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Part of presentation on customer access and channel shift presented to the annual conference of the public sector IT management organisation, Socitm, on 11 October 2010

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Martin Greenwood, Socitm Insight - customer access

  1. 1. Socitm 2010 workshop: customer access & channel shift Martin Greenwood Socitm Insight
  2. 2. Some fundamentals • web is cheapest/best channel for many enquiries • web is already the dominant customer channel • channel shift has not been a priority until now • many councils do not know volumes associated with main customer channels and how they are changing © Socitm Ltd
  3. 3. Where’s our data from? - 1 Better connected: Socitm’s annual survey of all council websites Every site reviewed by expert team from a customer perspective – tests usefulness and usability © Socitm Ltd
  4. 4. Where’s our data from? - 2 Website take-up service Used by 33% of all councils Pop-up survey offered to one in five web users What were they looking for did they find it, how good was the experience? © Socitm Ltd
  5. 5. Where’s our data from? - 3 Channel value benchmarking Small groups of councils Compare cost, scope and value from all channels Benchmarking to identify improvement © Socitm Ltd
  6. 6. Web is already the dominant channel Listen to what customers do: not what they say they do Source: GovMetric (May 2010)
  7. 7. Scale and growth of web enquiries Visits* Jan 10 Feb 10 Jul 10 Visits to WTS sites 17,941,295 11,045,691 13,124,962 Estimate for all UK 45.5m 30.9m 34.5m Change for all UK Up 37.3% Up 5.3% Up 11.7% Source: WTS. (Definition of visit conforms with CoI guidelines) 7
  8. 8. Web is the cheapest channel • Face-to-face £7.40 per visit • Face-to-face £7.81 • Telephone £4.00 • Phone £2.90 per call • Web £0.17 • Web £0.32 per visitor (Source NWeGG. 2006) Also, another study (Source: (Apr 09) Socitm Insight, Aug 2010) • Face-to-face £5.51 • Telephone £2.53 • Web £0.17 8
  9. 9. Web is not joined up with other channels - 1 According to Better connected 2010 just 49% of councils refer out of hours callers to the website Better connected first reported on this telephone test in 2006 – when 20% referred callers to website 9
  10. 10. Web is not joined up with other channels - 2 Result of recent survey for forthcoming customer access and online channel report Q Are face-to-face, phone and web channels managed in the same or different departments/directorates? A Same 55% Different 45% 10
  11. 11. Websites not good enough for shift: Q Did you find what you were looking for today ? evidence from Website take-up service • 21.14% say ‘No, not at all’ • 21.26% say ‘ Yes, in part’ Source: Website take-up service (April 2010) 11
  12. 12. Cost of web visit failures • Calculation is based on likelihood that customers will revert to more costly phone or f2f channel • We ask customers for preferred channel after web • We multiply failures by alternative channel cost 12
  13. 13. Web failures are costly For the full year Cost of failure (£2.90 per failed visit) Shire county £1.27m Shire district £0.26m London borough £1.13m Met district £1.18m Unitary (E) £0.90m Unitary (W) £0.52m Unitary (S) £0.62m 13
  14. 14. Understanding channel volumes and cost: the starting point for channel shift © Socitm Ltd