Gtl Rim Capability Final V1 1


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This Presentation gives a snapshot of Gateway\'s Remote IT infrastructure Management Division and its capabilities around various Services of Network, Server, IT Security Infrastructure and desktop / help desk support services.

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Gtl Rim Capability Final V1 1

  1. 1. Remote Infrastructure Management CapabilityCapability PresentationVersion: 1.0 For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  2. 2. Service Offerings Offerings Consequences Enablers Self Help Portal Server Management Microsoft, Linux Asset Management Network Management DNS/DHCP, IPAM Alliance & Partnership Database Support Security Management Router, Switch Next Generation Infra firewall, ASA, VOIP Information Security Mgnt Sys Virtualization Management Client OS, Laptops Tools and Technologies Application Management SAAS, PAAS, AAAS Cost Saving & Budget Mgnt Alert monitoring Desktop Management Knowledge Base Mgnt VMware ESXi, Hyper Cloud Management Microsoft Office 365 CR Management Windows Intune Certifications MCP CCNA CISSP VCA0 DT ITIL BS7799 VCP- DT SIxSigma MCSE CCNP VCA SAS70 PCI RHCE CCIE ISO27001 MCTS ISO9000 MCITP CCDA CISA RHCVA PMP For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  3. 3. Datacenter Consulting & Support Services: For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  4. 4. Competencies Across Leading Products and Venders For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  5. 5. ITIL Based Process For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  6. 6. Our Differentiating Tenets End-to-end services Improves ROI and reduces TCO …What it brings to YOU Skilled resources for Ability to scale Build Design management and support Plan What we Offer and of the network Consulting Implement Best People, Low Attrition and steep ramp-up Customized and proactive capability SLAs Global Presence and matured Delivery Models Productivity gains Monitor RUN Follow the sun model – 24 x Analyze & Matured Quality Processes Maintenance 7 x 365 Management for Report improved uptime & system availability Flexibility and the ability to Usage of variety of tools scale up and down based on business demands GTL Global Delivery Management Maintaining quality Multi tiered Matured delivery across all processes, engagement processes connects engagements and Usage of variety of management process On-going risk our multiple delivery deliveries be it tools to monitor large ensures you find us identification, centers in a seamless Management, and complex projects closer to you during prioritization and and efficient manner Development or the entire project life mitigation. Support cycle and afterwards For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  7. 7. Our business model is total Partner(s) ‘White Brand’ our services as yours Achieve more profitability by increasing Top line & Bottom line revenue without increase in manpower expenses Immediately add scale to your operations through skills of an experienced team of IT Gateway Versatile Expertise experts and proven track record to win new business + Widening up your services and enjoy total Core Domain Experience control over the account Participate in Sales and Marketing efforts by jointly working with the partner to grow their business Partner-centric Model For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  8. 8. Remote Infrastructure Management Show CasesFor internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  9. 9. Managed Services for client in USA Business NeedsClient was looking for a Microsoft Server and virtualization technical consultant to manage andmaintain the infrastructure of their Datacenters spread across various locations to cover afterhours. Solution Overview• Managed Windows 2008 Active Directory infrastructure including Domain Controllers, DNS servers, Exchange 2007 servers.• Managing and maintaining VMWare vSphere 4.1 Infrastructure.• Managing 16 domains with 37 Windows 2008 Domain Controllers in 26 Sites• Managing 37 DNS Servers• Providing L2 and L3 support for VMWare vSphere 4.1 Infrastructure with around 37 VMWare Host and 400 Virtual Machines.• Providing L2 and L3 support for Exchange 2007 server.• Applied Microsoft Best Practices in Domain and DNS environment. Technology Highlights For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  10. 10. Managing IT Infrastructure Business NeedsClient was looking to have extension of their existing Support team in order to provide 24/7coverage and improved skill set to manage things. Also , a reliable outsource partner for theirincreasing volume of support and maintenance needs. Solution Overview• Managing IT Infrastructure including Corporate & Production environments.• Managing 9 ESX Servers , 150+ containing windows and Linux server OS Virtualized Servers , 100+ Physical servers , 3 Domain Controllers , 250+ ADUsers,500+ Micro sites & sFTP Sites,8(Cisco) L3 Switches,6 (Cisco) L2 Switches , 2 (Equalizer & F5) Load Balancer• Implementation and operational management with networks team and ensuring compliance to technical operational policies with standards for Process, Technology and Security.• Setting up the centralized Helpdesk to provide the 24*7 Support.• Used eVault, @Task, Whatsup Gold, RSA SecureID, CIsco VPN tool Technology Highlights For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  11. 11. Managed Services for client in EMEA Business NeedsClient wanted a strong backend team to Manage various servers and do live 24/7 effectivemonitoring of the infrastructure . Solution Overview• Managing and maintaining infrastructure with support to end client on Windows, Linux and MAC machines• Managing 28 different clients who has a large Windows server based infrastructure and has a microtic based network• Management of Exchange infrastructure• Managing 10 -15 Devices ,20 to 25 windows servers, 300 to 400 End Users systems• Managing various windows based servers with different clients services like Domain controller, ADC, Web server, Sharepoint, group policy tools, MS Sql database services etc.• Management of Xen server infrastructure• Nagios and backtrack configuration on most of the sites Technology Highlights For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  12. 12. Managed Services for client in EMEA Business NeedsClient was looking for support on Linux based complex infrastructure to manage, implement andmaintain the infrastructure of their end clients. We have RHCE certified team members working onthe requirement efficiently . Solution Overview• Managing Client infrastructure and services• Maintaining Linux Servers with different distro i.e. Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS, Suse• Managing client’s Web servers on Linux OS• Providing troubleshooting support• Managing and maintaining Citrix Xen Server• Managed web hosting services and consulting services to client’s end customers• Managed good network with Cisco routers and L2 & L3 switches. Technology Highlights For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  13. 13. Managed Services for client in EMEA Business NeedsClient needed expertise in managing and maintenance of their critical server applications and data Solution Overview• Automated E-mail /sms base Alerts to be updated 24/7• SLA driven Escalation capabilities ensure alert notifications reach to right people.• Scheduled downtime allows for alert suppression during infrastructure upgrades• Trending and capacity planning add-ons ensure awareness of aging infrastructure• Multi-user access to web interface allows stake holders to view infrastructure status.• Used Open Source technology for cost optimization Technology Highlights For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  14. 14. Managed Services for client in EMEA Business NeedsManaged major Mysql database servers as a backend server with load balancing and automaticfailover configuration , primarily used for webhosting service and mailing services Solution Overview• Providing support on server installation configuration and administration task• Managed DNS panels for webhosting and mailing services• Managed clients web servers and web sites• Managed email server , Mysql server and VPN server• Configuration and management of Mysql server / Web server failover and load balancing configuration• IPv6 configuration and failover configuration• Provided troubleshooting support to the client on various applications• Provided consulting support Technology Highlights For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  15. 15. Managing Cloud environment for client in EMEA Business NeedsClient was looking for Cloud Management services to migrate, maintain, enhance and monitortheir applications by effective use of cloud platform Solution Overview• Support all the applications being hosted on Cloud• Supporting various platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and Windows Intune• Ongoing administration and support of cloud applications resulting in Centralized, focused services at a predictable cost• On-demand sustained development services and optimization of cloud applications to support business innovation• Monitoring and upkeep of cross-cloud integrations• Helps client to have better cost estimation and budget planning Technology Highlights For internal use only Gateway Technolabs
  16. 16. Thank You Corporate Office B/81, Corporate House, Judges Bunglow Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad - 380 054 INDIA Tel: +91 (79) 2685 2554 / 4022 3000 Fax: +91 (79) 2685 8591 Contact: gateway@gatewaytechnolabs.comFor internal use only Gateway Technolabs