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1M/1M FREE Strategy Roundtables Pitch Template


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If you are preparing a pitch for a 1M/1M Free Roundtable, please use this template to help articulate your business briefly and clearly.

Remember, clarity is the highest form of human intelligence.

1M/1M FREE Strategy Roundtables Pitch Template

  1. Name City, Country One fun thing about you (optional) OPTIONAL Insert an interesting image of yourself here. It doesn’t have to be your passport photo. Go to and scroll down to see some faces of 1M/1M entrepreneurs OPTIONAL
  2. Business Name Value Proposition Website URL Your email, twitter, LinkedIn, facebook
  3. Your Target Customer Pain that you have identified How you are addressing that pain
  4. Customer Acquisition Go-to-Market Strategy
  5. Customer Validation How many customers? Use cases, size, Revenue
  6. Your Qs. to Sramana
  7. Suggestions 1. Keep font sizes consistent with what we use here. 2. Do not use rambling text on the slides 3. Each point in the template should have a one-sentence entry