Doug Maclean - Socitm Consulting - 10 savings on the desktop


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Presentation to delegates at the annual conference of Socitm, the public sector IT association, on 11 October 2010.

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Doug Maclean - Socitm Consulting - 10 savings on the desktop

  1. 1. Savings on the desktop – an interactive session For more information go to:
  2. 2. Savings on the Desktop • This Workshop – What are the issues? – Where can cost be removed? – Some things to think about
  3. 3. Savings on the Desktop • Where do the costs arise? – Network – Support – Procurement – etc
  4. 4. Constraints Managing an inventory of devices – Refresh cycles – Power users: GIS mapping admin; CAD • may need extra memory; chip-speed etc. – Netbooks; tablets; iPAD – Ruggedised devices – Smartphones – blackberries, windows mobile, iPhones etc.
  5. 5. Constraints • Keeping devices and connections secure • Keeping patches deployed in a timely manner • Ensuring that appropriate applications are easily deployed, authorised and updated • Ensuring that any data accessed by / held on the device is secure
  6. 6. Constraints • Validating information transferred from devices to the corporate WAN, e.g. photos • Ensuring that lost devices do not pose a security risk and be readily wiped • Easily identifying devices to which a patch or upgrade (e.g. to a business application) need to be deployed
  7. 7. Constraints • “Connection Context” – deployment of applications – full application functionality when directly connected to the corporate WAN – slightly lower availability through secure VPN – minimum functionality when using and Internet café
  8. 8. Constraints • Ensuring that all software is properly licensed • Managing applications which are deployed to a few or to occasional users, e.g. Project mgmt, and drawing software • Ensuring that relationships between projects are managed, e.g. where an application also requires a license for a database product
  9. 9. Group-work 1. Thin client 2. Operating systems 3. Procurement 4. Service desk management a. where are the savings to be found? b. what size are the savings (£s) c. barriers to making it happen
  10. 10. Thin client Operating systems Procurement equipment cost old/variant OSs shared procurement software costs purchasing by directorates shared services network infrastructure licensing outsourcing network management technical requirements licensing configuration and set-up user requirements/training clarity of requirements support maintaining old OSs replacement policy fault/incident management user reluctance to upgrade security application/OS conflicts energy costs multiple images disposal new kit, old OS and apps OPEN SOURCE. . . Savings on the desktop Business-case driven savings What is the invest-to-save model? ICT STRATEGY
  11. 11. Thank you For more information, contact: