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Customer journey mapping


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Customer journey mapping

  1. 1. customer journey mapping november 15th 2010 TU Delft, ID 4216 erik roscam abbing, zilver innovation / TU delft
  2. 2. zilver is a creative consultant for brand driven product and service innovation and design management
  3. 3. Our clients: b2b and b2c
  4. 4. customer journey mapping what is it? why is it relevant? when can you use it? How can you use it?
  5. 5. What is CJM?
  6. 6. an example will make it clear:
  7. 7. customer journey mapping is the process of creating a graphical representation of the steps and stages a customer goes through to experience a product or service.
  8. 8. some quick examples:
  9. 9. ETNA consumer journey
  10. 10. Herkenning Overtuigen Geloofwaardig Herkenning Orientatie Betrouw- baarheid Solide, stabiel, bekend Besluit Twijfel wegnemen Flexibiliteit Professio- naliteit Aanschaf Punctualiteit Efficientie Bevestiging Voldoening Installatie Gevoel van verwenning, Verrassing Bevestiging Begin van relatie Gebruik Er bij horen Mening geven Loyaliteit Kennisuitwis- seling Aftersales Continue bevestiging Vetrouwen uitbouwen Betrokken bij Nlisis Trots Herkenning Orientatie Besluit Aanschaf Installatie Gebruik Aftersales Prikkel Inspireren Verrassen Zelf ontdekken NLISIS Customer Journey Verhaal van Wil Laten zien: ‘trekproef’ ‘de vinding’ Trails Probleem en oplossing visueel maken Wil: vertrouw op expertise Cases Reviews Testimonials Specs: wat krijg ik precies? Gedetailleer- de informatie Informatie op maat Prijsbeleid Transparante, persoonlijke communica- tie Verzorgde fullfilment Registratie Reden voor opt-in Community opzetten Userinvolve- ment Loyaliteits- programma Expertise centrum Product- launches Prikkel Toekomst GC what how Events (beurzen en congressen) (e)DM Documentaire Youtube Bijzondere brochure Website Brochure Downloadable cases en specsheets Persoonlijk Informatie- pakket Offerte Webshop Verpakking Bedankmail Newsletter Track & trace 5 step guide FAQ Online user manual Website Newsletter Sessies Artikelen Website Launches Events Usersessies where
  11. 11. why is CJM relevant?
  12. 12. people don’t think in isolated experiences
  13. 13. let alone in isolated design disciplines
  14. 14. they derive value and meaning from the total experience
  15. 15. the product the service the advertising the showroom the store the clothing the truck the brochure the website the user’s manual the receptionist the packaging etcetra
  16. 16. value in exchange vs value in use
  17. 17. today’s question: how do you design value in use?
  18. 18. it starts with understanding the eco-system you’re designing
  19. 19. and that requires three design principles: 1: based on the customer journey 2: in a multidisciplinary team 3: based on a guiding vision
  20. 20. 1. the customer journey
  21. 21. why is CJM relevant? Because it helps you design eco- systems of lasting value
  22. 22. when can you use CJM?
  23. 23. When you want to learn about the organisations in the ecosystem
  24. 24. Or when you want to learn about the customers in the ecosystem
  25. 25. When you want to learn about the ecosystem itself
  26. 26. objectives for CJM: to understand how customers experience each stage to explore how brand values can be brought to life in each stage to see how different customers go through each stage to understand what objectives and tasks customers have in each stage to scout for innovation opportunities in each stage to increase design effect in each stage to focus the dialogue with the customer in each stage …..etcetera…..
  27. 27. how do you do CJM?
  28. 28. by trying it!
  29. 29. Each group gets a ‘client’ Groups 1-10: the TU Delft Groups 11-21: Schiphol Airport Groups 22-31: your mobile phone provider (T-mobile, Vodafone) Groups 32-42: your general practitioner (huisarts)
  30. 30. 1: explore What is the service that the client provides to you as a customer? What are your own experiences with this service? Do you know of other customers’ experiences with this service? Which experiences stand out as really positive and which as really negative? Where do you think this ‘client’ could really use your help?
  31. 31. 2: conceptualise create the horizontal axis (time) create the vertical axis (categories)
  32. 32. 3: craft draw the map
  33. 33. 4: deepen fill in the cells of the map discuss brainstorm try to pay attention to all cells
  34. 34. 5: reflect what did you learn? was it useful? did you reach your objective? will you use CJM in the future?
  35. 35. good luck and be back at 11:45!
  36. 36. twitter: @roscamabbing