Session 3 - The New Rules of Marketing and PR


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This is another class material for UI International Class Program, PR Media Production.

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  • Remember this?If you’re interesting, people will listen and flock around youIf you have something meaningful to say, they will too
  • What type of brand or company do you think do storytelling on social media?Coca-Cola Happiness Machine
  • Google search stories – father daughter
  • But not only big brands, other people also have stories to tell!Andrew Weiss began blogging in 2009, and the stories are updated weekly. The storytelling tools – blog, FB, Twitter – increased 22% of his business year to year
  • What do you think this is?Fully sponsored wedding, raising 100k for the wedding, and 20k for multiple sclerosis foundation. Following the wedding, there were a lot of buzz, around the sponsors and the couple as well. Sponsors came back to them, asking what they want to do next, because their story is interesting. Since they couldn’t get married again, they decided to start a company around the concept of word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Ask students to tell one story each?
  • What makes them so funny? Because it’s authentic. The stories come from real people, and you can relate to them.
  • 3.7million fans, still very active
  • Promote messages about various issues that are relevant in daily life, encourage people to nominate community to receive funding from JP Morgan Chase
  • Or, alternatively.. Encourage people to share their stories
  • The most effective way of inspiring your customers to tell others about you is to have buzz-worthy, talk-able products and services.When people see other people sharing stories, they will inspire others too. E.g. my Unicef voice box experience.
  • Group 1:
  • Session 3 - The New Rules of Marketing and PR

    1. 1. PR Media Production Session 3: Understanding the Audience & The Importance of Storytelling
    2. 2. Why social media? • You can reach your buyers directly • Considerably lower expense • Ability to craft customized message for different audience
    3. 3. Keep in mind • Let the world know about your expertise • Develop information your buyers want to consume
    4. 4. Buyer personas In order to appeal to customers, we have to understand their needs. Buyer persona: a representative of a type of buyer that you have identified as having a specific interest in your organization or product or having a market problem that your product or service solves.
    5. 5. Profiling buyer persona • What are their goals and aspirations? • What are their problems? • What media do they rely on for answers to problems? • Where do we find them? • How can we reach them? • What phrases do they use? • What sort of images and multimedia appeal to them?
    6. 6. What it does... • Enable us to truly empathize • Step our of our role as someone who wants to promote a product • See through the buyer’s eyes
    7. 7. Let’s do some profiling!
    8. 8. Think about: • Habits • Reading • Hangout places • Eating place • Free time activities • Interests / hobbies • Attitudes toward certain issues
    9. 9. The law of the party
    10. 10. Everyone has a story to tell WHAT’S YOURS?
    11. 11. Stories bring your company to life • Story, real story, creates emotional connection with people. • PR is about building that connection, even more powerful one, to your customers, prospects, clients, and the world.
    12. 12. Andrew weiss “People love hearing stories. It goes back to primitive tribal times when we used to sit around the campfire. With social media, consumers are in full control the whole time. If you’re not captivating, you can lose them at anytime.”
    13. 13. If you have one story to tell... WHAT WOULD IT BE?
    14. 14. How to get the stories? • How did your company get started? • How did you survive the toughest of times? • Who are some key customers you’ve had? • What kinds of funny or interesting things have happened involving customers or staff over the years? • What employees’ lives have been changed as a result of working for you? • What charitable organizations has your company or its staff supported?
    15. 15. About stories • They humanize brands and make them talkable, online and offline • They can be told with text but are often best told through pictures and videos. • They can be told by customers, employees, or management – they just need to be authentic.
    16. 16. Overheard in new york
    17. 17. Overheard in new york
    18. 18. How you started No matter how large it is now, when it started, it was just the founder(s) with a dream and a plan. • Connect through real, humble stories • Keep people from seeing the company as a faceless giant.
    19. 19. What you do for your customers • Less about you, more about your customers – Emotional experiences – Benefits – Growth – Meaningful relationships – Inspiring experiences • Whatever your company does or sells, it solves people’s problems
    20. 20. The key staff • Bring out the faces behind your company’s success – Senior management team – Aspiring staff – Staff who juggles works – Staff who always smiles no matter what • Pictures say a thousand words (and videos even more!)
    21. 21. What if I still don’t have any story? • E.g. highly regulated industry (financial or pharmaceutical) • Highly sensitive & confidential industry (national research, security) Talk about your activities & partnerships that are core to the customer experience.
    22. 22. Case study: jp morgan chase
    23. 23. Chase community giving
    24. 24. Harness the power of inspiration • There’s nothing new about the power of inspiration except the channel. • Social media just allows those stories to spread faster and farther than ever before.
    25. 25. Building word of mouth • Have a “WOW” factor in your product first – WOW good(s) – WOW service • Find the customers you inspire the most and give them the tools to share – Not the largest subset of your customers, but the most passionate – People sharing stories will inspire others
    26. 26. Building word of mouth • Recognition inspires stories – Fan of the week – Mom of the month – Baby featured in magazine every month • Prizes can inspire stories too! • Emotions get your customers to share their stories
    27. 27. Coin a chance
    28. 28. Telling stories offline • Company profiles • Brochures • Booklets • Newsletters
    29. 29. 4 companies • Martha Tilaar • Blue Bird Group • Bumi Serpong Damai • Polygon Cycle