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What's Next: Customer Experience & Brand Growth


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Every customer interaction with a company is an opportunity for a lasting impression. When companies invest in Customer Experience improvements, they see revenue grow as high as 5x. As your customers' expectations increase, advances in CX management must keep pace.

Is a great customer experience an impossible ask? No. The challenge is where to start.

George Pace, Global Consulting Partner at Ogilvy Consulting, leads this webinar exploring the real ways Customer Experience drives revenue.

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What's Next: Customer Experience & Brand Growth

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  2. 2. Welcome Dayoán Daumont Global Consulting Partner
 Ogilvy Consulting George Pace Global Consulting Partner
 Ogilvy Consulting
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  4. 4. Ogilvy Ogilvy Consulting Customer Engagement & Commerce Digital Transformation Mar Tech COE HOW CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DRIVES BRAND AND BUSINESS GROWTH Current Situation Assessment and Framework for Strategic Planning, Priorities and Client Growth 
  5. 5. Ogilvy 5 THISISFOR LARGER EMPHASIS HEADLINES Why isn’t every company hyper-focused on delivering a great customer experience? We are in the age of the customer, and customer experiences with your brand is the new battleground for business differentiation. FACT: Only 10% of companies say they have either an intermediate or advanced Cx priori9za9on competency; fewer than 14% say they always use a beginner-level process to priori9ze Cx projects. Each time a customer or consumer interacts with a company, that experience leaves a lasting impression. Many times, this begins well before a customer is even a actual customer. They may be searching, visiting a store, chatting with a bot, browsing, pacing an order, even calling a call center. All these brief encounters have an impact on brand perception and therefore your company. Improving Cx can at times be elusive and overwhelming for companies and our clients. Cx is about perceptions of interactions as well as measurable interactions with your brand. But Cx is not mysterious and unattainable and must be the focus for truly customer centric organizations.
  6. 6. Ogilvy PREFACE 6 DEFINING OUR TERMS TO HELP CLARIFY BRAND RELEVANCE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (Cx) “How customers perceive their total interaction with your company and brand” From the perspective of the customer, brands that deliver great customer experience are valueable, useful and enjoyable. Great Cx is an emotional measure of affinity that compels positive action and an inherently emotional human connection to brands. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT        “Connecting with customers by planning, designing and executing the relationship between brand and individual customers at every stage of the customer journey through all channels EXPERIENCE DESIGN “Designing products and services (digital & physical) with a focus on the quality and thoughtfulness of the user so that the brand promise is delivered. USER EXPERIENCE (UX)    “How a person feels when interacting with a system”
  7. 7. Ogilvy 7 THISISFOR LARGER EMPHASIS HEADLINES What we mean by Cx: People spend to much time defining Cx when they should be spending that time allocating efforts and budgets Cx is: “How customers perceive their total interaction with your company and brand”. From the perspective of the customer, brands that deliver great customer experience are valueable, useful and enjoyable. Great Cx is an emotional measure of affinity that compels positive action and an inherently emotional human connection to brands. At Ogilvy, Cx Services lie at the intersection of our Capabilities, Specialty Practices and Enterprise Offerings, holistically: Consulting Experience Design Marketing Technology COE Partnerships Customer Engagement & Commerce Data & Analytics Practice Digital Transformation Brand Strategy
  8. 8. Ogilvy 8 WHYDOWECAREAND WHATAREWECLIENT PROBLEMAREWETRYING TOSOLVE? “ With the rise of the Chief Customer Officer, the Chief Experience Officer and clients talking daily about becoming customer centric we must have a Cx practice and offer. It is the agency model 2.0 Based upon our recent survey of over 700 Sr. Leaders CX is rapidly gaining in importance and and budget allocation. Cx is the next frontier and helps me evaluate my digital transformation activities. The next generation of leaders will be those that are truly customer centric and Cx are the table stakes. BUT advances in Cx are crawling forward at a snails pace. The output of this will be companies resorting to price wars to attract new customers. The companies that address Cx and the individuals that manage that change will move from doers to leaders and see investments move straight to the bottom line. While the Term “Customer Experience” has been getting a lot of focus, the concept of Customer Experience has been around as long as businesses have been selling products and services Our internal research, pan industry research by Forrester and Gartner and competitor research has surfaced CX as being the next battlefield for customer centric organizations. Cx is the place that consultancy, communication and technology come together.
  9. 9. Ogilvy 9 IMPROVINGCUSTOMER EXPERIENCEISABOUT BETTERFOCUS,BETTER TECH&BETTER ENGAGEMENT Consultancy strengthens the business requirements and improves focus Mar Tech enhances the capability and performance of targeting business development, sales and delivery channelsSuperior customer experience 
 results from transforming traditional communications, digital experiences and employee sales and delivery channels into customer centric models.   There is a direct and powerful relationship between business engineering consulting and the Customer Engagement. The strength of which flows straight to revenue Customer Engagement Consulting Marketing Technologies
 data-driven More cross- functional needs More marketing channels More content needs More technology (stack) More resource needs More native competition …Same 24 hours in a day More customer voice
  12. 12. Ogilvy 12 LEADINGWITHDIAGNOSIS&VISION DIAGNOSE CURRENT STATE SUCCESSFUL CX ACTIONABLE STEPS FUTURE STATE GOALS The diagnostic must produce a clear analysis of the current state MarTech, Cx and business and lead to a set of “to be goals” or marketing excellence drivers Both the Diagnostic and the future state goals must be be grounded in actionable next steps to improve Cx currently while setting a long term strategic roadmap There must be clear use cases with monetization that are grounded in actionable steps to deliver return on investment and customer growth.
  14. 14. Ogilvy Consulting Organization Process Integrated with business strategy Strategic and value-creating for Brand Omni-channel learning system Technology and Tools Organize Evaluate via Diagnostic Score Ideat Categorize Socialize Business and Organization How is the company and the employees organized to deliver customer centric Cx Cx Improvement Strategy Segmentation, scoring, mapping and best move Creative Personalization at Scale Channel, Verbal, Channel and Experiences Ecosystem Enablement Data and Technology GROWTHIMPERATIVES Using our Cx diagnostic, we benchmark your organization across the enterprise and help identify where the best next step on the maturity continuum is and what gaps and roadblocks exist to achieving it. 14 THECXPRODUCT PROCESS THEOGILVY DIAGNOSTIC THEOGILVY SCORECARD THECLIENT STRATEGICROADMAP
  15. 15. Ogilvy 15 Delivering on a Cx Engagement Improvement Agenda OURAPPROACH ActivitiesDeliverables 1. Organize PLAN: Planned approach and timeline for evaluate phase. • Identify stakeholders within and outside the company • Understand responsibilities, governance and major processes • Map business units and geographical units and identify representatives to answer diagnostic questions • Map data sources and owners • Schedule interviews and 
 survey sessions • Understand the competitive dynamics for Cx in the industry 4. Categorize ROADMAP: Plan and prioritisation for implementation of initiatives • Identify costs, predicted impact of each recommended initiative • Categorize recommended initiatives by size of impact, cost and time to implement • Create time horizon for implementation of initiatives 5. Socialize CLIENT READINESS: • Summary of improvement agenda • Impact sheet with details of cost, impact and time for each initiative. • Create socialization plan for improvement agenda • Create materials to explain impact, cost and timeline of recommendations to relevant business units 2. Evaluate via our Diagnostic SCORECARD: Completed diagnostic with maturity scores for each module 2.1 COMPANY 2.2 CUSTOMERS • Organisation • Processes • Brand • Technology & Tools • Understand customers • Live the experience • Identify moments that matter RECOMMENDATIONS: Identified initiatives for improvement along with major challenges • Synthesize insights gathered on the company and its customers • Generate initiatives and recommendations to improve processes or fill identified gaps 3. Ideate
  16. 16. Ogilvy 16 EXAMPLE: How ready is your business for delivering and sustaining great Cx? • How well does the company know its brand? • Is there customer segmentation, personas and journeys, and do they take into account psychographic factors? • How well are these aligned to the company’s brand? c. Branda. Organization SPONSORSHIP • Is Cx driven at the C-suite level? OWNERSHIP • Is Cx owned at every level? STRATEGY • Is the company’s business strategy is Cx-oriented, or there is a Cx strategy in place? • Are there membership & loyalty programmes in place? • Is relationship value recognized? • Does the company adopt an innovation and continuous improvement mindset? • Is a channel strategy in place, and if so, which channels are used to reach the customers (physical, web, mobile/tablet, social, conversational, e-commerce, email, phones)? • Are cross-channel/omni-channel efforts in place? b. Process DELIVER • Are processes customer-centric, and are they documented? • Are cross-functional operations integrated? • Are personas, journeys and relationship value actively used at every level? • Does the company adopt an agile approach to innovation (e.g. A/B testing, prototyping, analytics review)? MEASURE • Is Cx performance measured? • Is Cx performance rewarded? • Does the company have a data-driven culture? CONNECT • Are employees empowered to recognize and report Cx problems? • Are employees empowered to have cross-functional conversations? INNOVATE • Are employees empowered to suggest innovations? • Does the company explore avenues for partnership in the spirit of Cx? • Are the technology/tools optimized to support the various channels for delivery? • Are the technology/tools integrated and optimized to support cross-channel/omni-channel efforts? • Are the following implemented within and across channels? • Marketing automation • CRM pervasiveness • E-commerce connectedness • Rewards & loyalty systems • Personalization d. Technology & Tools
  17. 17. Ogilvy Consulting 17 EXAMPLE: How good is your actual customer experience? 2.2CUSTOMERS c. Identify moments that matter Identification of pain points & highlights across channels and touchpoints • Pinpoint gaps in experience flow • Highlight positive and negative brand experiences • Assign severity to Cx problems a. Understand customers Mapping proto-personas & customer journeys • Map audiences • Develop proto-personas • Incorporate behavioral science principles • Sketch top-line customer journeys Data-driven review • SEO • Review website, app, e-commerce analytics • Social media listening b. Live the experience Mystery shopping across all channels and touchpoint • Inhabit personas and step through journeys • Evaluate all touchpoints against think / feel / do Alignment of actual experience with brand identity • Map experience against brand promise and vision
  18. 18. Ogilvy 18 Sample Deliverable: CATEGORIZATION
 OFINITIATIVES EASY TO IMPLEMENT DIFFICULT TO IMPLEMENT HIGH IMPACT ON REVENUE LOW IMPACT ON REVENUE Install customer intelligence platform Map digital customer journey for each person Create data sharing working group A/B testing of emails Website personalization
  19. 19. 19 WHERE DO I FOCUS 
 TO WIN? 1 In one day we can… Inspire your transformation Create a vision of the future Start your team on the path of change Identify current Cx opportunities and new consumer trends Identify future disruption points WHAT DOES Cx TRANSFORMATION 
 LOOK LIKE? 7 In one week we can… Assess your key Cx opportunities Identify new Cx consumer opportunities Inspire new business models Set Cx transformation priorities Determine marketing maturity level HOW DO I WIN CUSTOMERS? 30 In one month we can… Find the whitespace in your customer experience and your category Model new segment & channel growth Find new ways to make your brand matter Prototype new consumer experiences Audit your technology gaps Define the best MarTech platform mix Ogilvy SPRINTS Fast and practical enablement of transformation and Cx improvement.
  20. 20. WHAT IS THE Cx ROADMAP? 90 In one quarter we can… Map the customer journey opportunities Design meaningful market pilots Align marketing, Cx & commerce roadmaps Define organizational transformation metrics Unlock disruptive innovation partnerships Roll out marketing platform technologies HOW CAN I DEMONSTRATE EARLY SUCCESS? 180 In one half we can… Launch new products, experiences & services Bring new brand strategies to market Deliver competitive edge through innovation ID the focus areas for the next 5 years HOW CAN I DRIVE TRANSFORMATIONAL RESULTS? 365 In one year we can… Demonstrate measurable impact on growth Make your brand matter to all stakeholders Create new business value for your brands 20Ogilvy SPRINTS Fast and practical enablement of transformation and growth.
  22. 22. Questions? Dayoán Daumont Global Consulting Partner
 Ogilvy Consulting George Pace Global Consulting Partner
 Ogilvy Consulting
  23. 23. Thank you.