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User Experience: Research, Design, Process, and Workflow


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User Experience: Research, Design, Process, and Workflow

  1. 1. User Experience Research, Design, Process, and WorkflowDiana Harrelson M.S.Cyber AnthropologistUser Experience Researcher & DesignerThe Planet 1
  2. 2. User Experience?ISO 9241-210 a persons perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system, or service 2
  3. 3. Research Analysis & Planning Strategy / Objectives Needs / Requirements 3
  4. 4. Strategy / ObjectivesDiscovery and Scope• Stakeholder Meetings • Who, what, when, where and how does this system touch others• Competitive Analysis • Vertical and Horizontal • Best Practices • Innovation• User Research • Field Studies • Interviews / Surveys • Feedback • Guerilla Perspective 4
  5. 5. Needs / RequirementsDocumenting with Purpose• User Profiles • Who are your users? What do they do? Why do they do it?• User Scenarios • What do users need? How would they prefer to do what they do?• Functional Specs / Requirements Documents • Combines business and user needs to create a working document from which development can start and evolve 5
  6. 6. Informed Design Architecture / Functionality Usability Usability Testing Review Structure Interaction 6
  7. 7. StructureEstablishing a Foundation• Conceptual Models • What is expected? • Above and Beyond <- Innovation• Information & Workflow Design • Produces a visual perspective • Gives first view of size, process, and flow• Brainstorming • Sketching / White boarding / Story Boarding / Thumbnails • High Level • Collaborative 7
  8. 8. InteractionGetting into the Details• User Interface • Wireframing • Guidelines • Page level structure, workflow, design, functionality• Interaction Design • How elements on the page work • Great place to innovate• Prototyping • Showing how wireframes and interaction design come together • Tests before development 8
  9. 9. Implementation Developing / Designing Usability Usability Testing Review Coding Testing 9
  10. 10. ImplementationUX Role in Agile Implementation• Presents / iterates wireframes & prototypes• Continually interacts with team• Advocates for the user• Usability Reviews / Tests• Final Acceptance 10
  11. 11. Who uses UX?It’s for Everyone• Participatory Process • UX is a team effort • UX principles reach all parts and stages of product / service development and design • UX professional is the teacher, guide, thought leader, and innovator of UX principles for the rest of the team 11
  12. 12. Take AwaysWhat does a UX professional add?• Gets Buy-in• Sets Direction• Establishes Foundation• Implements Creativity and Innovation• Advocates for the User• Quality, Consistency, & Usability 12