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The other 99 percent (entrepreneurs)


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Over 100,000 entrepreneurs have received seed financing between 2010 and 2012. Less than 1% have been able to get VC money. Millions failed to get seed money. This presentation is Sramana Mitra's message to the other 99% entrepreneurs.

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The other 99 percent (entrepreneurs)

  1. The Other 99%Sramana MitraFounder, One Million by One Million(1M/1M)
  2. EntrepreneurshipIs Not About FundingIs Not About Funding Even though it appears to be so ...
  3. Entrepreneurship =Customer + Revenue + ProfitCustomer + Revenue + ProfitFunding is Optional
  4. Less Than 1% GetFundedALL seriousentrepreneurs have facedrejection from investors,including Marc Benioff
  5. The Other 99% CANAlso SucceedAcquirecustomers, buildrevenues, generateprofits, create jobs
  6. One Million by One Million(1M/1M)(1M/1M)Virtual Incubator to helpa million entrepreneursreach $1M in annual revenueand beyond,create a trillion dollars inglobal GDPand 10 million jobs by 2020
  7. We Focus on BusinessStrategy and Execution