Incubation
  7. Incubation Success Does Not Equal Funding
  8. Over 99% Businesses Are Not Fundable
  9. Mentoring Networks Do Not Work
  10. What is Incubation?
  11. Incubation is to mentor an entrepreneur to position his/her idea and validate its viability. his/her idea and validate its viability.
  12. Incubation is to help entrepreneurs bring their products to market.
  13. Incubation is to educate entrepreneurs on what they need to know.
  14. Incubation is to connect relevant dots: customers, channel partners, investors, media, analysts, advisors.
  15. Make SureYou Don’t Walk Into a Blind Leading The Blind Scenario